The Chris Isaak Show

Season 3 Episode 11

Taking Off

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2004 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

Taking Off
While stranded on a plane with Blake Shelton, Cody and the band, Chris and Yola try to deal with the emotional consequences of their first kiss.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • 1.  With all the
      overhead announcements made throughout the cast's time in the airport, none of
      them are the obligatory security announcements that airports in the US are
      required to make every few minutes.

      2.  The bottle of
      water that Kenney gave the Elderly Lady appears to be full as she gets up to
      head to the ladies room… 

      3.  As Yola takes her
      seat on the plane, we see that she has the outside seat in an exit row.  The Elderly Lady follows after Yola to take
      the seat beside her.  As this IS an exit
      row, most airlines usually require that the person(s) seated there have the
      physical ability to open the door in an emergency.  It's doubtful that this woman would have been able to do that, so
      Chris' request to switch with her may (in reality) have been supported by the
      airline staff aboard the plane.

      4.  Okay, BIG one
      here… :-)  As the passengers on the
      plane wait to depart, Hershel gets hungry and pulls out a wicker picnic basket
      full of food, wine, plates and utensils. 
      Among the flatware are… knives. 
      Nice touch for the scene, but there's no way that would be allowed on
      the plane.

      5.  At no point
      during the cast's trek through the airport terminal is anyone but Roly carrying
      an instrument, and he's got "the baby guitar" (as Rosie O'Donnell once called
      it,) at that.  So… where did Chris'
      customary Gibson acoustic come from for his onboard performance with Blake

      6.  There appears to
      be a teleprompter on the floor between Blake's and Chris' microphones, and it's
      on, displaying text across its screen. 
      Blake seems to be looking at it several times during "Beautiful Homes."

      7.  In the closing
      scene, where Chris goes to Olivia's place with the thought to maybe work things
      out, he arrives via taxi.  My first thought was that he was arriving
      immediately from the airport; all indications from his earlier conversation
      with Mona would seem to indicate that.  (Since we never really
      saw Chris struggle much with his luggage in this episode, it may be safe to presume
      that manager Yola handled logistical details like transporting luggage,
      equipment, etc.  They were returning from a gig, after all...)  So,
      considering from where he'd (apparently) just arrived, the taxi ride isn't
      all that unusual.  However, as he exits the car, we see that he's
      wearing a different shirt.  The jacket is the same, as are his pants and
      shoes, but he's wearing a blue shirt there, not the green/gray print one he was
      wearing on the plane.  The pattern is
      the same for both shirts, but they're clearly different colors.  It's my
      guess then, that this scene may have been filmed during one of Alice Evans' later
      episodes ("Taking Off" was filmed before Alice was required on the set,)
      and edited into this one.  (Chris' wardrobe then, may have been
      an honest mistake...)  Another interesting point...Alice
      Evans wasn't credited, even as a cameo, for her role as "Olivia"
      in this episode...

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Quote #1:

      The band entering the gate waiting area at the airport:

      Roly: "Woho… I think I'll go back to that spa and get a massage. Who's comin'?"

      Kenney: "I don't want airport people touchin' me, it's creepy. Besides, I get it for free back at security."

      Quote #2:

      Cody, approaching Chris and Yola after Anson's unfortunate incident required the terminal to be evacuated:

      Cody: "Hey, Yola, Chris! Wow, that was pretty wild, huh? I wonder what happened?"

      Yola: "An irresponsible child was left unsupervised, that's what happened."

  • NOTES (1)

    • Songs featured in this episode:

      "Playboys of the Southwestern World"
      Live performance on the plane with Chris and Blake Shelton.

      "Beautiful Homes"
      Live concert setting at Bimbo's with Blake Shelton.