The Class

Season 1 Episode 4

The Class Blows The Whistle

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Big ears, "Darlene's" husband is cheating, and the man I lust after is best friends with my husband!!!

    Watching Duncan bond with the husband of the woman he lusts after is hilarious. Duncan is a lovable dope unlike, as I have mentioned before, the dolt Joey from \"Friends\". I thought it was so funny when Duncan was elated that Yonk had called him a "douche". I have never been a fan of David Keith so I could just do without the Yonk character.

    Jason Ritter as Ethan is as talented as his late father. He is starting to be my new Johnny good, I will watch him in anything. His chemistry with Lizzy Kaplans Kat is wonderful. I am assuming they will eventually get together and I hope when they do they remain the same people. Too many times I have seen 2 people get together on a show and their whole chemistry changes. I would like to see Kat spew her sarcastic obnoxiousness at Ethan even when they get together.

    Erin's inability to understand Aaron is absolutely priceless!!! Seeing Sam Harris as her obviously gay husband is amusing. The scene when Erin calls Kyle on his home phone and he and Aaron refuse to answer it had me side was hurting as Kyles cell phone rang and then Aarons as he exclaimed, "How did she get my number?!"

    Watching Richie and Lina begin a new relationship that started with him running over her feet is nice. Until the end when he goes home to Sara Gilberts Fern, his wife and we realize he is married. I will have to reserve judgement on this only because I do not know what the state of their marriage is....there was not enough info to figure out what is going on in their relationship. I really like Lina and Richie together.

    While I did not find this episode as funny as \"The Class learns about hurricaines\" it was still funny. I\'m still trying to figure out how to watch the first 2 episodes I missed (I\'m a dolt). Anyone know where I can watch these?? Even if I have to pay for it, nothing outrageous but I\'m willing to pay up to $1.99 for it...please send me a PM!