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  • Give me them bright lights all night! The City is a pretty good show and so much better than The Hills. The show chronicles the life of Whitney Port as she makes her mark on the world of fashion.

    Whitney Port was the best person on The Hills. Lauren, Audrina, Heidi (need I say more) were overdramatic and their lives were virtually incredible. In The City, Whitney is working in New York City at People's Revolution. Her relationships seem a little phony at times, but overall she is a genuine person. The show has drama, but it's not over done like many scenarios on The Hills. The life she leads is interesting and she's definitely not another boring reality star. At times her boss and the people at Elle magazine make the show intolerable, Olivia never gets credit for her work, even though she does spend too much time socializing and not enough time on her job. Overall the show is good and I would recommend watching it.
  • It's better than the Hills in that it displays a more realistic life style, but it may not be the show people crave.

    Everyone knows the Hills as displaying the glamorous life that people want to be apart of. Compared it to The City, it is more likely for a person to be living in New York City trying to find their place in a social crowd, rather than living in L.A. contemplating over an evil villain such as Spencer, and vacationing in Cabo every weekend. The City shows that Whitney is just like the rest of us. We bunk with friends, and those friends have problems with where their boyfriends should bunk. The City is more promising in that it will display reality. It is reality television, or has something else taken over MTV? Maybe so because The Hills is nothing like The City. It shows a real perspective. This is excellent, except people don't really want reality. Overall, people would rather see the Hills with tons of unpredictable, and unrealistic Drama. It's easier to watch Lauren, be Lauren, because only Lauren can get hurt. But people will not enjoy The City as much because it's just another slap of reality, which people can find in any other part of their life.
  • The show follows former Hills girl, Whitney Port, as she transitions from her L.A. home to her new job and life in New York City.

    After watching, the first two episodes, I love it!! It's so much better than The Hills, which is a rerun from season 2: someone's boyfriend is mean to them, their in a bad relationship, lauren doesn't put her relationship on tv, nothing exciting is happening with their job. It's old news repeating itself and people are getting bored...look at the ratings for the finale. This is why you watch The City. The music is perfect for all the scenes and for the lifestyle people are leading. Though we haven't seen much behind the runway fashion curtains, most likely that'll come later. Whitney is classic. She presents and handles herself well to all the new experiences. Though it's only the first couple of episodes, the show promises it'll have conflicts and drama, as life does, but not blowing them out of proportion, glamorizing them, or seeming completely fake i.e. Heidi and Spencer. She's meeting new guys, new friends, and new opportunities. So I think you should check out the new and wonderfully improved hills, The City.
  • From Laguna to NYC, Whitney is gonna make it after all.

    I'm so excited that in two weeks MTV is premiering "The Hills" spin-off, "The City," starring Whitney Port as she has left her friends for a new job and dream guy in New York City. Working for Diane von Furstenburg will be the centerpiece of the show but everyone knows that the drama will soon follow as we enter the lives of Whitney's new acquaintances (especially socialite Olivia Palermo). I can't wait until the new show begins. I will definitely need a new Monday night fix now that "The Hills" will be on hiatus. Also, Brody Jenner is getting his own show too. Monday nights will never be the same.