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  • The Class is a sitcom written by David Crane (Friends) and Jeff Klarik (Mad About You) about a group of 28 year olds who shared a third grade class back in the day! It has just finished its first season and has been rejected for a second.

    I thought that this was going to be a sad copy of Friends that would not work but then I watched it! It was hilarious in both verbal and physical comedy, done with excellent timing! Each character had attributes that make them individual and because they are adults they each have their own lives to deal with, which is done with excellence. It is wrong that it is finished but I have heard a rumour that it is going to be taken up by ABC, message me if you have any info!
    There were a few problems that I found initially with the sitcom but these also drew me to it, being that there were alot of stories going on at one time. Even though this made it slightly more confusing it also made me enjoy the sitcom more because there was something new to quench my thirst for stories.
    Another problem is also that not many of the episodes finished with everything being resolved, even though this did not follow the general rules of sitcoms it did draw me to the next episode and make me want to keep watching.
    The series finale was absolutly perfect! The way that Duncan and Kat used each other set up a perfect springboard into the next season. Also the Richie and Lina wedding would definatly be something to look forward to and how the whole Nicole-Duncan and Ethan-Kat situation would work itself out.
    Overall a fabulous sitcom!