The Class

Season 1 Episode 4

The Class Blows The Whistle

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Opens with a recap of the stories so far.

Nicole asks Duncan how long the job will take and he tells her he found a crack in the foundation so it would be five months. She is shocked. He asks her she if wants the job done right and she says, "NO! Phone it in, cut corners! What kind of contractor are you?!" Then Yonk walks in asking what's going on and Nicole tells him about the crack in the foundation. When he comments that if he didn't know better, he'd think Duncan was screwing them, Nicole runs away commenting on the time and Duncan gets back to work. Yonk asks Duncan if he knows anything about video games and he replies that he does. Yonk tells him he's got the new Madden game and since he's a player in it, he has to sign off on it and asks Duncan if he wants to play with him. Duncan is excited.

Ethan and Kat are eating at a restaurant and he asks her if she can fix him up with someone she knows. She says she doesn't fix people up because if it doesn't work out then the people blame her.

Holly arrives at Kyle and Aaron's apartment looking for his opinion on what Oprah should wear to her interview. Perry walks in with the two outfits. One is a black dress with spaghetti straps and the other is a pink plaid skirt with a white dress shirt and a pink jacket with a gray argyle pattern to match. Kyle picks the pink plaid skirt outfit telling Holly the other one says she's a "tiny whore" but that whatever Oprah wears doesn't matter; she should go to the interview and be herself.

Richie goes to Lina's apartment and has brought her a tuna sandwich, some magazines (including "Wheelchair Living") and a pair of knitting needles for scratching. He asks Lina out and she accepts.

Meanwhile, back at the Allen house, Yonk and Duncan are becoming close friends playing the Madden football video game.

Kat arrives at Ethan's place to let him know she is setting him up with her friend Molly. She tells Ethan they're meeting for sushi in nine minutes and possibly sex in 90 because she's "pretty loose". He asks her why she changed her mind about setting him up with someone. Kat explains she was on her way to meet Molly for dinner and realized she was just going to spend the night listening to her whine about how she can never meet a guy and she remembered him whining about the same so she figured, "two losers, one stone". As he's going out the door she questions his pants and then decides it doesn't matter since they'd probably be off by 9:15.

Holly calls to speak to Kyle about Oprah's interview and how great it went. She asks him how early she can bring Oprah to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Kyle tells her he doesn't know but that they can talk about it later; he's about to sit down for dinner. As they sit down to eat dinner, the phone rings. Aaron picks it up and looks at it and shows it to Kyle. He says they won't answer it so they can eat dinner. Then Kyle's cell phone rings and he sees it's Holly. Then Aaron's phone rings and he pulls it out of his pocket, looks at it and asks, "How did she get my number?!"

Yonk and Duncan play catch in the living room then walks away to get a drink. Nicole comments their situation couldn't have gotten worse now that he and Yonk are friends. She tells Duncan that it's weird enough that he's there all day and begs him not to make it harder. He agrees and Yonk comes back and asks him if he wants to go to the Eagles game that night and he accepts.

Richie and Lina are at dinner when the waiter comes up to them and as he looks at Richie, he comments that he knows him and that he ruined his life and proceeds to tell him that he hopes Richie dies a slow and painful death and walks away. Richie explains to Lina that he used to be a research chemist for a pharmaceutical company who had built their reputation on a drug named Somocil, a sleep aid with some side effects, one of which was death. He said the FDA couldn't find a causal link but he could, so he blew the whistle on them and about a thousand people lost their jobs. Lina tells him she thinks he's a hero. He tells her he doesn't deserve her as he kisses her hand.

Ethan gets back home and Kat is still there. She asks him how his date went. He said Molly was funny and very smart. Kat asks him what was wrong with her and he says her ears are a tad large. He continues to tell her how large they are. Kat can't believe he can't see past her ears. She tells him he's shallow. Ethan says maybe if he spends more time with her he'll see past her ears. Kat tells him to forget it because he won't be able to see past her ears and then she admits to him that they're "freakin' huge!".

Kyle invites Holly into his apartment and asks her to sit down. He tells her that Oprah didn't get into the school because she's not black. He said the school is trying to have a more diverse student population. Holly is upset and asks what can they do. Kyle tells her they can't do anything. Holly leaves, devastated. Aaron walks in and Kyle tells him he lied to her about Pembridge's diversity program. Aaron hugs him and tells him he's never loved him more.

Nicole tells Duncan she thought he cared enough not to show up that night. He says normally he'd feel bad but he's going to the game with Yonk Allen. Nicole asks him if he's not going to feel weird being there with him and her which he replies again normally he would but he's going to the game with Yonk Allen. Eventually, she understands the thrill he feels wanting to go to the game with Yonk because she said she remembered how much it meant to her the first time he took her to a game. She decides to stay home and lets Duncan and Yonk go along. She goes in to get Yonk and Duncan peeks in thru the window to see Nicole and Yonk in a passionate goodbye kiss.

Kat is in bed when her phone rings. It's Lina. She tells Kat she had the greatest night and thinks she finally got "a good one".

Richie walks into his apartment and sits on his bed (which is a sofa convertible). A woman turns around and asks him where he was. He lies and said he had to work a double shift and she should just go back to sleep.