The Class

Season 1 Episode 5

The Class Gets Frozen Yogurt

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 2006 on CBS

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  • "Keeps getting better."

    Well, it's true what they say. Sometimes a few episodes need to pass to make the show a good one. And this show is definately becoming one. Every episode is better than the previous one. Although the one with the Hurricane was the best one, this is very close to it. I love the stories.

    Every scene between Kat and Ethan is wonderful. I love what Kat is trying to do, and it seems like Ethan will break free under Kat' influence. It's just a matter of time when they'll hook up. And I hope it will be a good written story.

    Lina's story was also great, she and Richie are ment to be together, and Richie's wife is a great addition to the story. While it makes me laugh, their scenes are also very intriguing. In every episode we get a little clue to the personal life of the classmates.

    Although I don't see a big future for the Kyle storyline, this episode was great. I wonder if they will run out of ideas---what to do with those characters? Although there weren't any in this episode, I really loved Holly's report in the Hurricane episode, and I can't wait to see more.

    We'll see how will the show continue. If you ask me, the show is definately worth watching. And I just hope that the show won't end up six feet under. Only the ratings could destroy it.