The Class

Season 1 Episode 15

The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • Better every week.

    So, "The Class" finally got what it wanted from the beginning---the class is now mostly reunited, the stories are even more complex and the comedy is getting better. This week, the show brings us more amazing scenes and an interesting plot.

    I really loved the whole Nicole/Yonk not-eating story. it was hilarious when Yonk caught Nicole and Duncan eating the junk food and then said it like they were cheating on him. A classic scene.

    Kat and Ethan seem to be getting closer even week. This week it seems to be pretty clear that there is a bond between them. And the entire Richie/Lina chicken story was also hilarious. I must say, it's an another great installment.
  • wait..there's a tumor.

    It's really good to see that each episode shows a closer bond between these classmates. Kat is afraid that her relationship wont last, because she believes something bad always happens but Ethan convinces her to have faith. Lina decides to invite everybody over for a party dinner as she serves some "delicious" Moroccan chicken. Richie, being a nice guy as he is, tries to spare her feelings, by saying the chicken was good and all, but eventually got fed up and told Lina the truth. This marks their first fight, and both of them are so happy about their accomplishment. Nicole tries to support her husband by eating healthier, after she finds out Yonk has a cholesterol count over 400. When Nicole is caught scarfing down a steak, it sounds like they are having an argument as if Nicole had cheated on Yonk.
  • This may have been the funniest episode yet. LOVED this one - Theme seemed to be "Honesty", from Nicole's dieting confessions to Kat's relationship fears, to Ritchie's reluctant-then-explosive admission about Lina's chicken dinner... Perfect!

    Nicole's request about the pizza in the garbage was hilariously honest - All Dieters can relate though they'd NEVER admit it to anyone, and her frenchfry vs. carrot-stick comment was also spot-on true and funny. And then the icing on the cake... We have Nicole/Duncan, the two adulterers, caught sharing a secret moment SO intense it's nearly erotic - involving not sex, but the consumption of a Cheese Steak sandwich - Only to be caught by Nicole's dieting /betrayed-&-disappointed husband Yonk.

    My house was roaring with laughter... Yep, best episode yet!

    Seriously. Yet again, another amazing episode. It seems like every week the episodes get better and better. It's just fantastic. Richie/Lina: Hilarious. The whole chicken story was so funny. Richie's faces crack me up. After everyone left and Lina made him eat, I laughed so hard when he said "It's funny, as it cools the flavors intensify."
    And they having their first "fight"... they actually stopped in the middle of it because it was a huge thing for their relationship! RICHIE: "What do we do now, do we have to finish it?"
    LINA: "I think we should, we kinda need to get through it to ge to the uh... make up sex." Nicole/Duncan: SO HILARIOUS how they made the whole 'sneaking around to eat hot dogs' thing sound like a cheat on Yonk. It looked like he had walked in and caught Nicole and Duncan doing it. And of course, Nicole's "I like it sweet and hot!" didn't help it. Kat/Ethan: Aww. That's all I got. No, lie. But aw. It was so sweet. They're like, such good friends, helping each other with their relationships, and yet bickering and a little jealous... That scene where they were both sitting in front of Kat's door was the sweetest thing. ETHAN: "I want you to have Morocco."
    KAT: "Why do you care?"
    ETHAN: "I care."
    Also, it's nice to see Kat's vulnerable side. I'm curious to where they're heading this.
  • This show is just so funny! I love these characters!

    As with every episode I got my dose of laughter with this one. My favorite story line in this episode was Duncan and Nicole's. Nicole is on a very strict diet to be supportive of her husband whose collesterol is high. But she craves everything she sees and it's hillarious to watch. My second favorite one was Lina and Richie, who had their firts fight as boyfriend and girlfriend and actually were happy about it. They crack me up!! And there was also Lina's sister whose new realtionship is going pretty good, but I have a feeling that somehow that's going to change pretty soon since he found all the pictures that she had taken of him while stalking him. Can't wait for the next episode!
  • The chicken is evil.

    I'm still laughing at this episode!

    Lina/Richie: The whole Moroccan chicken thing was hilarious and it was even funnier at the end when Richie was telling Lina about the "relentless punishing poultry"!

    Kat/Benjamin/Ethan: I like that it's faily obvious that Kat and Ethan have a connection. I'm not sure that they realize yet that it's more than being friends. I love that they are with other people and I hope they continue to do this for a while until the time is right to get them together. It shouldn't be rushed; they need to go thru some things together before that light bulb goes off and they realize they actually have feelings for each other. I thought it was nice that Kat admitted that she's not really good with the "liking stuff". It's not something you can readily admit when you're afraid of having your heart broken (as she confessed to Ethan about not wanting to end up like Lina). It was a great little moment with Ethan and Kat as they sat in front of the door to her apartment.

    Duncan/Nicole/Yonk: This whole storyline is what truly makes this episode a CLASSIC "The Class" episode. Nicole "cheating" on Yonk with Duncan and cheesesteak. Nicole's whole part when she was moaning about the sweet and hot sausages..("I like it sweet and hot" as she moans). It was brilliant. And having Yonk walk in on them was equally hilarious ("Don't!...Just don't.)

    The scene in the beginning when she pleads with Richie and Duncan to make sure the pizza they were throwing out touched other garbage or else she'd be in bed at night knowing that the pizza had only touched the box and would end up going after it was also funny. It kind of brought back memories of when George Costanza (Seinfeld) retreived that twinkie from the garbage one time....!

    The episodes are still making me laugh...the first time I see it or the tenth! I'm still lauging today but then again, I just finished watching it for the third time and I'll probably watch it again tomorrow!

    Good to know the ratings it got for this episode was the third highest since it's been on. Here's hoping it will get back up to 10.0 next week!!!
  • Getting better, and Jerry Rice is the man!

    OK, this show is getting better. I didn't really like the series at first, thought it was too cliche. But now I think they've found out which characters work well with each other, and which characters needed to be axed all together! There's still some awkwardness, but I've come to appreciate the work of some of the actors. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Richie), Jon Bernthal (Duncan) and Heather Goldenhersh (Lina) are great! Richie and Lina are still my favourite characters. Kyle seems out of place without his boyfriend, but I think the writers know that, and play with that a little bit. Jerry Rice was also great in this episode, better than Emmitt Smith was on "the other" CBS show. Too bad neither of them danced!
  • Lina and Richie have a dinner party for there friends.

    I thought that this was a really funny episode and i felt really bad for that chicken. Why would Lina do that to a perfectly good meat. What did the chicken ever do to her? I thought that it was a nice jesture that she wanted to make dinner for her friends but i think she should have choose something that she knew how to make. It was really funny that Richie did not tell her that the chicken was really bad until after Lina had tried to get him to eat some after everyone left. It was funny that Nicole and Yonk were dieting and Nicole gave him such a hard time about sticking to the diet but she was the first one to break it.
  • The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken is the 15th Episode in the first series of The Class, and while it was filled to the rim with comedy, there was one thing in particular that put me off it.

    The title refers to how Lina and Richie are throwing their first dinner party together where Lina makes Moroccan Chicken. I found the banter between the cast hilarious but the only problem was it seemed too much like the episode of Friends where Rachel makes the desert and it doesn't go right and no-one tells her. I love The Class but this episode just reminded me of that particular Friends Episode already which made me disappointed. If it wasn't for the Kat and Ben storyline and the abundance of comedy going on underneath it then I don't think it would have been worth the watch. Even though it seems like a copy, it was still an enjoyable episode.