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  • It's better than the Hills in that it displays a more realistic life style, but it may not be the show people crave.

    Everyone knows the Hills as displaying the glamorous life that people want to be apart of. Compared it to The City, it is more likely for a person to be living in New York City trying to find their place in a social crowd, rather than living in L.A. contemplating over an evil villain such as Spencer, and vacationing in Cabo every weekend. The City shows that Whitney is just like the rest of us. We bunk with friends, and those friends have problems with where their boyfriends should bunk. The City is more promising in that it will display reality. It is reality television, or has something else taken over MTV? Maybe so because The Hills is nothing like The City. It shows a real perspective. This is excellent, except people don't really want reality. Overall, people would rather see the Hills with tons of unpredictable, and unrealistic Drama. It's easier to watch Lauren, be Lauren, because only Lauren can get hurt. But people will not enjoy The City as much because it's just another slap of reality, which people can find in any other part of their life.