The Class

Season 1 Episode 4

The Class Blows The Whistle

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 2006 on CBS



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    • Nicole: Yeah. You're right, he's Yonk Allen. I know how much it meant the first time he took me to a game. I just hope you don't thank him the same way I did!
      Duncan: I guess that depends on how good the seats are.
      Nicole: They're pretty good.
      Duncan: Uh-oh.

    • Nicole: You know, I actually thought you might care enough not to come tonight.
      Duncan: Look, I'm sorry. I know this has gotta suck for you and I would feel really bad except I'm going to the Eagles game with Yonk Allen!
      Nicole: And his wife! (she closes the door behind her) Am I alone in this? Isn't this gonna to be hard for you to be with me and him?
      Duncan: You know, it would be, except I'm going to the Eagles game with Yonk--
      Nicole and Duncan: (simultaneously) Allen...

    • Kyle: I made the whole black thing up.
      Aaron: No way.
      Kyle: Pembridge doesn't have a diversity policy!
      Aaron: (as he gets up from the couch) So, you lied?
      Kyle: Yeah... and I pulled her application.
      Aaron: Oh, my God! I've never loved you more! (he grabs Kyle and hugs him)

    • Kyle: (Talking about Oprah's admission to Pembridge) Okay, uh, apparently, when they met her, they couldn't help noticing that she's not black.

    • Ethan: Then why did you set me up with her?
      Kat: Because I was hoping that maybe you were a better person than I am.
      Ethan: Well, I'm not.
      Kat: See? This is why I don't set people up. Because now I have to call her and I have to make up an excuse, and it's like this whole giant mess.
      Ethan: I'm sorry. So, you got anyone else? Someone smaller here (he motions to his ears) bigger here (he motions his chest)... I'm just saying.

    • Kat: What's wrong with her?
      Ethan: Nothing. She's awesome.
      Kat: But...
      Ethan: Her ears are a tad large.

    • Busboy: You ruined my life you son of a bitch. I hope you're happy!
      Richie: I have good days and bad days.
      Busboy: I lost everything because of you. Do you even know how many lives you destroyed? I hope you die. I hope you die a slow, painful death, you miserable bag of crap! Carl will be your server! (busboy walks away)
      Richie: (to Lina) Okay, please let me explain.
      Lina: You don't have to, you know, sometimes busboys make death threats. It happens.

    • Lina: (Trying to decide what to choose from the menu( I don't know, uh, sometimes I just close my eyes and wherever my finger lands, that's what I get.
      Richie: Okay, let's do that. (they both close their eyes and pick on the menu) What did you get?
      Lina: I, I'm having a side of beef.
      Richie: I'm having executive chef Jerome Bennett. Maybe we just look.

    • Nicole: (Talking about Yonk) Now you're friends with him??
      Duncan: I wouldn't call us 'friends'... unless – why? Did he say we were friends??

    • Holly: (slowly) Hi, Aaron... is Kyle there?
      Aaron: Uh, yes... but you should know, we're about to sit down for dinner.
      Holly: I got like the first three words...
      Aaron: Kyle!
      Kyle: Who is it? (Aaron strangles the phone and then gives it to Kyle)

    • Ethan: How do I look?
      Kat: (sighs) The pants...
      Ethan: What about them?
      Kat: You know, don't worry. If I know Molly, they're off by 9:15. (Ethan leaves)

    • Kat: You're having sushi at Kenzu in nine minutes... and possibly sex in ninety; she's pretty loose. (Talking about his date and hands him a paper with the address to Kenzu)
      Ethan: (as he takes the address) That's my type.
      Kat: Great. Uh, put something over that. (he's wearing a black t-shirt)
      Ethan: Why?
      Kat: It's a little nippley...

    • Richie: Okay, as requested, we've got a tuna sandwich, we've got Entertainment Weekly, People and... Wheelchair Living... who knew? And a pair of knitting needles for uh, for scratching.
      Lina: Give 'em! (she takes a knitting needle and uses it to scratch one of her legs) Oh, that's the stuff...

    • Holly: (talking about Oprah's dress) No. This is so much better! It says she's stylish, she's sophisticated...
      Kyle: It says she's a tiny whore.

    • Ethan:You know, start over, meet someone new...
      Kat: ... get laid...
      Ethan: Mostly that. (he clears his throat) So, uh, you know anyone?
      Kat: Oh, I don't fix people up.
      Ethan: At all?
      Kat: Nope. Nothing in it for me. Besides, when it doesn't work out, the people always blame you.
      Ethan: Yeah, but if it does work out, you got two more happy people in the world.
      Kat: Am I one of them?
      Ethan: Well, no, but you have the satisfaction of knowing you brought joy to – you know as I say it, it doesn't sound like you.

    • (Richie is explaining to Lina about a medication)
      Richie: It was a sleep aid but it turns out it had some pretty serious side affects.
      Lina: Like what?
      Richie: Well um death. Also dry mouth and frequent urination but really the death thing was the issue.

    • Ethan: Hey, what happened to you not setting people up?
      Kat: Yeah, I know, but I was on my way to meet Molly for dinner and I realised that it just be me sitting there listening to her whine about how she can never meet a nice guy. And then I remembered all your whining, so I figured---two losers, one stone.

    • Lina: It's been so long, I was afraid you were never gonna ask.
      Richie: Hey, I ran you over. Some women are turned off by that.

    • (Kat is waiting for Ethan in his apartment; Ethan enters the place)
      Kat: How did it go?
      Ethan: You're still here?
      Kat: Hey, it takes a while to go through somebody's stuff.

    • Aaron: Holly, what a pleasant surprise. Kyle didn't tell me you were coming over.
      Holly: Aaron, I'm sorry. I don't even have time to pretend I understand what you're saying.

    • (Kat is sleeping, the phone rings, she answers it)
      Kat: Hello?
      Lina: Hey, hey it's me.
      Kat: How did it go? Did he run you over again?
      Lina: Stop. It was one time.

    • Aaron: (To Kyle) Have you seen my glasses?
      Perry: No, but we've seen your beach picture. Bravo!

    • Yonk: Hey kid, you know anything about video games?
      Duncan: Ahm, I'm 27 years old. I still live with my mother. So, yeah I say I know a little something about video games.

  • Notes

    • Sara Gilbert is the only actress to receive the "And" credit during the show's entire run.

    • The show moved to a new timeslot, 8:30 PM. The show switched places with "How I Met Your Mother." The move helped to slightly improve ratings.
      Originally, CBS intended to air "The Class" at 8:30 PM, but they switched timeslots before the fall season began.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Canada: October 09, 2006 on CTV

  • Allusions

    • Richie: It's like Silkwood.
      The movie Richie mentioned is a biography drama movie from 1983 starring Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell and Cher.

    • Kyle: Even Oprah couldn't get Oprah into that school.
      Holly: Well, that's not true.
      Kyle: I know, she can do anything.

      Yet another allusion to the famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey, one of the most richest women ever.

    • Andrea Anders (Nicole) and Ben Falcone who guest stars in this episode as Busboy, both starred in NBC's short-living sitcom "Joey." Falcone played a recurring character Howard; Anders was a regular. But they didn't appear in the same scene together in this episode.