The Class

Season 1 Episode 4

The Class Blows The Whistle

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 2006 on CBS
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When Duncan starts hanging around with Yonk, talking about video games and football, Nicole realizes that her worst nightmare is coming true---they're becoming buddies. Kat tries to help Ethan recover, so she sets him up with one of her friends. Holly becomes obsessed with trying to get her daughter Oprah in Kyle's school, so she starts interrupting Kyle and Aaron all the time, and drives them crazy. After their last date turned out a total disaster, Richie and Lina try to go out on a second date.moreless

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Ben Falcone

Ben Falcone


Guest Star

David Keith

David Keith

Yonk Allen

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Sam Harris (VI)

Sam Harris (VI)

Perry Pearl

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Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert

Fern Velch

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    • Nicole: Yeah. You're right, he's Yonk Allen. I know how much it meant the first time he took me to a game. I just hope you don't thank him the same way I did!
      Duncan: I guess that depends on how good the seats are.
      Nicole: They're pretty good.
      Duncan: Uh-oh.

    • Nicole: You know, I actually thought you might care enough not to come tonight.
      Duncan: Look, I'm sorry. I know this has gotta suck for you and I would feel really bad except I'm going to the Eagles game with Yonk Allen!
      Nicole: And his wife! (she closes the door behind her) Am I alone in this? Isn't this gonna to be hard for you to be with me and him?
      Duncan: You know, it would be, except I'm going to the Eagles game with Yonk--
      Nicole and Duncan: (simultaneously) Allen...

    • Kyle: I made the whole black thing up.
      Aaron: No way.
      Kyle: Pembridge doesn't have a diversity policy!
      Aaron: (as he gets up from the couch) So, you lied?
      Kyle: Yeah... and I pulled her application.
      Aaron: Oh, my God! I've never loved you more! (he grabs Kyle and hugs him)

    • Kyle: (Talking about Oprah's admission to Pembridge) Okay, uh, apparently, when they met her, they couldn't help noticing that she's not black.

    • Ethan: Then why did you set me up with her?
      Kat: Because I was hoping that maybe you were a better person than I am.
      Ethan: Well, I'm not.
      Kat: See? This is why I don't set people up. Because now I have to call her and I have to make up an excuse, and it's like this whole giant mess.
      Ethan: I'm sorry. So, you got anyone else? Someone smaller here (he motions to his ears) bigger here (he motions his chest)... I'm just saying.

    • Kat: What's wrong with her?
      Ethan: Nothing. She's awesome.
      Kat: But...
      Ethan: Her ears are a tad large.

    • Busboy: You ruined my life you son of a bitch. I hope you're happy!
      Richie: I have good days and bad days.
      Busboy: I lost everything because of you. Do you even know how many lives you destroyed? I hope you die. I hope you die a slow, painful death, you miserable bag of crap! Carl will be your server! (busboy walks away)
      Richie: (to Lina) Okay, please let me explain.
      Lina: You don't have to, you know, sometimes busboys make death threats. It happens.

    • Lina: (Trying to decide what to choose from the menu( I don't know, uh, sometimes I just close my eyes and wherever my finger lands, that's what I get.
      Richie: Okay, let's do that. (they both close their eyes and pick on the menu) What did you get?
      Lina: I, I'm having a side of beef.
      Richie: I'm having executive chef Jerome Bennett. Maybe we just look.

    • Nicole: (Talking about Yonk) Now you're friends with him??
      Duncan: I wouldn't call us 'friends'... unless – why? Did he say we were friends??

    • Holly: (slowly) Hi, Aaron... is Kyle there?
      Aaron: Uh, yes... but you should know, we're about to sit down for dinner.
      Holly: I got like the first three words...
      Aaron: Kyle!
      Kyle: Who is it? (Aaron strangles the phone and then gives it to Kyle)

    • Ethan: How do I look?
      Kat: (sighs) The pants...
      Ethan: What about them?
      Kat: You know, don't worry. If I know Molly, they're off by 9:15. (Ethan leaves)

    • Kat: You're having sushi at Kenzu in nine minutes... and possibly sex in ninety; she's pretty loose. (Talking about his date and hands him a paper with the address to Kenzu)
      Ethan: (as he takes the address) That's my type.
      Kat: Great. Uh, put something over that. (he's wearing a black t-shirt)
      Ethan: Why?
      Kat: It's a little nippley...

    • Richie: Okay, as requested, we've got a tuna sandwich, we've got Entertainment Weekly, People and... Wheelchair Living... who knew? And a pair of knitting needles for uh, for scratching.
      Lina: Give 'em! (she takes a knitting needle and uses it to scratch one of her legs) Oh, that's the stuff...

    • Holly: (talking about Oprah's dress) No. This is so much better! It says she's stylish, she's sophisticated...
      Kyle: It says she's a tiny whore.

    • Ethan:You know, start over, meet someone new...
      Kat: ... get laid...
      Ethan: Mostly that. (he clears his throat) So, uh, you know anyone?
      Kat: Oh, I don't fix people up.
      Ethan: At all?
      Kat: Nope. Nothing in it for me. Besides, when it doesn't work out, the people always blame you.
      Ethan: Yeah, but if it does work out, you got two more happy people in the world.
      Kat: Am I one of them?
      Ethan: Well, no, but you have the satisfaction of knowing you brought joy to – you know as I say it, it doesn't sound like you.

    • (Richie is explaining to Lina about a medication)
      Richie: It was a sleep aid but it turns out it had some pretty serious side affects.
      Lina: Like what?
      Richie: Well um death. Also dry mouth and frequent urination but really the death thing was the issue.

    • Ethan: Hey, what happened to you not setting people up?
      Kat: Yeah, I know, but I was on my way to meet Molly for dinner and I realised that it just be me sitting there listening to her whine about how she can never meet a nice guy. And then I remembered all your whining, so I figured---two losers, one stone.

    • Lina: It's been so long, I was afraid you were never gonna ask.
      Richie: Hey, I ran you over. Some women are turned off by that.

    • (Kat is waiting for Ethan in his apartment; Ethan enters the place)
      Kat: How did it go?
      Ethan: You're still here?
      Kat: Hey, it takes a while to go through somebody's stuff.

    • Aaron: Holly, what a pleasant surprise. Kyle didn't tell me you were coming over.
      Holly: Aaron, I'm sorry. I don't even have time to pretend I understand what you're saying.

    • (Kat is sleeping, the phone rings, she answers it)
      Kat: Hello?
      Lina: Hey, hey it's me.
      Kat: How did it go? Did he run you over again?
      Lina: Stop. It was one time.

    • Aaron: (To Kyle) Have you seen my glasses?
      Perry: No, but we've seen your beach picture. Bravo!

    • Yonk: Hey kid, you know anything about video games?
      Duncan: Ahm, I'm 27 years old. I still live with my mother. So, yeah I say I know a little something about video games.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Richie: It's like Silkwood.
      The movie Richie mentioned is a biography drama movie from 1983 starring Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell and Cher.

    • Kyle: Even Oprah couldn't get Oprah into that school.
      Holly: Well, that's not true.
      Kyle: I know, she can do anything.

      Yet another allusion to the famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey, one of the most richest women ever.

    • Andrea Anders (Nicole) and Ben Falcone who guest stars in this episode as Busboy, both starred in NBC's short-living sitcom "Joey." Falcone played a recurring character Howard; Anders was a regular. But they didn't appear in the same scene together in this episode.