The Cisco Kid

Season 2 Episode 17

Hypnotist Murder

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Tired of waiting for her wealthy father-in-law to die and leave his bankroll, Sue, a former professional hypnotist, hypnotizes her husband into a murder attempt on his father's life. This is after Lil, a traveling-show queen and also a hypnotist, who knew Sue "when" has, as part of her act, put Pancho through the paces. Cisco prevents Bill from killing his father and, recognizing the hypnotic symptoms, becomes suspicious of Lil. The latter, accompanied by Roark, knife-thrower and member of her show, turns up at Sue's home with a blackmailing memory, and Sue subsequently shoots and kills her. Cisco and Pancho come across the slain Lil, with Sue becoming aware that Cisco now suspects her. Sue has Roark and a couple of his wagon-men try to get Cisco and Pancho, but this fails, and thereupon Sue "hypnotizes" Cisco and taking his gun, aims at his head and pulls the trigger. But the gun isn't loaded and Cisco turns her over to justice.moreless
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