The Class

Season 1 Episode 15

The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Kat sneaks back into bed with Benjamin, there is a goof with her boot; he hands her the boot, saying that he knew she'd be back. Kat tosses it over the side of the bed, but when the camera angle changes, the boot is back, sitting on the covers in front of her. The camera angle changes again, and the boot is gone; it goes back to the second angle, and the boot reappears.

  • Quotes

    • Ethan: You could still go over there.
      Kat: What, I just snuck out.
      Ethan: Well, sneak back in.
      Kat: You can do that?
      Ethan: Yeah, but you've gotta get over there before he wakes up!

    • (Kat walks towards her apartment Ethan walks out of Palmer's again)
      Kat: God, do you run every morning?
      Ethan: Pretty much.
      Kat: Why does that make me want to have a cigarette?
      Ethan: (He smiles and looks at her foot) So... at least you're sneaking home with both boots this time.
      Kat: (smiles) No, not sneaking. He stayed here last night. I just ran out to get us some coffee. And by "ran" I mean "I got into my car and I drove two blocks."

    • Richie: (to Lina) Why are you smiling?
      Lina: We're having our first fight!
      Richie: Yeah, we are!
      Lina: That's like, a relationship mile stone.
      Richie: (in awe) Is it?
      Lina: (excitedly) Totally! This is even more than our first dinner party!
      Richie: I guess! So... what do we do now, do we have to finish it?
      Lina: I think we should, 'cause uh, we kinda need to get through it to get to the... make up sex.
      Richie: Hmm.
      (They immediately start fighting again)

    • (Kat's walking towards her apartment with just one boot and Ethan walks out of Palmer's)
      Ethan: Morning.
      Kat: You're up early.
      Ethan: Just going for a run.
      Kat: You know, you die either way.
      (Ethan frowns)
      (Palmer walks out too)
      Palmer: (to Ethan) I thought I heard voices! (She sees Kat) Hey, early bird!
      Kat: Hey. Worm.

    • Nicole: (to Duncan, about the hot dog he's eating) Did you get peppers on it?
      Duncan: Uhuh.
      Nicole: Sweet or hot?
      Duncan: Both.
      Nicole: Ohhh, I like it sweet and hot! Okay, I need it, I need it right now, get over here! HURRY!

    • Kat: (to Benjamin, after they kiss, pointing to his pants) You need a minute?
      Benjamin: That's my cellphone.
      Kat: Oh. Then I'm kinda of embarrassed for what I was doing to it.

    • Yonk: Sugar, we're out of here. You have fun at your little dinner party.
      Nicole: Okay. And I want you to have fun too. But remember, healthy choices.
      Yonk: Oh come on, I mean we're going to a steakhouse! I beat Jerry at pool, he has to buy me steak.
      Nicole: Well, I'm sure he wouldn't mind buying you a nice piece of salmon.
      Jerry Rice: I'll be happy to buy the little lady a salmon.
      Yonk: Man...I'm never gonna hear the end of it.
      Nicole: No that's not true. Jerry, please! This is about my husband's health.
      Jerry Rice: I'm sorry.
      Nicole: Thank you.
      Jerry Rice:(to Yonk) Now remember, this one is on me. So you don't have to bring your purse.

    • Ethan:(about the pictures Kat took of Benjamin when she was stalking him) So, I assume you haven't shown [Benjamin] these.
      Kat: Dude, I'm creepy, I'm not stupid.

    • (Duncan's phone rings; he answers it; it is Nicole)
      Duncan: Hello?
      Nicole: Hey, you left your cell phone at my house.
      Duncan: Oh, thank God, when I saw my name on the caller ID, I thought it was like me calling from the future. So wha'cha doin'?
      Nicole: Just eating a stupid salad. Almost makes me wish I'd eaten that chicken at Lina's.
      Duncan: Woman, you do not know what you're saying.

    • (Duncan is talking to Jerry Rice; his phone rings)
      Duncan: Sorry, it's my mom. She's not going to believe who I'm talking to. (he answers the phone) Ma, guess who I'm with. (he hands the phone to Jerry Rice) If you could just say hi.
      Jerry Rice: How you doing?
      Duncan: Guess who that was! No, no, no, why are you guessing dead people? (to Rice) Just tell her who you are.
      Jerry Rice: I'm Jerry Rice. No, that's not a hint. (to Duncan) She's still guessing.

    • Duncan: Hey, whose Ferrari is in the driveway?
      Nicole: Oh, it's Jerry Rice's. He and Yonk are working on some speech for a charity thing they're doing.
      Duncan: Hold on, Jerry Rice is here?
      Nicole: Yeah.
      Duncan: So you and I are under the same roof as Jerry Rice?
      Nicole: Yes.
      Duncan: So, like, if this place fell down on us, then I would be trapped under the same rubble as Jerry Rice?
      Nicole: Yeah, but they'd probably rescue him first.
      Duncan: I would want them too!

    • Lina: Can we borrow your coffee maker?
      Kat: Okay.
      Lina: Don't you wanna know why?
      Kat: Well, I'm sure it's a gripping tale.

    • (Lina is serving her dish)
      Nicole: Is there cream in it?
      Lina: A little bit.
      Nicole: Oh shoot, Yonk and I are on these strict diets, I'm sorry.
      Lina: Oh, No, No, No, No, it's OK. Duncan, more for you.
      (Duncan looks at Nicole with an evil look)

    • Lina: Duncan, you're a big guy so you get a big piece.
      Duncan: It's not my fault I'm big. What is this orange thing?
      Lina: It's a kind of sweet potato, it's a North African tuber.
      Ethan: There's tumors in this?
      Lina: No, tuber, like a yam.
      Ethan: Oh. Tumors made sense.

    • Nicole: Oh great, also if you're going to throw the rest of it out, when you put it in the garbage can you make sure it touches other garbage.
      Richie: What?
      Nicole: Well yeah 'cos if I'm lying in bed tonight and I know that there's pizza that's in the garbage that's only touched the box, I'M GONNA EAT THAT SON OF A BI**H!!!

    • Nicole: (To Richie and Duncan) If I have a craving for a french fry, I can just reach for a carrot stick, it's like a healthy french fry that makes you mad.

    • Nicole: Yonk and I are on this really strict diet. His cholesterol is up to almost 400.
      Duncan: Is that high?
      Richie: Not for a couple.

    • (after getting Lina's Moroccan chicken)
      Palmer: What am I tasting?
      Ethan: Ahm. Tires a la Socks.
      Kat: (To Benjamin) Did she say Moroccan chicken or Morotten chicken?

    • Duncan: (To Benjamin) This is so cool. I met two famous people in the same day. Jerry Rice and whoever you are.

    • (Duncan and Nicole are eating food; Nicole eats like she's mad; Yonk catches them)
      Yonk: Oh my God!
      Nicole: (while chewing) I can explain.
      Yonk: In my own house?
      Nicole: This isn't what it looks like. (still chewing)

    • (Duncan and Richie are eating pizza, Nicole enters the house)
      Nicole: Hey guys! Oh, pizza!
      Duncan: Yeah, it's from that new place in Villanova. They've got extra cheese in the crust.
      Nicole: Oh that's great. Could you get it the hell out of here?

    • Richie: (on how bad Lina's moroccan chicken tasted) It was the Hitler of all chicken!

    • (After Palmer leaves)
      Ethan: So, so he wants to take you to Morocco and you want to go.
      Kat: Yeah.
      (Ethan touches his chin, pretending to be thoughtful)
      Ethan: I can see why you're so upset...
      Kat: Just because you want Morocco, doesn't mean you get Morocco.
      (Ethan frowns)
      Kat: Let's be realistic, something's gonna screw this up, so I don't wanna set myself up for Morocco if it's never gonna happen.
      Ethan: Well, I can guarantee you it's never gonna happen.
      Kat: Why?
      Ethan: Why?? You sneak out on the guy in the middle of the night? It kinda sends a message.
      (Kat closes her eyes and sits down on the floor, in front of her door, defeated)
      Kat: God, I'm so messed up.
      Ethan: You really are.
      (Kat glares at him, then stares at the ceiling)
      Kat: I just... I just don't want to be Lina.
      Ethan: What do you mean?
      Kat: She's always like "Oh, I'm so in love, he's the one!" and then two weeks later her heart is getting its ass kicked.
      Ethan: Yeah, I don't know if you've noticed, but... your sister's heart is doing just fine. I mean, she had to go through some stuff, but it seems worth it. She's with a guy who loves her, even though she does unspeakable things to chicken.
      Kat: Yeah, I guess...
      (They stay in silence for a moment)
      Ethan: (Watching her) I want you to have Morocco.
      Kat: (Looks at him) Why do you care?
      Ethan: I... care.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Richie: It was the Hitler of all chicken!

      Hitler is a reference to Adolf Hitler, the infamous Nazi leader during World War II. He is known as one of the worst men in the world for his cruel acts and attempted "ethnic cleansing" of Germany.

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