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  • The show follows former Hills girl, Whitney Port, as she transitions from her L.A. home to her new job and life in New York City.

    After watching, the first two episodes, I love it!! It's so much better than The Hills, which is a rerun from season 2: someone's boyfriend is mean to them, their in a bad relationship, lauren doesn't put her relationship on tv, nothing exciting is happening with their job. It's old news repeating itself and people are getting bored...look at the ratings for the finale. This is why you watch The City. The music is perfect for all the scenes and for the lifestyle people are leading. Though we haven't seen much behind the runway fashion curtains, most likely that'll come later. Whitney is classic. She presents and handles herself well to all the new experiences. Though it's only the first couple of episodes, the show promises it'll have conflicts and drama, as life does, but not blowing them out of proportion, glamorizing them, or seeming completely fake i.e. Heidi and Spencer. She's meeting new guys, new friends, and new opportunities. So I think you should check out the new and wonderfully improved hills, The City.