The Chris Isaak Show

Season 3 Episode 5

The Little Mermaid

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2004 on Showtime
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Episode Summary

The Little Mermaid

Chris receives an extra $20 when he visits his local bank's automatic teller machine, and feels as though he won the lottery. But when he shares the happy news with Mona, she annoys him by insisting the money be returned. Believing he came by his windfall honestly, he refuses. Later, Chris is shocked to discover that Mona has vanished from her lair. When he runs into a girl named Stacy, who looks just like his missing muse, he wonders if Stacy is really Mona, determined to give him a morality lesson.

After moving into a new house, Cody hires Yola's housekeeper, Mihaela, after Yola recommends her for the job; unaware that she only did so out of spite. Much to her dismay, however, Yola finds out that Mihaela and Cody might be a better fit than she'd originally anticipated...

Meanwhile, Anson and Tanya wake up in their Las Vegas hotel room after a night of hard partying to find that part of the evening's activities included a wedding...


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • 1.  In the first scene with Mihaela at Yola's apartment, we see her cleaning the wooden coffee table with Windex and a paper towel as Yola enters the apartment. With all the
        criticizing and complaining Yola does about Mihaela's cleaning skills, this obvious faux pas was missed. (In case
        you're wondering, as of this writing, SC Johnson and Son, Inc., the makers of Windex, do not have a Windex product for wood surfaces...)

        2.  Chris calls Noah Beggs' character "Garcia" in the one and only scene they have together in this episode. Noah's character is listed in the closing credits as "Rick."

        3.  Once more, though Jimi (Yola's dog,) is never seen in this episode, his presence would likely have made for countless "issues" between Yola and Mihaela. Not only is he not seen here, even after repeated visits to Yola's apartment, there's absolutely no sign of him... no food
        bowls on the floor in the kitchen, no doggie toys, no leash hanging on the coat rack... no evidence of him whatsoever.

        4.  After Stacy catches Chris following her, they decide to go out on a date. Unfortunately, through the course of this entire conversation; one that ends with Stacy leaving the scene, Chris never gets her phone number or address, yet he still manages to show up at her apartment on time...

    • QUOTES (1)

      • Quote #1:

        Anson, after he announces his marriage to Tanya to the band at rehearsal:

        Anson: "Oh yeah, and we're movin' in together."

        Chris: "I hear a lot of married couples are doing that."

        Quote #2:

        Anson and Tanya are having dinner at their place, and Tanya laments that while he was out at rehearsal all day with his friends, she was home cooking and cleaning a messy apartment. Anson's response:

        "The apartment wasn't a mess, my mom cleaned it a month ago!"

    • NOTES (1)

      • Songs featured in this episode:

        "Goin Nowhere"
        Live rehearsal setting at Bimbo's.

        "Don't Leave Me On My Own"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's.

        "Livin' For Your Lover"
        Hershel, playing in the green room at Bimbo's.

        "Forever Young"
        Soundtrack music - Stacy is playing one of Chris' CD's as he arrives to pick her up for their date.

        "Blue Hotel"
        Live concert setting at Bimbo's.

        "Back on Your Side"
        Soundtrack music, played over the last scenes before the closing credits.

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