The Citadel

BBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Part Ten
      Part Ten
      Episode 10
      Andrew begins to come to terms with recent events and a future without Christine. Meanwhile after assisting unqualified practitioner Richard Stillman, Andrew suffers the consequences of his actions when has to face the disciplinary board. Fortunately he finds support from unexpected quarters.
    • Part Nine
      Part Nine
      Episode 9
      In this penultimate episode, Andrew assists Charles Ivory in what is a routine operation. However when things go disastrously wrong and the patient hemorrhages and dies, Andrew is forced to re-evaluate his life.
    • Part Eight
      Part Eight
      Episode 8
      Andrew causes a stir when he befriends unconventional, unqualified American practitioner Robert Stillman. Meanwhile as he becomes increasingly estranged from his wife Christine, he embarks on a close relationship with the sophisticated Frances Lawrence.
    • Part Seven
      Part Seven
      Episode 7
      Andrew finds that his practice is beginning to thrive but his relationship with his wife begins to faulter as they grow apart.
    • Part Six
      Part Six
      Episode 6
      When Andrew's practice goes into decline because he fails to attract in new patients, Andrew goes to his influential friend Freddy Hamson for help and advice. However, Christine is not too impressed by Hamson's friends and their obsession with money rather than medicine.
    • Part Five
      Part Five
      Episode 5
      Andrew finds things increasingly difficult when he makes a stand against Lewellyn. When he encourages the other doctors to demand higher wages he finds that his research is rejected by the other committee members. Meanwhile Christine and Andrew have a reason to celebrate, but not for long. Frustrated by life, Andrew decides to gain some more qualifications.moreless
    • Part Four
      Part Four
      Episode 4
      Andrew sets up practice in Aberlaw but he objects to Dr Llewellyn's mercenary medical methods. Unfortunately, Llewellyn is head of the Aberlaw Medical Aid Society and a respected physician. When Andrew refuses to sign the local miners off work as he believes they are faking their illnesses, the situation becomes more tense.moreless
    • Part Three
      Part Three
      Episode 3
      Andrew saves the life of a new born baby and finds declining a gift of five guineas from the excited new father, Joe Morgan, impossible. However when Blodwen finds out about the gift through surreptitious means, it leads to another heated confrontation between the two of them. Andrew decides it's time to leave the Page practice and set up on his own. Meanwhile his relationship with local school teacher Christine Barlow continues to flourish.moreless
    • Part Two
      Part Two
      Episode 2
      After his success in preventing the typhoid outbreak, Andrew finds he has become a popular local figure. As the patients begin to trust him, they return to Dr Pages' practice. However this creates more friction between Andrew and Blodwen as she refuses to believe that the increased number of patients on the books are due to Andrew. She remains convinced that her brother will soon return to work.moreless
    • Part One
      Part One
      Episode 1
      Andrew arrives in Drineffy to take up his first post as assistant physician. However he quickly discovers that he is required to fulfil a more demanding role as Dr Page is in bed after suffering a stroke. While his sister, Blodwen Page, is adamant that her brother will soon return to the practice, Andrew encounters great difficulty in weaning the locals off the unnecessary placebos they have been prescribed for many years. Meanwhile there is an out break of fever and Andrew, with the help of fellow doctor Philip Denney, manage to trace the source of the disease: a faulty sewer connection. As the local politicians refuse to take action, Andrew and Denny take drastic action to stop the disease and improve sanitation.moreless