The Class

Season 1 Episode 5

The Class Gets Frozen Yogurt

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 2006 on CBS
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Ethan is challenged by Kat into testing every flavor of yogurt without even buying it, and he has to do it so she wouldn't think he's a wuss. Kyle continues lying to Holly about her daughter Oprah not being accepted into the school he works in, until Holly visits the school. Lina returns to work, but finds it hard to do anything because she can't control her wheelchair. Richie helps Duncan with his job at Yonk's house. And also, we find out more about Richie's secret life.moreless

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  • Not very good comparing to the last ones, but very funny still.

    Even tough Ethan and Kat's storyline was a bit stupid, and that the fact that tasting every favor of yogurt and not buying any just to prove one's toughness is ridiculous, Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan are SO amazing that they could make something that would never be funny completely hilarious. At first I was just watching 'The Class', but with their performances, I don't believe I can ever stop watching it!

    Also, there's Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who's also completely superb as the depressive weirdo Richie. As much as I don't like Lina, their scenes together get amazing because he's so great. Now that we found out that he has a wife, it makes me want to watch this show even more.

    Andrea Anders as Nicole has been really disappointing, especially since I loved her so much in 'Joey'. But Jon Bernthal, whom I also didn't like much as Duncan, was very good this episode. His conversations with Richie were really funny.

    And last but not least, Lucy Punch has been so, but so funny as Holly, and she has so much chemistry with Sean Maguire (Kyle) that their scenes are perfect. Her oh-but-so-gay husband Perry is probably one of the show's best things.

    Don't let this episode make you stop watching 'The Class', it's a great show!!!!moreless
  • Ethan and Kat make nuisances of themselves at the frozen yogurt place.

    I like this show, especially Richie, but this episode really left me cold. (No pun intended.) The whole frozen yogurt plot was just ANNOYING, and made Ethan and Kat both look like jerks. If that was the best Kat could do to loosen him up... Well, it wasn\'t very good. The other characters fared better than those two in this episode, except for the fact that the TV woman (Holly) is never very interesting and her \"everybody except her knows he\'s gay\" husband is really, really getting on my nerves. I like Kyle and Aaron, the gay couple, but they\'re not giving them much to do. Overall, I\'d like to see more movement forward for the Lina/Richie and Ethan/Kat romances (c\'mon, we all know it\'s coming) and less sitcom hijinks like the yogurt store.moreless
  • Fozen yogart anyone?

    This episode of "the Class" has this scene when two of Class stood in line getting free yogart. As they taste the yogart the ask foir reach sample. This scene alnoe takes to much time, especially when a mother and a kid who lose a dog was in the line behind them. Aside from the episode, I'm becoming a big fan of Lizzy Caplan and I like the cloathes she wore. Caplan is the probaby the only reason why I'm seeing this episode. She puts a flesh spin on the series. I'll watch, but only for Caplan. Otherwise, I'll be watching Antiques Roadshow."moreless
  • A bunch of mean spirited people demonstrate why we shouldn't care about them.

    I hated this episode. HATED IT. In fact, I regret already that I gave it a four, it deserves lower. Not funny, for one thing. The whole yogurt sequence was just painful, not edgy or hip or whatever they thought hey were doing. I don't care about anybody on the show, not the girl with the speech impediment or her boyfriend who appears to be married, not the adulterer or her doltish lover, not John Ritter's son and his goth friend, and certainly not the destestable couple with the child they've named Oprah. Please put us out of our misery -- cancel this show.moreless
  • Good or bad - still not sure!

    OK, so I don't think 'The Class' is the worst show to hit the tube this year, but I'm not sure how much longer they can keep the show afloat. I actually found this episode to be one of the two worst of the season. It just seems like they're trying way to hard to find ways to keep the class together. I mean, Richie doing construction? C'mon! It does have its moments and I will keep watching simply because I really have nothing better to do on a Monday night, but eventually they will run out of reasonable story lines. To me, Kat's character is getting a little annoying and I think it's weird that she and Ethan would want to spend that much time together to begin with. Richie and Lina's story is interesting with its comedic moments, but it's not enough to carry the whole show. And Holly with the whole husband who seems gay thing will get tired, already has actually.moreless
Steve Monroe

Steve Monroe


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Stacie Leah Rippy

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Gayle Samuels

Mrs. Pagano

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Cristian de la Fuente


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Sam Harris (VI)

Sam Harris (VI)

Perry Pearl

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Karley Scott-Collins

Karley Scott-Collins

Oprah Liza Pearl

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • GOOF: Richie shoots the nail gun. All nail guns have a safety switch which makes it impossible to fire a nail gun in mid-air. They need to be pressed up on a surface in order to operate.

    • GOOF: When Lina finally got the file out of the cabinet, in the first shot it is open, then the angle changes and it is closed.

    • GOOF: When Nicole's mobile phone (a Motorola RAZR) rings, the ringtone is actually the Nokia ringtone, not Motorola.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ethan: Uh, lets see, how about a little taste of the butterscotch.
      Yogurt Selling Guy: You do know, the yogurt's also for sale!
      Ethan: I am aware.
      Woman waiting in line: Unbelievable!
      Kat: They hate you! Can you feel it? They're trying to kill you with their minds!

    • Ethan: Who eats a bunch of samples and then walks away? It's just wrong!
      Kat: Come on, people do it all the time.
      Ethan: Um, I don't!
      Kat: Yeah, of course you don't, you couldn't.
      Ethan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, did you just call me out over my inability to ask for yogurt samples?
      Kat: Uh huh. You couldn't do it because you care too much what other people think. You need to be liked too much.
      Ethan: I do not!
      Kat: It's okay. It's cute.
      Ethan: Screw you.
      Kat: Aww. Still cute. Like a cartoon deer.
      Ethan: Fine, tomorrow we'll come back and I will ask for five yogurt samples.
      Kat: Ten.
      Ethan: Ten?
      Kat: Aw, look at Bambi!
      Ethan: All right, ten. Game on. Yes, yogurt tasting game on!

    • Ethan: (thinking to himself, happy) That kid's dog died, and I made him wait. (then) That kid's dog.. died and I made him wait? Oh my God, how could I do that in front of all those people?
      Kat: (in his head) That's right, they all hate you.
      Ethan: (thinking) Get out of my head!

    • Kat: Okay, you'll ask for ten samples. As there are only 9 flavors, you gotta ask for one twice. There will be no apologizing, and in at time can you explain what you're doing.
      Ethan: You're really having fun, aren't ya?
      Kat: It's like Christmas!

    • Duncan: Hey Nicole, you remember Richie Velch? He went to school with us.
      Nicole: (to Richie) Weren't you the one who used to carry around a light saber?
      Richie: No, that was Roland Ferber.
      Nicole: Oh, sorry.
      Richie: It's okay. People used to beat us up for each other all the time.

    • Holly: Perry and I decided we are just not ready to give up on getting Oprah in here, so I have an appointment with the headmaster.
      Kyle: Oh, I don't think that's the way to go. I mean, once the headmaster makes his mind up...
      Holly: Oh really? Let's see what he says when I tell him Channel 9 might be doing an expose on the horrors of private schools.
      Kyle: What are the horrors?
      Holly: Please... It's local news, we just make stuff up!

    • Richie: (giving a check to Duncan) Uh, would you mind not cashing that right away?
      Duncan: Yeah, sure. How long do you want me to wait?
      Richie: Uh, today's Monday so I'm thinking... March?

    • (the phone rings; Lina tries to access the phone, but she can't due to her wheelchair---after a few seconds she finally handles it.)
      Lina: Scott Gordon's office.
      Man: Hello! Can you connect me to the human resources?
      Lina: Are you kidding? I don't even know how I'm gonna hang up.

    • Richie: I drive toxic waste to a dump in New Jersey.
      Duncan: Maybe you'll end up with superpowers.
      Richie: Hey, up in the sky, it's a tumor!

    • Fern: I gotta get to work.
      Richie: So what do you want me to do?
      Fern: Oh, I don't know. You could get off your freckly ass and clean out the refrigerator. Idiot.
      (Fern exits)
      Richie: You complete me.

    • Richie: So what do we do? Call a rat guy?
      Fern: What are you? An idiot? We cannot afford a rat guy. You're not aging well.
      Richie: I have to say---I didn't see that one coming.

    • Fern: Hey! Hey! (hits Richie, who is sleeping) Hey! There's a rat in the refrigerator.
      Richie: Is it dead?
      Fern: Well, it didn't move when I poked it with your toothbrush.

    • Kat: (To Ethan) You're no longer a cartoon deer!!

  • NOTES (1)