The Class

Season 1 Episode 19

The Class Goes Back to the Hospital

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

This episode starts with Nicole just arriving to the hospital with Lena. Duncan and Richie tell her that he had a heart attack after riding the mechanical bull. Duncan's mom shows up with a lasagna. Duncan tells her that she's not needed ther but she tells him that she's already here so she should just stay. He asks her why she brought the lasagna, she tells him its for Yonk becasue hospital food is so bad. About that time Yonk's daughter, Penny, walks in demanding to see her dad. Nicole tells her that he's in surgery and we'll see him once he gets out. Penny smells the lasagna and wants to know were it is.

The doctor comes out and asks for Yonk's family. The confuses Penny for Yonk's wife. Penny lets him know that she's his daughter. Then the doctor thinks that both Nicole and Penny are Yonk's daughters. Again is is corrected, Nicole is his wife and Penny is the daughter. The doctor goes on to tell them that Yonk has had a quadruple by-pass and that they can go and see him.

Nicole goes to Yonks bedside just as he's waking up. Yonk tells Nicole that he's scared and wants her to promise to never leave him.

Nicole is torn between Duncan and Yonk. This upsets Duncan because now Nicole isn't sure she's going to leave Yonk for him. Duncan leaves upset.

Meanwhile, Richie has the urge to have sex and is trying to get up the courage to ask Lena. Lena has mistaken Richie and thinks he's about to ask her to marry him. Richie finally asks her to "do it with her in a closet" and Lena is very suprised and confused by his question. Lena tells Richie what she thought he was going to ask and in embarssment Richie turns red.

At Ethan's apartment, Ethan tells Kyle about Kat's break up and how he told her that there's another guy out there for her. Kyle asks if him, Ethan, if he is that guy for her. Ethan relizes that he has feelings for Kat. Kyle gives him a rose and tells Ethan to go tell her. Ethan takes the rose to Kat's apartment, but she's not there, so he sits down by her door and waits.

Duncan has gone home and is drinking heavily. Kat shows up looking for Lena. Duncan tells her that she's be back soon. Kat comes in and waits for her. Duncan offers her a drink and they both continue to finish off the bottle of vodka while watching a movie. Duncan thinks he's watching "Speed" but is confussed because they haven't gotten on the bus yet. Kat tells him that he's not watching Speed he's watching "that Lake House movie with the magic mail box". Duncan confesses to Kat that he bought a house today, but is thinking about getting out of it. After the movie Kat and Duncan begin to make out.

The episode ends with Richie proposing to Lena, Ethan waiting for Kat with the rose and Duncan and Kat kissing and removing clothes.
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