The Cindy Margolis Show

(ended 2000)


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  • One of the worst wastes of airtime in history.

    It is a mystery why this show was ever made. Oh yeah, they wanted to get young guys to ogle the host. As cheap and tacky as you'd expect, this show, and I use that word loosely, had no plot, no scripts to speak of and was essentially just footage of the title star at various parties. People danced. People wore swimsuits. That's pretty much it. The show was on in the small hours of the morning because that's all it deserved.

    Howard Stern pilloried this sad excuse for a series with his on-air shrieks of "Webkini!" As you might expect, his parodies of "The Cindy Margolis Show" were far more interesting than the real thing.
  • beach party on tv, music by dj and entertainment on an outdoor stage.

    Cindy, at the time of this show, was labeled the most downloaded off the Internet. This was prior to her appearing in Playboy (She stated that she wouldn't ever pose nude, which maybe in turn raised up the interest in viewing her here.) Her DJ played music of the day in a beach environment. People would compete on a stage in the sand, where the audience decided what was best. Nothing was too revealing, but definitely a hot atmosphere was present. She was a host with a lively smile that entertained the younger crowd. They could have put this on MTV, but it appeared late night (I believe) Friday on a non-cable station.