The Class

Season 1 Episode 4

The Class Blows The Whistle

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Nicole Realises Duncan And Yonk Are Becoming Friends,Richie And Lina Go On A Second Date, Kat Sets Ethan Up With One Of Her Friends And Holly Is Obsessed About Getting Oprah Into Kyle's School And She Constantly Annoys Kyle.

    Nicole Realises That Yonk & Duncan Are Becoming Friends When She Hears Them Talking About Football And Video Games.
    After Their DISASTROUS First Date, Richie And Lina Attempt To Go On A Second Date.
    Kat Helps Ethan Get Over Joanne By Setting Him Up With Her Friend, Molly, Whom Ethan Rejects Because Her Ears Are Too Big.
    Holly Wants To Get Her Daughter Oprah Into Kyle's Prestigious School So She Constantly Pesters Kyle And Aaron On How To Get Their Daughter Into The School.
    A Good Episode, It Has Many Great Quotes, And I Loved The Storylines! They Were Interesting, Especially The Kat Setting Ethan Up Storyline!
  • Great episode.

    I thought that this was a great episode of The Class, although I thought it was a little odd that they named it The Class Blows the Whistle even though that was only mentioned like once in the entire episode. But still, it was awesome.

    Also, because this is quite a while after the fact, and we now know who Fern is and what she is like, it was interesting to see when we are first introduced to her, how she seems so nice and innocent. It seems to put a little negative spin on Richie because he lies, but at this point, she could still be his sister, or something, and not his wife. Although we pretty much assume that. But she doesn't sound mean, or anything, like she does in later episodes.
  • "Good ep."

    After the last episode blew me away, I didn't know what to expect next----if "The Class" will continue being good, or go back to square one. Well, the episode was great. Yet another great episode.

    I always love to see the Kat/Ethan scenes, they're just to hilarious. Kat is the character with most of potential. Anyway, their story was pretty good---the "easy" woman was great.

    At the beginning, Lina and Richie didn't have much of screentime, just a bit of dinner, and then at the end, I was shocked. Who is that woman? And who is Richie? He's definately not the man we thought he was. That may be the reason he wants to kill himself from time to time.

    Nicole, Duncan and Yonk very not that great, it seems to me like they are becoming boring. Duncan is an interesting character, and so is Yonk, but Nicole is the normal character. She doesn't have much personality, and it would be great if we'd get to see some of that too in the future. And I wonder, if Duncan's mom was given a regular status, then why doesn't she appear?

    And at the end, the Holly story was the best (hmmm, second best). The way she was torturing Aaron and Kyle is great. They will go nuts with her one day. Anyway, I can't wait to see more!
  • Big ears, "Darlene's" husband is cheating, and the man I lust after is best friends with my husband!!!

    Watching Duncan bond with the husband of the woman he lusts after is hilarious. Duncan is a lovable dope unlike, as I have mentioned before, the dolt Joey from \"Friends\". I thought it was so funny when Duncan was elated that Yonk had called him a "douche". I have never been a fan of David Keith so I could just do without the Yonk character.

    Jason Ritter as Ethan is as talented as his late father. He is starting to be my new Johnny good, I will watch him in anything. His chemistry with Lizzy Kaplans Kat is wonderful. I am assuming they will eventually get together and I hope when they do they remain the same people. Too many times I have seen 2 people get together on a show and their whole chemistry changes. I would like to see Kat spew her sarcastic obnoxiousness at Ethan even when they get together.

    Erin's inability to understand Aaron is absolutely priceless!!! Seeing Sam Harris as her obviously gay husband is amusing. The scene when Erin calls Kyle on his home phone and he and Aaron refuse to answer it had me side was hurting as Kyles cell phone rang and then Aarons as he exclaimed, "How did she get my number?!"

    Watching Richie and Lina begin a new relationship that started with him running over her feet is nice. Until the end when he goes home to Sara Gilberts Fern, his wife and we realize he is married. I will have to reserve judgement on this only because I do not know what the state of their marriage is....there was not enough info to figure out what is going on in their relationship. I really like Lina and Richie together.

    While I did not find this episode as funny as \"The Class learns about hurricaines\" it was still funny. I\'m still trying to figure out how to watch the first 2 episodes I missed (I\'m a dolt). Anyone know where I can watch these?? Even if I have to pay for it, nothing outrageous but I\'m willing to pay up to $1.99 for it...please send me a PM!
  • "The Class" is headed in the right direction!

    I'm loving that Duncan & Yonk are bonding, whats more powerful. lust or friendship??? It would be tough having your sports legend befriend you & also be romantically involved with the wife! 2 guy fantasies butting against each other.This plot could get really interesting! Is Richie a louse or just sharing his digs with a friend? Great cliffhanger ending to the episode, who doesn't want to know whats happening there? Holly was even tolerable in this episode & the gay guys are pretty funny! Who would have guessed that Perry has more common sense when it comes to child rearing?
    Ethan & Kat, again funny! The highlight of the episode!
    After 4 weeks I finally know all the main characters names. I see "the Class" developing as a kind of soap opera/comedy hybred. Its becomming a favorite of mine & I look forward to Monday night each week.
  • Great show with potential for all that it can be!

    Ethan tries to get over the breakout of his fiance
    As Duncan & Yonk began to talk about football and video games as Nicole's worst nightmare about them becoming buddies is coming true for her.
    While Richie and Loni try to go out on a second date. I hope that this show is given a chance as it shows potential and is funny.
  • What the heck is up with Ritchie?

    Oh my God. I knew that that chick from "Roseanne" was going to start making appearances on the show, but as Ritchie's wife/girlfriend?! Good lord! Do they really need another person to cheat on their spouse on this show? I started watching this show because I loved Jesse Tyler Ferguson in "Spelling Bee", but he's not making me too happy right now. And where was his wife with the whole suicide thing? Well, at least that makes more sense now, but wow! I used to sympathize for him, but now I'm thinking I may have to hate him. That decision will be made next week.
    Luckily, once again Kat gives me something to look forwards to. The ear thing had to be one of the greatest things I've ever seen. I'm glad I'm probably going to fail AP US History because I was watching TV instead of reading the remaining 300 pages in a book I have a test on tomorrow, just because of that scene between Kat and Ethan.
    And speaking of Kat and Ethan, when are they going to hook up?
  • Kat helps Ethan get over Joanne. Holly annoys Kyle. Nicole doesn't want Duncan around her husband. Richie and Lina have another bad date. What else is new.

    I've sat through four episodes of this show in hopes that it could reach it's full potential. So far it's not come even close.

    The Class follows eight people. Too bad it could function as four different sitcoms about the four groups the producers have idiotically isolated them in.

    In tonights episode we learn that almost every characters is selfish and superficial. None of these characters seem to be very nice. After Ethan's serious relationship all he wants now is a one night stand? Out of character? I think so. This hopeless romantic is just another frat boy.

    Kat has been fun to watch as sort of a sarcastic side-kick to Ethan, but without the crowd pleasing one liners like she has had in past episodes, she's just a nasty person.

    Duncan has to be the most obnoxious and immature character on television... but not in the good way! The actor who portrays him is flat out terrible. He plays an eight-year-old. Not a twenty-seven year old who still acts like a kid, but an actual kid. I wanted to rip my ears off and scratch my eyes out each time he was on screen, but I refrained but he is unfortunately paired with the dangerously misused Andrea Anders as Nicole. If only they had given her a character to play. It could change the show drastically for the better. Yonk is just as painful to watch.

    Holly has her moments, but all in all she's just an annoying, useless character. She's intended to be annoying, but if you don't care about the character she's annoying, and I don't see how anyone can care about Kyle because he has absolutely no personality, then she's not fun to watch.

    The producers are trying to include some drama in the series (and I don't understand why, it's a sitcom; if you want drama, write for a drama series) and it looks like Richie might have a wife that he's cheating on with Lina. A) It's too early for them to try to pull something so difficult, and B) No one watches a sitcom for drama, especially something are superficial as cheating! They are destroying the only good story they have here -- Richie and Lina's odd relationship. Let them have it. We don't need any outside parties interfearing. They do that enough on their own.

    This episode was a complete bore. The characters are taken in BAD directions and there are just no jokes. I haven't heard anything about the ratings, but unlike some shows, there haven't been any promos praising The Class in the ratings. I had faith in this show last week, but not anymore. I'll still tune in next week though. Maybe The Class has a curse where only every other episode is tolerable to watch. Or maybe it's just bad.