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Syfy (ended 2002)





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  • Read all about it - "EXCELLENT show axed well before it's time!"

    Being a fan of shows such as: Supernatural, Amazing Stories, The Twilight Zone, Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer - of course I liked this show as well. In fact, this was a show that I never missed.

    This series was set at a tabloid newspaper - and involved strange occurrences such as: UFOs, ghosts and even a dead celebrity, "Elvis Presley". One of the main characters was also "half man - half pig".

    I really disliked that this show ended on a cliffhanger - the FBI tried to shut down the place down! - looks like they succeeded, because this show was never to be heard of again. (For crying out loud!!)
  • The Chronicle - Stranger Than Truth

    Once upon a time, there was a quirky television show about a tabloid paper specializing in paranormal stories. The thing that made this paper different was the stories were actually true! So the stories about the two-headed baby with the tail, it's true. And the woman that gave birth to the alien baby? True again.

    The concept of that television show was so unique, the placement of it on Sci-Fi was bsolutely perfect, since they were airing a number of shows that were a bit off the beaten path (Farscape, Lexx, Invisible Man).

    And then came the great show cut on Sci-Fi, when they began to reduce the amount of original programming that they had on their channel. The Chronicle was one of the first that disappeared with a quickness.

    It may have been a matter of viewership, though none of the Sci-Fi shows were ratings dynamos. It may have been a matter of budget. Whatever it was, I found it to be such a shame that the show never had the chance to gain its stride and gain an audience.

    The main character, Tucker, was completely unprepared for taking on the job as a reporter for The Chronicle, but in watching his interactions with Wes, Grace and Donald, he seemed to finally a place where he could hone his jounalistic chops.

    The cases they were called on were fun to watch. The cheesiness (which you know it had to have to be on Sci-Fi) made the show endearing and it was a trail shame that it didn't air long enough for more people to realize that.
  • Why was this cancelled?

    This show was bought from NBC and made such a ratings success on the Sci-fi channel that it caused Sci-fi to buy more episodes, only to cancel it at a cliffhanger. It was like Lois & Clark meet the early years of The X-Files. Another moronic decision on Sci-Fi Channel’s part. Where is Crossing Over With John Edwards and that dream interpreters show now?
  • It was great!

    I loved this show. It was odd and weird, but it had character and characters who were interesting. It was a unique spin on the now overplayed genre of conspiracy to hide what goes bump in the night. The tabloid was terrific and the idea of making the stories true was inspired. The cast fit the show and it was a shame that it got cancelled. If it was on now it would probably be a hit and be raved about by critics overwhelmed with the deluge of new crappy sci-fi-ish shows that have come out this season. The End.