The Class

Season 1 Episode 9

The Class Gives Thanks

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 2006 on CBS
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It's Thanksgiving and many secrets are about to be revealed---Yonk learns about Nicole and Duncan's high-school relationship; Lina doesn't want to talk to Richie after she learns that he is married; Richie leaves his wife; and finally, Kyle shows Aaron just how similar Perry and his father-in-law are.moreless

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  • I have not laugh so hard in a long long time.

    I thought that this is the best episode of the series.... SO FAR. I loved the Thanksgiving dinner at Holly's home. The laughs just kept coming and coming throughout the entire episode. I always enjoy Kyle and Aaron interacting with Holly and Perry.

    I did think that it was sad that Richie and Lina broke up, but the whole concept of Kat trying to protect her was touching. I am enjoying the developing relationship between Kat and Ethan and I am looking forward to watching them growing as a couple in the up coming episodes. I can't wait to see what the writers come up with next.moreless
  • too funny!!

    Even though Lina and Richie have troubles during the show the rest of the characters kept me laughing! One of my favorite lines was when Kat accidently "Pammed" Ethan and she says "Oh I thought you were someone else!" then Ethan comeback with "Who someone you didn't want to stick to a grill?!" Then when Aaron and Kyle went over to Holly and Perry's house for dinner, the relationship between Perry and Holly's father was hilarious!! Then when each of the men confronted Aaron and Kyle about thinking the other one was gay. Hello! You're both gay!

    Even though Lina and Richie broke up I thought the show was good. What Richie says to Lina was soo sweet, in a weird way but we were able to understand just how much he loves her. They have to get back together!moreless
  • Thanksgiving.

    So, here it is---the first Thanksgiving episode of "The Class." Was it good? Yes! Did it bring the feeling of Thanksgiving? No. But still, it was a pretty good episode.

    The gay jokes are becoming a big boring, but Holly's dad being there too served a couple of good jokes. Still, I don't see where are they going with the gay stories. They are becoming boring. I'd rather see something like that in a three-episode arc or something. It is streching too long. And what do the writers have in plan? They aren't going anywhere with this. Is Perry even going to come out? Is there going to be something between Holly and Kyle? Or what?

    As usual, Kat was great. She is really the best actress in the series. Ethan didn't have much screen time, but every scene he was in was hilarious.

    The whole Duncan-Nicole high school secret didn't do much. Yonk is really stupid. But it's still good. We'll see how it will go on. I'm also glad Duncan's mom is back. She is always funny. And Yonk's daughter was also great.

    And the highlight of the episode was definately the Richie-Lina storyline. The breakup was painful, but it's just the way things go. We'll see how they plan to continue the storyline.

    Overall, I didn't get the Thanksgiving feeling, but the episode was average overall. A another good installment.moreless
  • Class-less!

    the truth comes out and it not pretty. richie leaves his wife for Lina who is still in her wheelchair wirth two broken legs. I'll predict she be out of that chair by the February Sweeps. Richie must be nuts for leaving Sara Gilbert. if I had a choice between Sara gilbert and Lina, I'd pick Sara Gilbert. the reat of this episode is a so-so, same old, same old. But at least I get to see Lizzy Caplan again. She and Sara gilbert are the two reason why I'm watching "The Class." Like I said before, it's nothing more than a rip-off of "Friends."moreless
  • This show has finally found it\'s groove.

    This show now has the perfect blend of drama and comedy.

    I hope it gets the chance to play out the full season so that this show can get the recognition it deserves.

    The acting has improved now that the actor's have had some time to figure out their characters.

    So please anyone who thought this show was lame before give it another shot now.

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Heather Goldenhersh were amazing in this episode, I could really feel for them both, And the whole Holly’s father with Perry storyline was priceless.moreless
Maile Flanagan

Maile Flanagan

Penny Allen

Guest Star

Robert Michael Morris

Robert Michael Morris

Mr. Ellenbogen

Guest Star

Meagen Fay

Meagen Fay

Mrs. Ellenbogen

Guest Star

David Keith

David Keith

Yonk Allen

Recurring Role

Julie Halston

Julie Halston

Tina Carmello

Recurring Role

Sam Harris (VI)

Sam Harris (VI)

Perry Pearl

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Richie tells Lina how magnesium added to water burns with a brilliant light. However, magnesium is inert in water; it will burn with a blinding light if set on fire. Potassium and sodium metals will burn if added to water.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Yonk: (speaking to Duncan about Nicole) This is fantastic! It's like suddenly finding an owner's manual!

    • Kat: (sprays Ethan in the eyes with Pam, thinking he is Richie.) Oh! I thought you were someone else!
      Ethan: Someone you didn't want to stick to a grill?!

    • Holly: (in a room with Perry, her father, Kyle and Aaron) Ok, fellas. Break it up! I there's a little too much testosterone in this room.

    • Nicole: (speaking to Yonk about his less-than-gorgeous daughter) It would help if you didn't make her feel worse about it.
      Yonk: Alright, I'll stop calling her Shrek.

    • Holly:(to Kyle and Aaron) I'm so glad you came. I just hope, you know, it wasn't awkward for you guys, you know, being the only gay people.
      Kyle: You know, it didn't feel that way.

    • Oprah: Are we gonna eat soon?
      Perry: Hang on, sweetie. Something's still not right.
      Mr. Ellenbogen: I agree.
      Perry: More baby pumpkins?
      Mr. Ellenbogen: Totally! And less leaves!
      Perry: Genius!
      Holly: Uh, honey? Is there anything we can do?
      (Perry and Mr. Ellenbogen start laughing)
      Ms. Ellenbogen: (to Kyle and Aaron) They never let the women do a thing! They're so old-fashioned!
      Kyle: Yeah, that's what it is.

    • Perry: I made two different turkeys, four pies, and this sweater didn't knit itself!
      Holly: (to Kyle and Aaron) He is not like the rest of us!
      Kyle: (to Aaron) He's not even like the rest of us!

    • Fern: Richard Velch, if you walk out that door right now, I will make your life a living hell!
      Richie: How will I know the difference?

    • Tina: Hello? Hello?
      Duncan: Ma, why are you on the intercom?
      Tina: I'm lost. I'm on the second floor in a room with blue wallpaper.
      Duncan: Well, just stay there.
      Tina: Are you coming to get me?
      Duncan: No.

    • Richie: Um, uh, we need to talk... Uh, okay, we haven't been happy for a very very long time. We have a toxic, joyless, punishing relationship and I think the best thing would be to end it.
      Fern: What?
      Richie: I, um... I don't think that we should be together anymore.
      Fern: You're leaving me? You miserable excuse for a human being!
      Richie: We just don't seem to make each other happy.

    • Richie: I'm not leaving till you talk to me.
      Kat: (under her breath) Oh yes, you are.
      (Kat grabs a spray can, opens the door and points it at Richie)
      Richie: (mortified) AH!
      Kat: That's right. You get outta here or you're gonna get this right in the eyes... I swear I will PAM you!
      Richie: But, I...
      Kat: Go, go, go... Get the hell out!
      (looks at the can of PAM)
      Kat: Oh God, I had it pointed towards me!

    • Nicole: Penny, it's really good to see you. You know, we have to catch up.
      Penny: My cat died. Work sucks. I'm hungry. Dinner's not ready. Caught up!

    • (Richie shows up at Lina's apartment)
      Kat: Do you have any idea how bad you hurt her?
      Richie: If you can just let me talk to her, I can...
      Kat: No, I'm not letting you anywhere near her. You know, I never bought into any of that we're-twins, we-can-feel-each-other's-pain crap; but today, I'm feelin' it and if you don't leave right now, you're gonna be feelin' it too.

    • Richie: Hey.
      Fern: Get out of here. I just worked a double shift and there's no way I can sleep with you breathing.

    • (At Yonk and Nicole's house)
      Tina: Look at all the trophies!
      Yonk: Yeah, there's one or two of them.
      Tina: Well, where's your Heisman?
      Yonk: Rec room, go nuts!
      Duncan: Uh, I know she's my mom and all, but, uh, she steals.

    • (After Richie tells Fern they should not be together anymore)
      Richie: I know this isn't easy.
      Fern: No, actually, you know what? This is easy. In fact, let me help you pack. You know what? You're gonna need your shoe... (Fern throws a shoe at Richie)
      Richie: Ow!
      Fern: And you're gonna need your book... (Fern throws a book at Richie)
      Richie: Ow! Pillows! I'll need pillows!

    • Duncan: I'm Duncan.
      Penny: Yeah? Well you're blockin' the kitchen.

    • Richie: I need you. You don't know what you mean to me. It's like magnesium and water.
      Lina: Sorry?
      Richie: In chemistry, when magnesium is in its powder form, it's just like a-a pile of dust... A dull, gray, pathetic pile of dust; but if it happens to come in contact with water, just one single perfect little drop, they react, and it is the most intense, brilliant white hot flame. It's like a light so bright you can almost forget what darkness is.
      Lina: Wow.
      Richie: I love you. Is there any way you can give me another chance?
      Lina: No.

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