The Cisco Kid

(ended 1956)





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  • Exciting

    Here Comes Danger Here Comes Exicment. Were the words spoken every episode of cisco kid. one of the first TV shows to be shown in color. Based off of O.Henry Famous books. and nomorus Radio Sries. the show stars Duncan Renaldo as the title role of the cisco kid and leo Carrllio as his overweight comic relief Partner Pancho as they explore the land trying to help others or clear there names of crimes pinned on them by devious Criminals. and end the end it always comes out right this show is just another typical western but it has a special ring to it.
  • The Cisco Kid was the first major Hispanic television series star!

    The Cisco Kid was called the Robin Hood of the Old West. This Hispanic hero was created by the writer O. Henry.

    This was one of the most successful of the first color television programs ever made. It also was, to the best of my knowledge, the first starring Hispanic characters.

    Duncan Renaldo, starring as the Cisco Kid, gave Hispanic children their first positive role model on TV. He was also the hero of many Anglo children, including myself. It is a pity that such morally upright role models still exist today on television.