The Class

Season 1 Episode 11

The Class Celebrates An Anniversary

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 2006 on CBS
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On their one-year anniversary party, Nicole is frustrated when Yonk gives her a stripper pole as a gift. She realizes that her husband doesn't know her at all. Yonk seeks help from Duncan. Kat is upset when her new neighbour turns out to be a former classmate named Palmer, who found success in her life, and seems to be getting along with Ethan and Lina just fine.moreless

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  • I think Lizzy Caplan is one of the best performers out there. Does anyone know where she can be sent fan mail?

    For me, \"The Class\" is my most favorite show on T.V. today. The writers and actors are doing a GREAT job and I look forward to the show every Monday. I believe ALL the actors are doing a fabulous job. I can\'t get enough of everybody. There is no doubt in my mind that the country will be reading more and more about all these fine performers. It\'s just a matter of time before these young actors explode onto the scene. Hopefully, the studio people recognize a good thing and continue to support the show, give it time and watch the success continue to develop. To all the people involved with the show \"The Class\", please continue to make our Monday nights.moreless
  • "Penguins are cute and all, but if you cooked one, I'd eat it."

    That had to be the greatest quote ever. I loved that line. The always funny Kat delivered it dead on.

    This was a great episode. Richie and Lina got back together! That's awesome.

    Palmer, Kat's perky neighbor just cracked me up. Hehe. Fruitographer. Loved that. And Kat's whole "pop-in" line. And when Lina invited Palmer to the movie, and Kat said, "Wha'cha doin'?" her tone and expression just made me crack up. Duncan must be a really nice person. I mean, he loves Nicole, and sure he's friends with her husband, but he gives Yonk the perfect idea for a gift for Nicole, and then he doesn't take any of the credit, even when she figures out that it was him, he just keeps denying it and saying that it was all Yonk. I mean, that must have been really hard for him. In pretty much any other universe, he probably would have seen that as an opportunity to break them up and be with the woman he loves. But he doesn't. That's impressive.

    And Kyle wasn't in this episode. That was weird. I mean, he's a main character. There's lots of episodes without a few of the minor characters, but no Kyle? He's not my favorite character, but still, his presence was missed. I guess the writers decided that they really needed to focus more on just a few story lines in an episode, and Kyle and Holly just didn't really play into any of them. I mean, Holly was in the episode, but just in a little bit on the news doing a story about calendars.moreless
  • Pole Tax!

    This week's Class lesson. Stripper Pole don't work. That what Nichole's reaction to York buying her a stripper pole for Chrsitmas. There's nothing sexy that buyinbg her a Stripper pole. a new neighbor moves in across from Kat's place. She is Jaime King. And she put a fresh presence to the series. I didn't care much about the episode. I sure hope the series improves in 2007. It has protentals but so far it came up with very little. I like Kat very much, but she's the only character in the series that I notice. I don't know where Sara Gilbert is I hope she comes back. And last, that girl in the wheelchair is starting to get to me. she's been in a wheelchair for three months and people know that bones heel in six weeks. I want her out of the chair in 2007.moreless
  • Yonk and Nicole exchange anniversary gifts. Nicole is given a stripper's pole. Meanwhile, Lina keeps Richie on edge about the future of there relationship. An annoyance from Kat's past moves in next door and seems to get along fine with Kat and Ethan.moreless

    Well, this defitnally is not the BEST episode of the season, but it wasn't the worst either. Though, I am somewhat bias. I wish that we could have seen more of Holly Ellenbogen and her hilarious antics. Plus, Kyle and Perry were not even included in this week's episode. Hopefully this is not foreshadowing future episodes of putting main characters aside. I think thrity minutes is enough time to all the main characters have atleast some airtime. Now, back to the show, The Kat storyline was the episode's funniest. Kat seems to be out of a job at the moment and the foil of Kat is photographing dressed up fruit and getting all the lime-light. Hilarity! We should see a very interesting episode next Monday, after Ethan's all nighter, Can't wait! The Duncan/Nicole/Yonk storyline had it's moment's also. The mask comment by Nicole had me a on the floor! In future episodes, I would like to see more of her "affair" with Duncan. I found the Richie and Lina parts sort of dull, but funny in it's own way. Richie on the stripper's pole was hilarious. The thing I would like to see most is more appearences by Fern. She seems to have disappeared since Richie left her. I see bitter divorce battle episodes in the future of "The Class"!moreless
  • Poor Nicole...

    I feel sorry that Nicole's husband is blind as to who is on the in side rather than the outside. Yes she's pretty but he doen't understand her like Duncan does. I hope she can see that Duncan cares about her and only wants the best for her. I so glad that Lina and Richie are back together! Richie was too funny on that stipper pole! I can't belive he was jumping around and upside down on the pole.

    I have to agree with Kat about the college classmate/nieghbor. She IS annoying! Dressing dress up in outfits! I can't belive people pay for that. I thought it was funny how Ethan hooked up with her and kat saw him in his boxers eating fruit! He is so cute!!moreless
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Brandon Rodriguez

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David Keith

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Jaime King

Jaime King

Palmer Wyland

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • TRIVIA: In this episode Kat is wearing the leather jacket she got when Ethan took it from his ex-fiancee, finally realizing that she's no good for him. Ethan bought the jacket himself for 700 dollars.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Palmer: See, this is what I miss.
      (changes to a baleful tone)
      I'm Kat. I'm dark and brooding. Don't pop in.
      Ethan: She's got you down!

    • Yonk (after listening to Richie explaining his current status with Lina): I'm sorry, that's just more words than I care to take in.

    • Nicole: Do you ever feel like sometimes Richie just doesn't get who you are?
      Lina: No. I think he gets me more than anyone I've ever met.
      Nicole: Really?
      Lina: Yeah. With all the other guys I've been with I spent most of my time trying to explain myself, but with him I don't need to. Sometimes he even explains me to me.

    • Duncan: So uh, you're doing any better?
      Nicole: Yeah, I'm hanging in there. I keep telling myself there's a lot of poor women out there who will never get any anniversary present that they can rub their business on.

    • Ethan: So, what kind of movie do you guys wanna see?
      Lina: Maybe a romantic comedy?
      Kat: You got anything where someone's wrongfully in prison?
      Ethan: Really?
      Kat: Yeah, I'm in that kind of mood.

    • Yonk: You know I got my second wife a stripper pole. I could not get her off the damn thing!
      Duncan: And uh... where'd you meet her?
      Yonk: Strip club.

    • Nicole: What did you get me?!
      Yonk: When I saw this I thought of you.
      Nicole:(Unwrapping the gift) What?
      Yonk: It's a stripper pole!
      Nicole:(In shock) Yes it is!
      Yonk: See? That's why I wanted to wait until the party so everybody could see your face just like that!
      Nicole: Oh, well it still may be like this!

    • Kat: Penguins are cute and all, but if you cooked one, I'd eat it.

    • Duncan: Hey, you okay?
      Nicole: Why wouldn't I be? My husband got me a stripper pole for our first anniversary. Maybe next year he'll get me the leather mask with the zipper I've had my eye on.

    • Yonk: Gave my first wife the clap.
      Richie: Why are you telling me this?
      Yonk: Well, I thought we were sharing. Can't always be about you, you know?

    • Yonk: Listen sugar, about that stripper pole...
      Nicole: Oh honey, not tonight. The idea of spinning after eating half of that stack cake. I...
      Yonk: No, no. I just wanted to make sure you understand that was the gag gift.
      Nicole: Oh.
      Yonk: (handing her an envelope) This is the real one.
      Nicole: You got me passes to fashion week?
      Yonk: VIP access. Front row everyday, except one day we're in the second row, but we're behind Prince, and he's a little bitty thing.
      Nicole: Oh, this is just unbelievable. I... can't imagine a better present. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Lina: So, you met your new neighbor yet?
      Kat: No, I'm just hoping they don't play the banjo.
      Lina: Did the last one play the banjo?
      Kat: No.

    • Kat: That's my sister. Lina, this is Palmer. We went to art school together.
      Lina: Oh, hi!
      Palmer: Hi! Great chair!
      Lina: Oh, thank you.

    • (At Kat's apartment, Kat, Lina and Ethan discuss what kind of movie they want to see when there is a knock at the door...)
      Palmer: Hi! I just thought I'd pop in!
      Kat: Yeah, here's the deal. I'm not really a "pop in" kinda gal. But if you're ever in here, then you are more than welcome to pop out.

    • Nicole: (To Richie as she walks out of her bedroom) It's a stripper pole. It's a gift from my husband.
      Richie: (To Lina) It's better than what he gave his first wife.

    • (Richie finds Lina talking to Nicole in Nicole's bedroom)
      Richie: Oh hey! 'Sup?
      Lina: Uh, Nicole was just showing me her new pole.
      Richie: Oh. Oh! Expecting firemen?

    • (Richie arrives at Yonk and Nicole's party and sees Lina)
      Lina: Hey!
      Richie: Hey! Aw, you look amazing.
      Lina: Oh, I did my hair and Armor All'd my tires.

    • (After Lina tells Richie she needs to think about getting back together)
      Lina: I'm not saying I can't. I just need to think about all this.
      Richie: Okay. No, that's fair.
      Lina: I'm sorry.
      Richie: No, don't be. I'm fine. I'm more than fine. I bask in your indecision.
      Lina: I know this is hard for you.
      Richie: Please! The uncertainty is half the fun!

    • (after meeting Kat's new neighbor, Palmer, who she knew from art school and dislikes immensely)
      Kat: Aaaahhh!
      Lina: What? I thought she was sweet.
      Kat: Yeah! She's too sweet. I hate her whole cutesy blond perky thing. I hate that she refuses to see that I hate her.

    • Lina: What if you need to borrow sugar?
      Kat: For what?
      Lina: I don't know, to bake a cake?
      Kat: Yeah, I'd rather have a bitter cake.
      Lina: You are a bitter cake.

    • Yonk: You know as my wives get younger and younger, it just gets harder to figure out what they want! I mean, what do the kids like these days?

    • Kat: And you, you think your pretty cute, huh?
      Ethan: Well I'm no kumquat Jesus, but...

  • NOTES (2)


    • Yonk: VIP access. Front row everyday, except one day we're in the second row, but we're behind Prince, and he's us a little bitty thing.

      Prince is a popular artist whose music has spanned a myriad of styles. He also starred in Purple Rain, a movie about a young musician who faces personal battles concerning how he connects to other people. Simultaneously, Prince held the spot of number one film, number one single, and number one album in the U.S. Prince won the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for "Purple Rain."