The Circuit

ABC Family (TV Movie 2008)


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  • Stock car racer Kylie Shines was raised on the racetrack alongside her dad Al Shines, but they don't get along very well ever since Kylie's mother passed away. She also have two guys after her but which one will cross the finish line and win her heart?

    I love this movie when it came out on television the first time on ABC Family Channel. It was fun, crazy and somewhat down to earth in the race car world. The storyline is great and interesting to watch. I love everything from the setting to the characters. I really think if you are into race cars, drama and/or romance movies then I suggest you see if you like this movie because it really good. I was glad I was able to see this movie when I could and able. To anyone looking to watch this movie try the ABC Family Channel website first before going to the television listings.
  • I want my 30 minutes back.

    I guess they tried to rely on past performances in this show (Michelle Trachtenberg from Buffy the Vampire slayer and Bill Campbell from The 4400 and The O.C.) because the script was just a loser from the onset. Yes, the trailer did actually make me schedule this show on my DVR because it could have been a cute family movie. But, it wasn't. Despite the fact that most of the actors appears to have careers (according to imdb), the acting here was just terrible. Paris Hilton could do better reading off cue cards on Saturday Night Live.

    With this cast and director/producer Peter Werner, this should have been a better show. I just get the impression that nobody cared enough to put any effort into it. Cute actors (Michelle Trachtenberg for the guys, Drew Fuller for the girls) just isn't enough to save this disaster.