The Chronicles of Narnia (UK)

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The Chronicles of Narnia (UK)

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The BBC brings to the small screen a magical adaptation of the C.S. Lewis seven-volume series “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The series covers the first four books over the course of three seasons with 18 thirty minute episodes. Season one brings “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” to life in a six episode installment. Season 2 covers “Prince Caspian” over the course two episodes, and then “The Voyage of The Dawn Trader” in 4 more episodes. The third season consists of a six-part adaptation of “The Silver Chair”. The BBC rendition of “The Chronicles of Narnia” first aired in 1988 and ended in 1990.
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  • I read this and I love it.

    First of all I like Narnia especially The first movie premiered I just forgot the name it is with The Witch The Wardrobe and something it is a great movie and Prince Caspian I read Prince Caspian and I love from the first chapter till' the end I love it!!! When I read the first chapter I really love it I told it to my brother and to my sister I said:"Ang ganda! Unang chapter palang ang ganda na agad!!!"Sorry if that is Tagalog"( I am in the Philippines)

    For Americans:"Beautiful! I am only in the first chapter it is fantastic!!!" And I read the book 5 but I still did not finish it. tnx 4 reading this review...moreless
  • I was about twelve at the time it was shown in Hungary. I just remembered something about Lion in the wardrobe :)

    I was about twelve at the time it was shown in Hungary. I just remembered some title like The lion in the wardrobe :)

    I loved the show and hope that it will come back on TV in Hungary. I liked the movie as well, but somehow it wasn't the some. I found it very interesting and started to play in the gardrobe... :) But I could not fine any lions or witches, except me :) I am sorry that I can not remember the whole story... I just remember the feeling I had when I watched the show ..... ....moreless
  • It's not too cool, but works.

    For those of you who are interested in big budget films and/or today's standard of special effects, you will be very disappointed. Other than the low budget that was spent on this film, this is a wonderful adaption of C.S. Lewis's classic novel. The story takes us through the main plot of the book where Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy are sent to a distant land to escape the danger and havoc of WW2. While living with an old professor they soon discover a wardrobe that takes them to the magical world of Narnia. There they face off against the White Witch with the help of different magical creatures and animal friends(and of course the king- Aslan). However repetitive this statement is, it is completely true, The movie takes you back to your childhood. This movie is full of substance and the great storyline will make you over look any faults in the special effects. Yet if somehow you are disappointed in the cinematography, just remember. This movie was made in the 80's!!!!!!!moreless
  • Watching this wonderful series really takes me back ...

    The special effects are almost pre-historic by todays standards, and will probably be abit of a put off for some - but these are by far the best adaptations of C.S.Lewis' wonderful books I have ever seen.

    The stories are absorbing for children of all ages, and are packed full of mythology and christian theory - but they are also quite amusing.

    The characters are perfect, the children, the animals, the witch and even Father Christmas comes off very well. This version of Narnia feels real despite the dodgy BBC sets of the 1980s and the players put a lot of feel feeling ... and in the case of the White Witch, scariness, into their roles.

    It's very well done and what a pity a modern version, with all the resources now available, couldn't have done better.

  • This BBC production brings to life the classic story of Narnia, a land of magic, adventure and beauty. Based on the books by C.S. Lewis, it tells of the adventures of the four Pevensie children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, and how they came to find themoreless

    This is another classic and quality production from the BBC. The acting is praiseworthy and the books are followed strictly enough to please any Narnia fan. While many may find the special effects lacking in quality, overall presentation of this beloved story is an applaudable effort, and what must be kept in perspective is the year of production (1988).

    This is an enchanting and charming television series for the whole family to enjoy.moreless