The Class

Season 1 Episode 9

The Class Gives Thanks

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Richie tells Lina how magnesium added to water burns with a brilliant light. However, magnesium is inert in water; it will burn with a blinding light if set on fire. Potassium and sodium metals will burn if added to water.

  • Quotes

    • Yonk: (speaking to Duncan about Nicole) This is fantastic! It's like suddenly finding an owner's manual!

    • Kat: (sprays Ethan in the eyes with Pam, thinking he is Richie.) Oh! I thought you were someone else!
      Ethan: Someone you didn't want to stick to a grill?!

    • Holly: (in a room with Perry, her father, Kyle and Aaron) Ok, fellas. Break it up! I there's a little too much testosterone in this room.

    • Nicole: (speaking to Yonk about his less-than-gorgeous daughter) It would help if you didn't make her feel worse about it.
      Yonk: Alright, I'll stop calling her Shrek.

    • Holly:(to Kyle and Aaron) I'm so glad you came. I just hope, you know, it wasn't awkward for you guys, you know, being the only gay people.
      Kyle: You know, it didn't feel that way.

    • Oprah: Are we gonna eat soon?
      Perry: Hang on, sweetie. Something's still not right.
      Mr. Ellenbogen: I agree.
      Perry: More baby pumpkins?
      Mr. Ellenbogen: Totally! And less leaves!
      Perry: Genius!
      Holly: Uh, honey? Is there anything we can do?
      (Perry and Mr. Ellenbogen start laughing)
      Ms. Ellenbogen: (to Kyle and Aaron) They never let the women do a thing! They're so old-fashioned!
      Kyle: Yeah, that's what it is.

    • Perry: I made two different turkeys, four pies, and this sweater didn't knit itself!
      Holly: (to Kyle and Aaron) He is not like the rest of us!
      Kyle: (to Aaron) He's not even like the rest of us!

    • Fern: Richard Velch, if you walk out that door right now, I will make your life a living hell!
      Richie: How will I know the difference?

    • Tina: Hello? Hello?
      Duncan: Ma, why are you on the intercom?
      Tina: I'm lost. I'm on the second floor in a room with blue wallpaper.
      Duncan: Well, just stay there.
      Tina: Are you coming to get me?
      Duncan: No.

    • Richie: Um, uh, we need to talk... Uh, okay, we haven't been happy for a very very long time. We have a toxic, joyless, punishing relationship and I think the best thing would be to end it.
      Fern: What?
      Richie: I, um... I don't think that we should be together anymore.
      Fern: You're leaving me? You miserable excuse for a human being!
      Richie: We just don't seem to make each other happy.

    • Richie: I'm not leaving till you talk to me.
      Kat: (under her breath) Oh yes, you are.
      (Kat grabs a spray can, opens the door and points it at Richie)
      Richie: (mortified) AH!
      Kat: That's right. You get outta here or you're gonna get this right in the eyes... I swear I will PAM you!
      Richie: But, I...
      Kat: Go, go, go... Get the hell out!
      (looks at the can of PAM)
      Kat: Oh God, I had it pointed towards me!

    • Nicole: Penny, it's really good to see you. You know, we have to catch up.
      Penny: My cat died. Work sucks. I'm hungry. Dinner's not ready. Caught up!

    • (Richie shows up at Lina's apartment)
      Kat: Do you have any idea how bad you hurt her?
      Richie: If you can just let me talk to her, I can...
      Kat: No, I'm not letting you anywhere near her. You know, I never bought into any of that we're-twins, we-can-feel-each-other's-pain crap; but today, I'm feelin' it and if you don't leave right now, you're gonna be feelin' it too.

    • Richie: Hey.
      Fern: Get out of here. I just worked a double shift and there's no way I can sleep with you breathing.

    • (At Yonk and Nicole's house)
      Tina: Look at all the trophies!
      Yonk: Yeah, there's one or two of them.
      Tina: Well, where's your Heisman?
      Yonk: Rec room, go nuts!
      Duncan: Uh, I know she's my mom and all, but, uh, she steals.

    • (After Richie tells Fern they should not be together anymore)
      Richie: I know this isn't easy.
      Fern: No, actually, you know what? This is easy. In fact, let me help you pack. You know what? You're gonna need your shoe... (Fern throws a shoe at Richie)
      Richie: Ow!
      Fern: And you're gonna need your book... (Fern throws a book at Richie)
      Richie: Ow! Pillows! I'll need pillows!

    • Duncan: I'm Duncan.
      Penny: Yeah? Well you're blockin' the kitchen.

    • Richie: I need you. You don't know what you mean to me. It's like magnesium and water.
      Lina: Sorry?
      Richie: In chemistry, when magnesium is in its powder form, it's just like a-a pile of dust... A dull, gray, pathetic pile of dust; but if it happens to come in contact with water, just one single perfect little drop, they react, and it is the most intense, brilliant white hot flame. It's like a light so bright you can almost forget what darkness is.
      Lina: Wow.
      Richie: I love you. Is there any way you can give me another chance?
      Lina: No.

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