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  • Give me them bright lights all night! The City is a pretty good show and so much better than The Hills. The show chronicles the life of Whitney Port as she makes her mark on the world of fashion.

    Whitney Port was the best person on The Hills. Lauren, Audrina, Heidi (need I say more) were overdramatic and their lives were virtually incredible. In The City, Whitney is working in New York City at People's Revolution. Her relationships seem a little phony at times, but overall she is a genuine person. The show has drama, but it's not over done like many scenarios on The Hills. The life she leads is interesting and she's definitely not another boring reality star. At times her boss and the people at Elle magazine make the show intolerable, Olivia never gets credit for her work, even though she does spend too much time socializing and not enough time on her job. Overall the show is good and I would recommend watching it.