The Class

Season 1 Episode 11

The Class Celebrates An Anniversary

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

The show started out with Nicole and Yonk exchanging anniversary gifts. Nicole gives him the traditonal "paper" gift. It's the front the newspaper showing the superbowl that he won. Then Yonk gives Nicole a stripper pole with 5 free lessons. Nicole is very upset that Yonk doesn't understand that she would never have liked this gift.

Next, Richie goes over to visit thinking that they are back together to find out that she's not sure about getting back with him. She still hasn't forgiven him and needs time to think about.

Meanwhile, Kat finds out that an annoying college classmate moves in across the hall and that she is a more successfull photographer than Kat. The girl dresses fruit up and takes pictures of them acting out a scene, like the manger scence of baby Jesus.

Before the Anniversay party Nicole finds Duncan drilling the stipper pole into her bedroom floor. Nicole tells Duncan about how she does like the pole and is upset that her husband obviously doesn't know her. Just before Duncan leaves Yonk asks Duncan if Nicole said anything about the pole. He tells him that she hated it and tells him to get her something else. Duncan tells Yonk that Nicole loves fashion and has always wanted to go to fashion week and to use his people to get her some tickets.

That night Richie, Lina and Duncan go to Yonk and Nicole;s anniversary party. Lina still isn't sure about getting back with Richie till her and Nicole talk. Nicole explains to Lina how her husband doesn't understand her and asked if there were times that Richie didn't understand her. Lina then realizes that Richie understands her than she does her own self. Meanwhile Richie is looking for Lina to see if she has made up her mind and finds her in Nicoles bedroom. Lina tells Richie that she hasn't compelely forgiven him but she could never forgive herself if she didn't give them a second chance. An exicted Richie jumps around the stipper pole. Lina convences Richie to give her a little dance around the pole. Downstaris Yonk tells Nicole the pole was a gag gift and that this was her real gift. She opens the envelope to findout that he got her fashion week tickets!

At the end of the party Nicole tells Duncan that Yonk gave her Fashion Week tickets. She never thought he was listing to her when she talked about fashion. That when she realizes that it was Duncan that told him to get the tickets. Duncan denies it so she'll think her husband thought of it.

When Ethan goes over to see Kat her nieghbor comes at to say Hi and invites Ethan to come inside.

The next morning a dilvering man with boxes of fruit knocks on Kat's door. She tell the man to try acoss the hall. Ethan answers the annoying nieghtbors door in his boxers and Kat sees him. Ethan signs and hurries back inside.

The last part of the show, showed Richie putting on a show for Lina and Yonk walking by the room. Yonk tells Richies that he ruined that pole for him. That was the end of the show for this week.