The Class

Season 1 Episode 19

The Class Goes Back to the Hospital

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • The class

    This show was phenomenal. Why the cancelled it is beyond me. This could have been bigger than Friends. Seriously
  • After a massive heart attack, Yonk must undergo a surgery. That puts Nicole's plans to tell Yonk she's leaving him on hold. Ethan comforts a heartbroken Kat. Lina thinks Richie is going to propose to her.

    This episode was such an amazing season finale. It was funny and dramatic at the same time, and that is what I love about this show. I love Yonk's daughter. She is so obnoxious and hilarious. I loved her in the hospital when she was thinking Duncan wanted her and said he couldn't have her. This episode was hilarious. The Class is such an amazing show and it deserves at least one hundred episodes. This is probably the best episode of the entire series. I can't believe Duncan and Kat hooked up, while Ethan was waiting to hook up with her. It was so dramatic that Nicole was leaving Yonk right when he is in the hospital. This episode definitely delivers, just like every other episode.
  • Lame final episode of this silly and not-funny sitcome, who will remain in the memory of few fans and in the bottom of the sitcom garbage can.

    Dont get me wrong but this sitcom was born already dead. Trying to imitate Friends and survive¡? way people. You will find the ending of the class as confuse and overrated. Too soon to launch a pretencious Tv show to continue the greatness of FRIENDS....Even JOEY did better!

    Silly characters, bad script ....just buy ur FRIENDS DVDs and enjoy one of the best sitcomes all time, like SEINFELD or THE JEFFERSONS. Originality...thats the trademark of any sitcome, or at least a bit of good taste to survive in the rating jungle. THE CLASS fans.... dont be dissapointed, I bet another sit come like that will appear...hope not soon !!

  • Just when it was getting good.

    I love this show. That's why it pains me the way the network ended the series. With a cliffhanger. I wish the could renew this series for maybe just one more season. Maybe it could contain even just 13 episodes. 1 more season can end things the right way. Its really disappointing. hey shouldnt have cancelled a good show.
  • 9.5
    The first episode I watched..I said no way am I going to keep watching this. But week after week I have come back. I like all the characters and the story line is sometimes quite touching. Can't wait for the new season. I would like to see more of the Tv Reporter and her husband. They are amusing characters also. The whole cast fits very well together and I find that I care about what happens to them. This last episode will keep me coming back next season to see what will happen to my favorite characters. Good Job All!
  • A funny show, so far, with interesting characters

    I don't tend to review every show, on an episode per episode basis, because my expectations are not that every episode should be "AMAZING" but rather, that a show, as a whole, is entertaining and interesting.

    The Class, to me, started out well and finished well. In between there was fun moments, and the bottom line is, that, it's not the most original show out there, but the cast/crew and the characters which this show is made of, are interesting and funny.

    WHat will happen next? Who knows, but I'm looking forward to season 2 :)

  • The class deals with Yonk's heart attack and other problems.

    Why do shows like to end thier seasons in the way The Class did. I can not wait until next season to find out what will happen with the way everyone from The Class ended things. I really liked how they had what everyone was thinking. It was funny that the whole time Richie was thinking about sex while Lina was thinking he was going to ask her to marry him. I felt bad for Duncan because he was so happy that he was going to be with Nicole and now that Yonk had a heart attack that it is not going to happen.. I was reall hoping that Ethan was going to find Kat and tell her how he feels about her but she never returned to the apartment.
  • Ending the season were it started.

    This is probably one of the most well written modern sitcom episode I have seen. It includes comedy and scenes that WILL make you cry if you're a commited fan.

    Nicole, Duncan, Lina, Richie, Tina, Perry and Penny have all gathered at St. Anne's (Or Stan's) hospital because Yonk has had a heart attack and needed a quintuple bypass operation. Nicole tell Yonk she will never leave him and decides she doesn't want to run off with Duncan anymore, which ultimatly leads to Duncan sleeping with Kat, who recently broke up with her boyfriend because he was having an affair.
    Ethan finally, after six whole months, comes to terms with his obvious feelings for Kat.
    The main comedy in this episode comes from Richie and Lina. Lina thinks Richie is gonna propose but he just wants to, as he put it, 'Get busy in a closet'. Richie eventually proposes at the end of the episode.
    The season finishes with an emotional scene showing each of the characters lives as it is now, just as it did in the Pilot. I really hope The Class gets a Second Season.
  • The entire class ends up back at the hospital, to deal with yonk's heart attack.

    This episode was a great ending to the season- though not quite what I wanted, especially since there is still the possibility it may not come back. Personally, I think it will, but still, I worry. I loved the grape scene- especially when Kat and Ethan got so close. And I loved the line between Ethan and Kyle about who the guy in Ethan's head was. Almost every other line in this episode was hilarious, which is exactly what is so great about this show. Especially when they do it and still keep a plot. I couldn't believe that Richie and Lina got engaged- it was so sweet the way that it happened. The only negative for me was that Kat and Ethan didn't end up together. Ethan was so pitiful and sad looking- he so deserves her. Though i keep getting this vibe that they may turn him gay at some point- him and Kyle have a weird(though awesome) dynamic. That's my other problem- Kyle needs someone better- i'm kind of sick of Aaron. But these are things to be addressed next season. Gosh, I'm so sad the season is over...
  • Probably the best episode ever!

    Ok! This was the nicest thing to watch! I loved this episode! It was perfect!! It was funny, sad, hilarius and dramatic! It's everything together! All the scenes with Lina and Richie are the best... and I got so sad for Ethan, he is so cute! Nicole is amazing too, she can be funny whike being all dramatic. Duncun's mom is fantastic, I missed her!
    The best scene of that episode was the one that the doctor came to talk to Nicole and Penny. He thought Penny was Yonk's wife and Nicole was Yonk's daughter, not the other way around, I had to stop the video to laugh! HUAHAHAHA
    I hope they don't cancel The Class, this series is just to good to be gone! And they have to explain what is going to happen later, after Duncun/Kat/Ethan thing!
  • Great to see the whole cast brought in again.

    Fabulous writing to bring out humor in a stressful hospital setting. Yonks daughter was a riot with the lasagna and snacks. I loved the "bubble" moments when we could hear what everyone was thinking, too funny! The episode sure had a few unexpected moments and revelations. I really hope CBS gives this show a chance in reruns and renews it. I truly felt the show got better throughout the season and cast chemistry really improved. I still want to see more of Perry Pearl, let's dive into the mystery of who he is and why he is how he is.
  • Never saw this coming!!!

    I saw the previews many times but never saw this coming. Yonk's daughter was great. She was so funnny evey thing she would do or say got me to laugh. I can't believe how Kat all of a sudden kissed Yonk's wife's boyfriend. Sorry I am new and I don't remember all their names. I just can't believe that happened. Then the other guy decided he lked her and went to her house with a rose. It will be good to see what happens later. I never expected this though. I also don't think Yonk will die because I thnk that he will live she will divire him and then find out about Kat and her boyfriend and get really mad. But that is just my prediction.
  • After a massive heart attack, Yonk must undergo a surgery. That puts Nicole's plans to tell Yonk she's leaving him on hold. Ethan comforts a heartbroken Kat. Lina thinks Richie is going to propose to her.

    This episode was such an amazing season finale. It was funny and dramatic at the same time, and that is what I love about this show. I love Yonk's daughter. She is so obnoxious and hilarious. I loved her in the hospital when she was thinking Duncan wanted her and said he couldn't have her. This episode was hilarious. The Class is such an amazing show and it deserves at least one hundred episodes. This is probably the best episode of the entire series. I can't believe Duncan and Kat hooked up, while Ethan was waiting to hook up with her. It was so dramatic that Nicole was leaving Yonk right when he is in the hospital. This episode definately delivers, just like every other episode.
  • Hungry Heart attack!

    The season finle of "the Class," isn't what i expected. York is in the hospital for a Heart Attack. there are funny scenes in the hospital invoving the people that are there. I love those funny scenes. It helped the epiosde. I still love Kat played by Lizzy Caplan, although I didn't like what I heard last week. She is a beautiful woman who dresses very hot. I still like her. I hope the series returns next serson. I real,ly do. the show hgas promise, although there are episodes that tried to be good. I had hope. If Kat stays sexy, I'll continued to watch.
  • LOTS of cliffhangers.

    This episode is SCREAMING "second season!". There were so many cliffhangers. They can't just end it there. There HAS to be a second season.

    Duncan's mom is so funny. And so is Penny. That girl is SO scary! Loved how she was eating all the time. "Do I smell lasagna?"

    Richie and Lina are SO CUTE!!! I loved the whole marriage/do it on the closet thing!!! It was so funny. Love they got engaged.
    I'm glad Yonk is okay. I really like him. The scenes on the hospital bed between him and Nicole were so dramatic. Too bad for Duncan, though... If they decide to do a second season, I bet she'll decide for Duncan then she'll go to talk to him and she'll find him with Kat. By the way, WHAT was with Kat and Duncan??? I did not see that coming!!
    Even though I do NOT like those two together, it was cleverly plotted. Both were vulnerable, and it only seemed natural they'd like to have "rebound sex". Something like a revenge, Kat against Benjamin and Duncan against Nicole.

    The scene between Kat and Ethan was so interesting, the scene between them, on Ethan's apartment. After they stopped hugging Ethan gave Kat "the look", and she returned it, it was so "okay, I see what's going on but I won't go there".

    Also loved how Ethan decided to tell Kat how she feels... I just wished he had catched her... he looked SO sad in front of that door, holding the rose... Hey, the confession and Kat's reaction stay for season two!!!
  • i thought it was good. but i am dissapointed cuz now duncan and nicole might be over and ethan and kat are who knows. but in all it was a pretty good episode. was that the season finale???

    it was a definate twist. but i wonder what will happen with nicole and duncan? i love richie and lina they are so cute together! are they really getting married??? im upset that kat and ethan wont be together. they seem so right for each other. poor ethan!!!!!. that was funny with kyle at the airport!. and obviosly yonks daughter was pretty funny. was that the season finale? if it is i am so pumped for the next season! what happened to the news reporter? i dont even remember her name! is she coming back?? i cant wait for the next episode!!

    This episode was perfect. I really hope it was the season finale because the cliffhangers set it up perfectly for another season.

    Kat and Duncan - I did NOT see that coming! Personally I'm pleased, because I was scared the writers would get Kat and Ethan together really soon and then it would be a bit of an anti-climax and become boring quickly (plus not leave anything good for season 2). As much as I want it to happen, I'm afraid that when Kat and Ethan do get together, they'll turn into this lovey-dovey mushy couple, which is so not like them. This Kat/ Duncan thing provided a nice little conflict for the Kat/ Ethan thing... Anyway I trust the writers and I know they'll be smart with it.

    Fingers crossed for season 2!
  • Is this the end?

    Although short, this was an amazing season. We had drama, intense stories and a lot of comedy. We met amazing people, who reunited after all those years. Many people didn't believe in this show, but I've always loved it. So, after everything, the season came to an end.

    This episode was everything that I had expected. Now that Yonk and Nicole are in such a dramatical situation, there wasn't much comedy there, but an amazing dramatical scenes. However, to make it funnier, the writers brought back Yonk's hilarious daughter Penny who made me laugh in every scene she was in.

    Lina and Richie were funny as usual, and I'm glad they ended up engaged. It was funny seeing them fight. They are always funny, and when they fight they're even better. Ethan decided to declare his feelings towards Kat (although she blames him for everything that happened). However, after a bit more drama, Kat ended up with a hurt Duncan. Hmmm... a good storyline for the next season.

    However, there is one question left in the air. If the show doesn't get renewed (and I'm afraid it won't), is this really the end? It was an amazing, funny, satirical and dramatical show, but how can they end it here? I love cliffhangers, but they aren't the best thing when the future of the show is unknown. The only thing that I can do after everything that happened is wait. And I've been saying this a lot.
  • Kat and Ethan share a hug as she's still in break up mode. Ethan tells her that there's a guy out there that will see the beautiful person she is and love her for it (him). Then Richie and Lina get engaged and Nicole and Duncan may be done for good.

    I loved tonight's episode! I read the spoilers and still wasn't spoiled enough to not want to keep watching the whole episode. Kat throwing grapes at Ethan while she's blaming him for her broken heart, then his "hypothetical" guy that will come along to love her. I loved how she went from being so angry to calm again when he started hugging her, then they got all uncomfortable when he said someone to love her and pulled away. Then when, in the hospital, Richie asks Lina if she wants to have sex and she gets upset because she thought he was going to propose. That was so funny how he was thinking in his head how he was justifying it being okay that he was thinking about sex at a time like that...haha. Then at the end when they're sitting together and he nonchalantly asks, "So, you want to marry me?" then she says, "Sure". That's horrible. I mean, they were talking about it being romantic and all that then they go and do it like that? haha...oh well.

    The couple things that upset me about the episode were that Kat and Duncan made out, stopped making out, then started making out again.... I didn't like that they made out at all. Second, I really wanted Ethan to see Kat at some point after his realization of his feelings and how he was going to tell her how he really felt. He just looked so sad sitting in the hallway all by himself with that rose. :(

    We need a second season with all the loose ends left in this finale!
  • I can not believe it, but I love it.

    I loved it.I really hope The Class comes back for another season.If you haven't seen it you can just read the spoiler, but it does obviously spoil it.It would not make sense to me if it did not come back. Kat is awesome so is Ethan, Duncan, Richie, Kyle, Nicole, Lina, Duncans mom, Yonk, Yonks daughter, and Perry.I loved it, but I can not believe it.I wish it wasn't the season finale I want to see more right now.They were at the hospital again, obviously.Richie + Lina is awesome.Kat + anybody is awesome. Yonks daughter is so funny she eats constantly.Yonk rocks.
  • i read a spoiler for this episode and was still pleasantly surprised!

    Yonk had quintuple bypass surgery, so the Class went to the hospital to support Nicole. Nicole is torn: she wants to leave Yonk for Duncan, but how can she leave him like this? Duncan wants closure: he wants to be with Nicole but doesn't know if it will ever happen. Lina wants to be married before she is 30 (to prove her mother wrong). Richie is freaked out and wants to seize life while he still can (meaning having sex in the hospital). Kyle wants to see Aaron (and freak out the old people at the airport). Ethan wants to reveal his feelings for Kat. And Kat wants to give up on men ("well he has 5 days. Thats when the sharks can get their gun permits"...i don't remember the exact quotation)...And nothing ends the way you think it will (well except for Richie and Lina).
    Honestly i was convinced early on that Ethan and Kat would end up together...i'm glad Ethan finally figured it out. Hopefully Aaron will appear more next season (if there is a second season)...And what will Nicole do? So many questions...good job "Class", good job!
  • "And, what might you be?", "What's with living with your mom? and "That's how we roll"

    Ah, the last episode of the season has finally arrived. Read the spoiler a long time ago but it didn't matter, you can't compare the spoiler to actually watching the show.

    So, Yonk has a heart attack and Nicole promises him she will stay. Yet again, there is an uncertain future for Duncan and Nicole. He's decided that her "I don't know" replies about their future makes it impossible for him to wait for her. He said something about willing to wait a hundred years for her if he knew they would be together in the end but if she doesn't even know if she will ever leave Yonk, he can't wait. He's home when Kat shows up looking for Lina and Duncan tells her she's at the hospital with others since Yonk has had a heart attack. Both sit down to watch a movie and drink vodka and in the end, they both fall into each other's arms, I suppose, a reaction to their own personal heartaches.

    In the meantime, Kyle has made Ethan realize that he has feelings for Kat and he's also convinced him to go after her. He goes to her apartment with a single rose but alas...she is not home.

    While everyone is in the waiting room, Richie starts to get the urge to have sex with Lina in the hospital and scoots her away to ask her if she will but they're bothered by Duncan. Poor Lina thinks Richie is about to propose to her and she asks him later what he was going to ask her. He says the moment's passed but she pushes him to ask what he was going to ask. In the end, he asks her to "get busy" in the closet and she's a bit upset and tells him why. At the end of the episode, he asks her to marry him and she says sure.

    Penny shows up and she's funny as always. Not much of Perry but his screen time was definitely not wasted, neither was Tina's time.

    I am so upset that this was the last episode of the SEASON...what am I going to do next Monday at 8:30?!?!
    I'm gonna miss this show...after a small cry, I think I'll go watch my tape of THE CLASS and hope it holds me over for until next fall WHEN the second season is out!!!