The Class

Season 1 Episode 15

The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 2007 on CBS

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    Seriously. Yet again, another amazing episode. It seems like every week the episodes get better and better. It's just fantastic. Richie/Lina: Hilarious. The whole chicken story was so funny. Richie's faces crack me up. After everyone left and Lina made him eat, I laughed so hard when he said "It's funny, as it cools the flavors intensify."
    And they having their first "fight"... they actually stopped in the middle of it because it was a huge thing for their relationship! RICHIE: "What do we do now, do we have to finish it?"
    LINA: "I think we should, we kinda need to get through it to ge to the uh... make up sex." Nicole/Duncan: SO HILARIOUS how they made the whole 'sneaking around to eat hot dogs' thing sound like a cheat on Yonk. It looked like he had walked in and caught Nicole and Duncan doing it. And of course, Nicole's "I like it sweet and hot!" didn't help it. Kat/Ethan: Aww. That's all I got. No, lie. But aw. It was so sweet. They're like, such good friends, helping each other with their relationships, and yet bickering and a little jealous... That scene where they were both sitting in front of Kat's door was the sweetest thing. ETHAN: "I want you to have Morocco."
    KAT: "Why do you care?"
    ETHAN: "I care."
    Also, it's nice to see Kat's vulnerable side. I'm curious to where they're heading this.