The Chris Isaak Show

Season 2 Episode 14

The Hidden Mommy

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 18, 2002 on Showtime
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The Hidden Mommy
From Showtime: Chris is performing with country music star Trisha Yearwood when he hears from his mom that old Uncle Corky has called from a V.A. nursing home and wants to see him. Believing his days are numbered, Chris feels obliged to go along when Uncle Corky weasels his way out of the nursing home and into his spare bedroom. But, once there, he makes a surprising recovery and starts to infiltrate every facet of Chris's life. Yola is thrilled that her handsome new boyfriend Trevor is so lacking in pretense despite being incredibly wealthy. So she's bewildered yet charmed when he believes her joke that she has made the knitted cashmere sweater she is wearing and then asks her to knit him one. Too smitten to see the folly of the situation, Yola agrees and secretly signs up for knitting lessons. But her promise to Trevor turns into a personal obsession as she tries to master the art of knitting without completely losing her mind. Kenney sees an opportunity to fuel Anson's anxiety when Anson reveals he has an appointment with a proctologist. Later, extremely nervous, Anson is taken aback to see that Dr. Darcy is not only compassionate and gentle, but a woman - and very good-looking! Anson is confused about his feelings for his butt doctor and doesn't know how to handle it.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • 1.  As Corky arrives at the house, he asks Chris where he'll be staying. Chris replies, "I got a guest room," This is the first time Chris refers to the second bedroom in his house as a "guest room," though we still never actually go inside.

        2.  As Chris and the band rehearse with Trisha in Chris' living room, we see Corky sitting in a teal chair with a wooden cabinet behind and slightly to his left and "the green barge" (Chris' sofa,) to his immediate left. As the scene continues and cuts to another shot of Corky, the
        angle is only marginally different (slightly more to Corky's right,) yet "the green barge" is nowhere to be found, and the teal chair Corky's sitting in is further in the corner with the wooden cabinet to his extreme
        left. As Corky stands up after the song is over, the cabinet is back almost directly behind him. This teal chair is also a relatively new addition to Chris' house. It was seen for the first time in season two's episode 8 "Rat in the House." Before then, Chris had a brown leather chair in that corner spot.

        3.  The calendar in Chris' kitchen is turned to the month of August.

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Quote #1:

        Kenney to Yola as she seeks his help with her knitting dilemma:

        "If you won't lie, I can't help you."

        Quote #2:

        Chris confides in Mona about Uncle Corky's condition, and his own trepidation about the older gentleman's change of address:

        Mona: "I thought you didn't like Uncle Corky."

        Chris: "I never said I didn't like Uncle Corky. I may have said that he made me a little uncomfortable when I was a kid. I mean, he was always kind of intense... and loud. He used to chase me around the house with power tools. But I mean that in a good way. He'd never catch me..."

    • NOTES (1)

      • Songs featured in this episode:

        "Sad Eyes"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's with Trisha Yearwood.

        "Breaking Apart"
        Live rehearsal setting at Chris' house with Trisha Yearwood.

        "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's.

        "The End of Everything"
        Chris, backstage at Bimbo's playing for himself and Yola.

        "Life Will Go On"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's.

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