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  • Season 3 Episode 11: Taking Off

  • 1.  With all the
    overhead announcements made throughout the cast's time in the airport, none of
    them are the obligatory security announcements that airports in the US are
    required to make every few minutes.

    2.  The bottle of
    water that Kenney gave the Elderly Lady appears to be full as she gets up to
    head to the ladies room… 

    3.  As Yola takes her
    seat on the plane, we see that she has the outside seat in an exit row.  The Elderly Lady follows after Yola to take
    the seat beside her.  As this IS an exit
    row, most airlines usually require that the person(s) seated there have the
    physical ability to open the door in an emergency.  It's doubtful that this woman would have been able to do that, so
    Chris' request to switch with her may (in reality) have been supported by the
    airline staff aboard the plane.

    4.  Okay, BIG one
    here… :-)  As the passengers on the
    plane wait to depart, Hershel gets hungry and pulls out a wicker picnic basket
    full of food, wine, plates and utensils. 
    Among the flatware are… knives. 
    Nice touch for the scene, but there's no way that would be allowed on
    the plane.

    5.  At no point
    during the cast's trek through the airport terminal is anyone but Roly carrying
    an instrument, and he's got "the baby guitar" (as Rosie O'Donnell once called
    it,) at that.  So… where did Chris'
    customary Gibson acoustic come from for his onboard performance with Blake

    6.  There appears to
    be a teleprompter on the floor between Blake's and Chris' microphones, and it's
    on, displaying text across its screen. 
    Blake seems to be looking at it several times during "Beautiful Homes."

    7.  In the closing
    scene, where Chris goes to Olivia's place with the thought to maybe work things
    out, he arrives via taxi.  My first thought was that he was arriving
    immediately from the airport; all indications from his earlier conversation
    with Mona would seem to indicate that.  (Since we never really
    saw Chris struggle much with his luggage in this episode, it may be safe to presume
    that manager Yola handled logistical details like transporting luggage,
    equipment, etc.  They were returning from a gig, after all...)  So,
    considering from where he'd (apparently) just arrived, the taxi ride isn't
    all that unusual.  However, as he exits the car, we see that he's
    wearing a different shirt.  The jacket is the same, as are his pants and
    shoes, but he's wearing a blue shirt there, not the green/gray print one he was
    wearing on the plane.  The pattern is
    the same for both shirts, but they're clearly different colors.  It's my
    guess then, that this scene may have been filmed during one of Alice Evans' later
    episodes ("Taking Off" was filmed before Alice was required on the set,)
    and edited into this one.  (Chris' wardrobe then, may have been
    an honest mistake...)  Another interesting point...Alice
    Evans wasn't credited, even as a cameo, for her role as "Olivia"
    in this episode...

  • Season 3 Episode 9: Home Fires

  • 1.  It may be worth pointing out here that Chris' home, in past episodes, had never been quite as messy as it is in this episode; with the possible exception of the first episode from season two, "In The Name of Love." In
    that episode, Chris was purposefully trying to appear disinterested with Stephie, (whom he hadn't yet met,) and her Roy Orbison project. Obviously, his thought being that if he came off as a slob, perhaps this journalist, whom he didn't want to talk with in the first place, simply wouldn't want to stay for very long... So, while Chris is a bit of a pack rat on the show, his "stuff" has generally been out of sight... perhaps it's all been in that guest/store room of his? ;-)

    2.  There's a slight editing issue with this episode... In the scene with Chris and Olivia sitting in Chris' living room, discussing his options for liquidating his "stuff," Chris is wearing a light blue golf-style shirt with a darker blue design across the chest. In the very next scene, we see him carrying a box of his "stuff" down into Mona's lair. Here, however, he's wearing stage clothes, (black shirt, blue slacks) the idea being that this scene is later that night, just before a performance at the club. He exits the basement with his blue jacket slung over his left arm. In the scene immediately after that, he's back at home, wearing the same light blue shirt from the previous scene with Olivia, and having a conversation with Anson about his eyesore of a trailer. Finally, in the subsequent scene, he's back at Bimbo's, wearing his stage clothes, with his blue suit jacket once more slung over his left arm as he emerges from Mona's basement lair.

    3.  For the first time this season, we get a glimpse of Yola's car. Once again, she's got a completely different set of wheels. This one's a red Ford Thunderbird
    convertible. Since Cody's new car is also a Ford, it's probably safe to assume that the car company supplied both to be used on the show.

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Criminal Favors

  • 1.  This is the first time we see Olivia's apartment since episode 7, "Rivals" where she adopts "Pepper," a dog Chris and Yola found while looking for the runaway Jimi. Nowhere in the apartment is there any evidence of Pepper, nor is there any explanation about what happened to him.

    2.  Yola claims she didn't like "The Lord of the Rings" films in this episode, yet in season two's episode 11 "Gimme Shelter," she refers to a scene (in the film, not in the book...) with Frodo and Sam to explain the "it's always darkest before the dawn," scenario of their current predicament. She uses the reference with gusto, as though she may have actually enjoyed the flick...

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Rivals

  • 1.  First time this
    season we see "Jimi," Yola's dog…

    2.  First time in the
    series we see the outside of Yola's apartment.

    3.  In the scene
    where Jimi gets off of the first truck he hitches a ride with (within that hour
    and a half or so that Yola says she first noticed him missing,) we see that two
    of the trees he passes on his way down the street bear the yellow "LOST DOG"
    flyers that Chris and Yola are seen posting up…  in a later scene…

    4.  In the scene
    where Jimi comes across the local dogcatcher, we see him running down a
    sidewalk in what is supposed to be San Francisco.  Unfortunately, he passes a restaurant with a sign hanging over
    the door that says "Vancouver's Best Burgers…"

    5.  As Jimi begins
    what becomes his trek home, we see him stop along the sidewalk and pee on one
    of Yola's yellow "LOST DOG" flyers that has fallen on the ground.  Additionally, we see several other flyers
    still posted on trees and lampposts behind him.  This would indicate that, after gallivanting around the city and
    (apparently) spending the night there, he was already very close to home at
    this point.  (Chris had told Yola
    earlier that they'd covered the neighborhood within a three-block radius with
    flyers.)  As he continues his journey,
    he gets onto the back of a flatbed truck heading toward the coast.  Once at the dock, he runs down the pier and gets
    aboard a small red and white colored boat just as the driver starts up the
    engine and heads out away from shore. 
    (The cityscape in the background is obviously not San Francisco…)  In the next scene, we see Jimi arriving at
    what appears to be a different dock area AND disembarking from a DIFFERENT
    vessel…  No explanation how that
    happened…)  Next, he climbs into a red
    wagon that's being pulled by a young boy riding a bicycle, who conveniently
    stops right in front of Yola's apartment. 
    So, while this isn't beyond reason, Jimi left home and found himself in
    or near downtown San Francisco where he spent the night, managed to get himself
    back to within a three-block radius of home a day or two later only to set sail
    two or three times, wind up back on shore to wander around some more, and find
    himself back where he belonged…  Okay,
    so, he's a dog…  ;-)

  • Season 3 Episode 6: A Little Help From My Fri...

  • 1.  Though the whole Cuban
    coffee angle is hilarious in this episode, Yola's and Roly's statements that
    Chris doesn't drink coffee isn't entirely accurate.  In the first season episode "The Professionals," there is a scene
    with Chris and Yola in Chris' kitchen, having a conversation while both
    patiently watch the coffee maker on the counter brew away.  We see two coffee mugs sitting next to the
    machine, and both lunge at it when the brew cycle has completed.  Granted, there's nothing to indicate that
    the coffee inside the decanter isn't decaffeinated, there's also nothing to
    indicate that it is.  Additionally, Yola
    is seen making a fresh pot of coffee in Chris' kitchen in her first scene with
    Chris in season three's episode 1, "Family of Man."

    In defense of the "Chris doesn't drink coffee" notion,
    however, in season two's episode 12 "Farm Boys," Evie sets a pot of coffee and
    three cups on the table, one cup each in front of Chris, Kenney, and Roly.  When Yola enters the room a few seconds
    later, she sits at the table next to Chris, and he passes his cup of coffee to
    her.  It doesn't necessarily indicate
    that he doesn't drink coffee; it may just have been a gentlemanly thing to do
    for Yola.

    2.  For the first
    time this season, we see Cody's car – and it's not at all the "Codified" set of
    wheels we've come to expect from our image-conscious Mr. Kurtzman.  In the past, Cody's driven BMW's, and had
    been very demonstrative about it.  Here,
    however, he's driving a flashy red Ford Mustang convertible.  Nice, to be sure, but hardly the status
    symbol that his Beemer was last season. 
    While this isn't necessarily a goof, its appearance is not explained,
    and goes a bit against the grain of Cody's well-defined character.

    3.  This is also the
    first time in the entire series that we've seen where Cody lives.  Once again, the flashy, modern, affluent
    décor of his home seems to be at odds with the set of wheels in the
    driveway.  However, the obvious lack of
    any truly personal effects (photos, awards, mementos from home, etc.,) in the
    house is exactly in keeping with Cody's character.  He had (past-tense) lots of nice things, (before Anson trashed
    them…) but none of them appear to have been family heirlooms or sentimental
    objects; the perfect home for a mover and shaker with very humble beginnings
    that he'd like to forget.

    4.  Yola's comment
    about Chris to Hershel, "He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't even
    take aspirin."  Um, not entirely...  In season two's episode 8, "Rat in the
    House," there's a scene where Yola's in the green room at Bimbo's, practicing
    her guitar, when Chris walks in after Ray's sprayed his house to try to
    eliminate his rodent problem.  As he
    enters the room, he asks her if she's got any aspirin, claiming that the smell
    from the spray has given him a headache.

    5.  There are several
    "Doctor" issues with this episode… 
    First off, season one's episode 7, "Mr. Isaak's Opus," introduced the
    character of 'Doc,' though there was no indication in that episode that that
    character was also Chris' doctor. 
    Season two's episode 5, "Duty Calls," established that Chris' doctor was
    'Dr. Joel Nemirsky, MD,' per his excuse letter to get out of jury duty.  Additionally, in season two's episode 8,
    "Rat in the House," Anson visits 'Dr. Miller' after he hurts his wrist taking
    Kung Fu.  Finally, Anson states in
    season one's episode 13, "Wages of Fear," that 'Doc' had fixed him up when he
    developed a rash from a laundry detergent sample he got in the mail.  Though again, there's nothing to indicate that
    that character is the same 'Doc' introduced in the earlier season one episode,
    Chris' 'Dr. Nemirsky' from season two, Anson's 'Dr. Miller' from season two, or
    'Dr. Levko' from this episode, or even someone else entirely – there's nothing
    to indicate that he IS 'Dr. Levko,' either. 
    So, this occurrence of 'Dr. Levko,' though humorous, doesn't fit what's
    already been established.  (I will
    concede, however, that as insurance coverage changes, it's likely that doctors
    change, as well.  welcome to health care
    in the US in the new millennium...)

  • Season 3 Episode 5: The Little Mermaid

  • 1.  In the first scene with Mihaela at Yola's apartment, we see her cleaning the wooden coffee table with Windex and a paper towel as Yola enters the apartment. With all the
    criticizing and complaining Yola does about Mihaela's cleaning skills, this obvious faux pas was missed. (In case
    you're wondering, as of this writing, SC Johnson and Son, Inc., the makers of Windex, do not have a Windex product for wood surfaces...)

    2.  Chris calls Noah Beggs' character "Garcia" in the one and only scene they have together in this episode. Noah's character is listed in the closing credits as "Rick."

    3.  Once more, though Jimi (Yola's dog,) is never seen in this episode, his presence would likely have made for countless "issues" between Yola and Mihaela. Not only is he not seen here, even after repeated visits to Yola's apartment, there's absolutely no sign of him... no food
    bowls on the floor in the kitchen, no doggie toys, no leash hanging on the coat rack... no evidence of him whatsoever.

    4.  After Stacy catches Chris following her, they decide to go out on a date. Unfortunately, through the course of this entire conversation; one that ends with Stacy leaving the scene, Chris never gets her phone number or address, yet he still manages to show up at her apartment on time...

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Home Improvement

  • 1.  For the first time in the entire series, we find out that Yola had been (apparently until rather recently,) in therapy for 8 years. No mention of it had ever been made in any earlier episodes; not even the ones with "Dr. Morse," the sleep therapist or "Dr. Kip Milberg," the canine

    2.  Also for the first (and only) time ever, we get a look inside Chris' spare bedroom. Though we never get too good a look inside, it's clear it's basically a storeroom for him. We see an old surfboard, stuffed animals, lampshades and a cardboard box or two.

    3.  Cody, normally very cool, and totally "GQ" when he puts on a suit, is seen wearing a beige suit with a red shirt and an orange tie... Though nice, it's hardly his normal "Ivy League, Harvard Grad" attire.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Let the Games Begin

  • 1.  The character of
    "Roger" first appeared in the series in season two's episode 25, "Rat in the
    House," only then, the character, also played by Don Thompson, was called
    "Arthur."  You may recall that Arthur
    was sitting at the bar at Bimbo's when a dejected Anson entered, bummed that
    Damien was such a big hit with the rest of the band.  Arthur had just been fired, and was explaining his situation to
    Anson.  Though not identified by name in
    the episode, the closing credits identified that character as "Arthur."

    2.  In addition, the
    details about Roger's situation – if he indeed is intended to serve as the same
    character; are a bit odd.  First off,
    let's assume that there was no interruption in time between season two and
    season three; (in reality, 18 months separated the end of season two and the
    start of season three, while nearly two years separate the "Rat in the House"
    episode from this one,) then Anson's comment of having met Roger in the bar
    after "he just got fired," would mean that this episode, chronologically, would
    have to be much closer in time to that original episode.  Possible, but not very likely…  Yola was already busy with Josh, and would
    not have been able to hook up with Barry Zito. 
    Then there's the issue of Anson's sprained wrist…  how would that "Rat in the House" episode
    injury factor into this "just got fired" scenario?  Secondly, "Roger" says he was a District Manager at Bridgestone,
    while "Arthur" says he was "regional sales champ" for an unidentified
    firm.  Is this a big difference?  No, probably not, but all the details lumped
    together are a bit confusing to the viewer. 
    Don Thompson is a familiar face, playing a role similar to one he'd
    created almost two years earlier… similar, but not at all the same…  ;-)

    3.  Though we've seen
    the "Road Racer" pinball game in the green room in the past, this is the first
    (and only) time we see the Foosball game there.

    4.  Chris' neighbors,
    and who lives where, has been a bit confusing throughout the entire
    series.  For example:

    'Pete' lives behind Chris:  "Crimes and Punishment." (Season 1)

    'Don' / 'Tom' (John Destry, same
    actor for both roles) lives next door to Chris: 'Don' in "It's the
    Music, Stupid," and 'Tom' in "T&A." (Season 1)

    'Doug' now lives next door:  "Hell is Other People" (Season 2)

    'Don' (John Destry once again,) now
    lives behind Chris in this season 3 episode.

    5.  This is the first
    time, throughout the entire series, that Chris' label was officially identified
    as "Warner Records."  All through the
    first two seasons, Chris' label was referred to as "the label," "the record
    label," or "the record company."  The
    only reference to Warner's before this episode was in season two's episode 3,
    "Chris Isaak Day," where Cody entices Yola to join him in Vegas with "the group
    from Warner's."

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Candidate

  • 1.  The major goof
    with this episode involves the missing Jimi; Yola's Springer spaniel dog.  This would have been a great episode to
    allow Jimi to interact with Megan. 
    Additionally, it would have been interesting to see how Yola handled
    both child and dog under her roof…

    2.  In the "Meet the
    Candidates" scene, the moderator identifies the incumbent as "Carl Schmoltz,"
    not "Charles Schmoltz" as he appeared in the credits.

    3.  The clips of
    Chris boxing in Cody's commercial actually came from season one's episode 11,
    "The Professionals."

    4.  The movie Megan
    watches at Yola's house is the same "Princess Electra" flick that Anson finally
    settles on as he flips through the channels at Chris' house in season two's
    episode 11, "Gimme Shelter."  In that
    episode, Hershel comments, "I think I've seen this episode."  So, is this a film, or a TV serial?

  • Season 3 Episode 1: The Family of Man

  • 1.  Like we saw in the episodes for season two, Chris' house has undergone yet another change this season.  The kitchen now sports green tile instead of the blue that was installed for season two. Bimbo's as well, seems to have had a bit of
    a face-lift, and we actually see much more of it this season than we have in the past. Where in previous episodes
    the showroom appeared larger with room for tables to be placed around the floor, the place now has booths along the sides and toward the back of the venue. Both areas are on raised platforms with lights around the borders. In addition, Kenney's platform now has a wooden façade in front of it, as opposed to the black drape that covered it in season two. The dining room, as well, has been spiffed
    up a bit. There are new drapes hanging on the walls, some of the lighting has been changed, and the booths appear new,
    as well.

    2.  Okay, so I know
    it's only for effect…  ;-)  But, when Chris opens the drapes on the
    window frame for his new cabin in the woods, we see that the drapes actually
    open on what would eventually be the outside of the cabin.  We can clearly see the foundation forms
    through the window as Chris tells Kenney, "Step out on the patio in the mornin'
    and have your tea with the pines." 
    Granted, he could be looking out the window to the patio, but there is
    next to no space behind the pair as they step through the window frame and onto
    the ground that will eventually be the inside of Chris' new cabin.

    3.  As the bus carrying the band pulls up to the
    front of the casino, the name "Oasis Hotel and Casino" (in large, likely
    lighted letters,) can clearly be seen on the far-right wall of the
    building.  This side is awash in
    sunlight, making the name very easy to read. 
    It's also possible to read the word "Yomo" in very small letters, right
    in front of the word "Hotel" on that same side.  It's unsure at this time whether that was added to the building
    for this episode, or not…  The front of
    the casino, says "Yomo Hotel," though that side of the building is in shadow,
    thereby making the name difficult to see. 
    The name "Yomo Hotel" can be seen more easily on this side of the
    building in the closing scene as the band heads for home after the gig.  For what it's worth, both names appear to be
    fictional, as is the "Kahoosh" tribe.

    4.  As Roly and
    Hershel make their way through the Casino (presumably after they've checked
    into their rooms,) we see behind them a stage… that's already set up with the
    band's equipment.  It would appear that
    the "Yomo Hotel and Casino" is SO small… they don't have a proper
    showroom.  :-)

    5.  Honestly, I've
    never seen oven mitts for sale at a Chris Isaak concert…  at least, not during the period of time that
    would coincide with the filming of this episode.

    6.  As Chris and the
    band leave the casino, a day or two after their arrival, the same two quartets
    are seen exiting (or already outside) the casino, both groups wearing the same
    costumes seen in the band's arrival sequence. 
    While this may be fine for the group in the red and white striped
    costumes, it's not correct for Ben's group, "The Fremont Four."  Why? 
    In an earlier scene, Ben tells Yola that his group didn't make it to the
    finals… if this is true, why would they need to be in costume at this point?

    7.  On a side note,
    the agency Chris and Kenney refer to in their discussion in the green room at
    Bimbos, "the board of Indian Affairs," doesn't exist, at least not at the
    federal level.  There is, however, a
    "Bureau of Indian Affairs," and you can find them at:  Their responsibility is the administration and management of 55.7 million
    acres of land held in trust by the United States for American Indians, Indian
    tribes, and Alaska Natives.  So, Chris'
    issue with the artifact found on his property, would have been handled by this

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Charity Begins at Home

  • 1.  This goof is really to be expected, though at the time, I doubt that anyone connected with the show thought it would be. Sometime around episode 9 "Hell is Other People," the stage setup at Bimbo's changed somewhat The set seems to have been made larger (wider, more than anything,) blue neon light tubes were added to Kenney's drum platform, and a Persian-style rug was added to the floor in front of his kit. Unfortunately, the scenes
    in this episode that featured Art Alexakis, Green Day, Stephan Jenkins, and the Goo Goo Dolls were all shot when those artists were on the set filming their individual episodes. (Basically, none of the artists who'd appeared on the show previously were brought back to film their scenes for the season finale. This also explains why none of these many acts are seen anywhere backstage during the show.) The Bimbo's set for those performances is as it was for those earlier visits. Gavin Rossdale's and Trisha Yearwood's appearances on the show were after episode 9 "Hell is Other People," and the Bimbo's stage set is seen in those scenes in its updated state. Cases in point...

    During Bush's performance as the concert opener in this episode, Chris makes an effort to kick a bucket (which came out of nowhere...) to catch rain from the leaky roof, right up next to his microphone stand about
    halfway through the song.  The bucket is not seen again, even after five other musical acts perform there, until Chris and the band close the show with "Two Hearts."

    Art Alexakis' performance right after the opener with Bush shows a distinctly different set.  This is contrasted sharply because it's sandwiched between Bush and Trisha
    Yearwood's performances – the only guest performances for this episode that were filmed on the new set.

    Green Day's stage set is also exactly as it was for their episode, and it's interesting to note that they were the only visiting group to ever fully replace the usual Silvertone setup on stage.  Kenney's drums are gone from the platform, in place of Tre's kit – exactly as it was in their original episode...

    Finally, the only concert performances that include the carpet on the floor (aside from scenes of Chris and Silvertone alone,) are the performances with Bush and Trisha Yearwood. 

    2.  After Chris and Anson make a valiant, if ridiculous effort to patch up the roof at the club, the next scene is a front-view of Bimbo's with a small crowd of people standing outside the venue as the rain continues to fall.  Unfortunately, one of the cars we see driving up the street past the club is a convertible... with the top down...

    3.  Again after the roof incident, Chris and Anson are back on stage; with remarkably dry (and well styled) hair for having spent several minutes traipsing around on a roof during a storm...

    4.  As Chris' elusive Lieutenant leaves the concert, she apparently puts a note on the windshield of Chris' car.  How she knew the Nova was his, wasn't explained.

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Isaakland

  • 1.  In the montage
    scene where Yola is seen on her whirlwind courtship with Bob, several clips of
    her out and about on the town are seen. 
    Problem is, many of them are recycled… 
    There are several scenes of her and Bob at a restaurant having dinner,
    which were really taken from their first date. 
    Next, there's a shot of her wearing a glittery dress, walking up a red
    carpet.  This shot was really taken from
    first season's episode 7, "T & A." 
    There is also a clip of the two of them in the audience at one of Chris'
    shows… something that happens after their series of dates depicted in the

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Just Us Kids

  • 1.  As Anson and his dad leave the college where they both teach, we see a sign behind Professor Drubner's left shoulder that reads "Livermore College." However, in season one's episode 16 "Our Place," we learn that he teaches at Foothill Junior College... (For the record, Las Positas College is in Livermore, CA. Foothill College is located in Los Altos Hills, CA.)

    2.  As if more
    details were required regarding Chris' balcony…  Anson falls off of it in this episode.  Something he couldn't accomplish (in the manner he did,) had it
    been enclosed by glass windows.

  • Season 2 Episode 14: The Hidden Mommy

  • 1.  As Corky arrives at the house, he asks Chris where he'll be staying. Chris replies, "I got a guest room," This is the first time Chris refers to the second bedroom in his house as a "guest room," though we still never actually go inside.

    2.  As Chris and the band rehearse with Trisha in Chris' living room, we see Corky sitting in a teal chair with a wooden cabinet behind and slightly to his left and "the green barge" (Chris' sofa,) to his immediate left. As the scene continues and cuts to another shot of Corky, the
    angle is only marginally different (slightly more to Corky's right,) yet "the green barge" is nowhere to be found, and the teal chair Corky's sitting in is further in the corner with the wooden cabinet to his extreme
    left. As Corky stands up after the song is over, the cabinet is back almost directly behind him. This teal chair is also a relatively new addition to Chris' house. It was seen for the first time in season two's episode 8 "Rat in the House." Before then, Chris had a brown leather chair in that corner spot.

    3.  The calendar in Chris' kitchen is turned to the month of August.

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Farm Boys

  • 1.  In the scene
    where Evie tells the cast that they can stay with her and her family, she says
    that Yola (and calls her by name,) can take the spare room.  Unfortunately, at no time before then were
    any of the members of the band introduced to her.  If Evie already knew Yola's name because of her familiarity with
    the band, there's not indication that Yola found that odd.

    2.  In the scene
    where the band have their jam session in the barn ("Somebody to Love,") Roly is
    seen playing a standup bass.  There's no
    indication that this instrument was brought by them on the plane, which would
    mean that it would have to have been in the barn; a fact that none of them seem
    to find unusual…

  • Season 2 Episode 11: Gimme Shelter

  • 1.  The balcony/backyard set doesn't really fly... First off, though the backyard set from this episode matches that used in season one, episode 3 "Crimes and Punishment," we never saw Chris either exit or enter the house from that direction, so we didn't pick up on any
    relationship between what we see of the exterior from the inside looking out. Here, however, we see Anson access
    the backyard through another balcony/landing area on the house, descend the stairs to the ground and wander around the yard a bit, looking for some evidence of Chris. Yet, as we already established in that season one episode, the house is built on a hill; the back of the house (backyard side) is built on the crest, while the front of the
    house (balcony/street side) is built at the base of the hill. Additionally, there appears to be a basement
    (which we never see any evidence of in any of the interior scenes,) underneath the living room at the front of the house. If this is accurate, then the stairs leading down to the backyard belong to a different house...

    Also in this episode, as in season one's episode 9 "Tomorrowland," we see Anson get inside the house via the balcony, which he, by all accounts, cannot access easily. (In both episodes, he appears to have had to climb over the wall to reach the balcony.) As we established
    in the Goofs and Nitpicks for the "Tomorrowland" episode, there is no way that Anson could have scaled the front of the house to climb over the balcony wall. This scene (as Anson exits the house,) is probably the most confusing of the entire series. It leads the viewer to believe that Anson gained access to the backyard through the French doors that lead out to the balcony. If this were accurate, then there would have been no need for him to climb the wall and jump to the balcony floor in either the "Tomorrowland" episode, or this one... He could simply have climbed the stairs and opened the door once at the top. Granted, there are parts of Chris' house that we never (or rarely) ever see, (the spare bedroom is just one example,) so an alternate exterior door is definitely
    a possibility. However, this additional door is never seen, accessed, or referred to again, throughout the rest of the series.

    2.  As Anson flips through the channels on Chris' TV, he clicks past the same prison scene program he watched at Yola's apartment in season one's "Fantasia."

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Hell Is Other People

  • 1.  In episode 7 ("Driven,")
    from season two, Yola had a full-length mirror installed on the back of her
    office door.  While it's possible that
    it could have been put there sometime after the time sequence established by
    the first 6 episodes, the mirror is conspicuously missing in this, the 9th
    episode of season two.  (We never saw
    Yola's office door in episode 8...)

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Rat in the House

  • 1.  For the first
    time in the series, we see the vintage TV set in Chris' house.  It's not at all like the contemporary sets
    we've seen in previous episodes in season one, nor is it the same as the set we see as
    the opening credits roll.

    2.  Once more, Jimi
    is missing from Yola's apartment…

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Driven

  • 1.  Though he's
    credited, "Doc," (Ron Halder,) was not seen in this episode.  It's unsure what scene (or scenes,) he might
    have been in, but if I had to guess, I'd say he may have been on the set when
    Phil wound up underneath the soda machine.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Family Ties

  • 1.  Once again... we visit with Yola in her apartment, and her dog is nowhere to be found.

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