The Class

Season 1 Episode 15

The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • The chicken is evil.

    I'm still laughing at this episode!

    Lina/Richie: The whole Moroccan chicken thing was hilarious and it was even funnier at the end when Richie was telling Lina about the "relentless punishing poultry"!

    Kat/Benjamin/Ethan: I like that it's faily obvious that Kat and Ethan have a connection. I'm not sure that they realize yet that it's more than being friends. I love that they are with other people and I hope they continue to do this for a while until the time is right to get them together. It shouldn't be rushed; they need to go thru some things together before that light bulb goes off and they realize they actually have feelings for each other. I thought it was nice that Kat admitted that she's not really good with the "liking stuff". It's not something you can readily admit when you're afraid of having your heart broken (as she confessed to Ethan about not wanting to end up like Lina). It was a great little moment with Ethan and Kat as they sat in front of the door to her apartment.

    Duncan/Nicole/Yonk: This whole storyline is what truly makes this episode a CLASSIC "The Class" episode. Nicole "cheating" on Yonk with Duncan and cheesesteak. Nicole's whole part when she was moaning about the sweet and hot sausages..("I like it sweet and hot" as she moans). It was brilliant. And having Yonk walk in on them was equally hilarious ("Don't!...Just don't.)

    The scene in the beginning when she pleads with Richie and Duncan to make sure the pizza they were throwing out touched other garbage or else she'd be in bed at night knowing that the pizza had only touched the box and would end up going after it was also funny. It kind of brought back memories of when George Costanza (Seinfeld) retreived that twinkie from the garbage one time....!

    The episodes are still making me laugh...the first time I see it or the tenth! I'm still lauging today but then again, I just finished watching it for the third time and I'll probably watch it again tomorrow!

    Good to know the ratings it got for this episode was the third highest since it's been on. Here's hoping it will get back up to 10.0 next week!!!