The Class

Season 1 Episode 19

The Class Goes Back to the Hospital

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: On the airport, while Aaron and Kyle are hugging, it's obvious that the actor playing Aaron isn't Cristian de la Fuente. The actor was unavailable, so they used an extra for that short scene. That's why his face isn't shown. The reason why Cristian De La Fuente couldn't appear in this (or most episodes) is becaused he went back to Chile (like Kyle always said) to make a chilean "Punk'd", named "Golpe Bajo" (low kick).

  • Quotes

    • (Last lines)
      Richie: Hey, will you marry me?
      Lina: Sure.

    • Lina: Ask Me.
      Richie: Really? Ok, I can't believe i'm gonna do this. Ok, um, would you, maybe want to, do it?
      Lina: What?
      Richie: You're gonna make me say it?
      Lina: You have to say it.
      Richie: Ok, would you, perhaps, want to, get busy in a closet?
      Lina: That was your question!?
      Richie: Well you made me say it. I'm sorry, i'm so, so sorry. I promise i'll never ask you anything dirty again.
      Lina: It's not that, I like the dirty. I thought you were gonna ask me something else.
      Richie: What?
      Lina: I thought you were gonna ask me the big question.
      Richie: What's the big question?
      Lina: (Puts ring finger up to Richie) THE BIG QUESTION!
      Richie: That's uncalled for. OHHHH, Really?
      Lina: Well you were all, I Love you, and, this gonna gonna sound crazy.
      Richie: I would never do that here, how is this romantic?
      Lina: Romantic?! You wanted to get busy in a closet.

    • Duncan: (pulls back from kissing Kat) This means nothing.
      Kat: It better not! (they continue kissing)

    • (Duncan, Penny, Mrs. Carmello and Perry are all thinking)
      Duncan: Oh man, this waiting is killing me! I'm getting hungry... I sure wish there was some lasagna left...
      Penny: Look at him. He can't take his eyes off me. In your dreams, pal. You couldn't handle this.
      Mrs. Carmello: Reese Whitherspoon has such nice hair. I should redo my highlights.
      Perry: Poor Nicole... this must be so hard for her... (He looks at Mrs. Carmello) I should redo my highlights.

    • Ethan: (about Kat) But it makes no sense! Me and Kat? We're total opposites!
      Kyle: (sarcastically) Right, yeah, and how does it go? Opposites... are indifferent to each other? No wait, that's not it!

    • Ethan: (about Kat) Well, I just told her that there's a guy out there, who's gonna see how... amazing and... beautiful she is, and he's gonna love her.
      Kyle: (nods) Hmm. Were you the guy?
      Ethan: (frowns) What?
      Kyle: The guy. Were you the guy?
      Ethan: No, I meant hypothetically!
      Kyle: Right, right, right, right, but in your head, when you were saying it... were you the guy?
      Ethan: It was hard to tell! He had his back turned to me.
      (Ethan turns his back at Kyle, who smiles)
      Kyle: Turn him around.
      (Ethan turns around)
      Ethan: (sarcastically) Oh, hey, it's me!

    • Nicole: What's going on, where's Yonk?
      Duncan: They rushed him into surgery as soon as we got here. It, uh, it was definitely a heart attack.
      Nicole: Oh my God. Well tell me everything that happened.
      Duncan: Okay, um, we were at lunch, and we were trying to stall him so you could finish packing, and, well it was taking longer than you thought, you had all this stuff...
      Nicole: I know that part, I was in it!

    • Ethan: (to Kat) I'm sorry I set you up with him!
      Kat: (throws a fifth grape at him) Well, you SHOULD be!!!
      Ethan: (throws one grape at her as well) Would you LISTEN?
      Kat: Hey!
      Ethan: That's right, these grapes go both ways!

    • Ethan: (to Kat, about Benjamin) Let's not waste any more time on him.
      Kat: Okay. Fine. Let's move on to you.
      Ethan: What?
      Kat: You're the one who (throws a grape on him) SET me up with him!
      Ethan: Hey!
      Kat: (rolls eyes) It's a GRAPE.
      Ethan: (massaging his chest) Still!
      Kat: You told him to (throws another grape) ASK me out!
      Ethan: Ow!
      Kat: You (throws a third grape) PUSHED me to date him! When I wanted to bail, you (and a fourth) CONVINCED me to go back to him!
      Ethan: (pointing to the grapes) F.Y.I: seedless, not painless!

    • Kat: Think about all the time I wasted on him. I sat through seven symphonies for that scumbag, one of them sober!

    • Kat: Just so perfect mister pretty thing with his hair falling just so. (mimicking Benjamin) Oh, keeps flopping in my eyes, whatever shall I do? I'll tell you what to do: cut your freakin' head off!!!
      Ethan: (offers her a bowl) Grape?

    • Penny: (about the lasagna) Where is it?
      Lina: (gulps) Oh oh. We're between her and the lasagna.
      Richie: (holds her tighter) Whatever happens, I love you.

    • Ethan: Okay, Benjamin was a jerk. But there is a guy out there who deserves you and is gonna see how awesome you are.
      Kat: That sounds really nice, but I just don't know that I believe that anymore.
      (Ethan pulls her for a hug)
      Kat: Don't...
      (She tries to resist, but ends up hugging him back)
      Ethan: I'm telling you, okay? You are amazing and you're beautiful and there's a guy who's gonna see that and he's gonna love you for it.
      (They part a little bit, and both stare at each other. Kat pulls away completely.)
      Kat: Well. He's got five days to show up. (not looking at Ethan) Cause that's how long the sharks have to wait for their gun permits.

    • Kat: (to Ethan) I am never listening to you again. (mimicking Ethan) Don't be afraid, open your heart! (scoffs)This baby is getting locked in a box...inside a safe...surrounded by sharks...with guns.

    • Kat: What's with all the birds?
      Duncan: They're my mom's.
      Kat: What's with living with your mom?

    • Penny: That's my chair!
      Perry: All right... and what might you be?

    • Kyle: There's nothing like two guys hugging at the airport, holding roses to freak the old people out.

    • Kyle: So, how'd it go with Kat?
      Ethan: Oh, not good. It's over with Benjamin. She's really pissed, really bitter.
      Kyle: Ugh, I can't imagine Kat like that... Oh, wait, I can only imagine Kat like that.

    • Penny: (sniffing) I smell lasagna.
      Tina: Wow, right through the foil!

    • Duncan: What is that?
      Tina: Lasagna for Yonk. You know how terrible hospital food is.
      Duncan: What are you, crazy? That's meat and cheese. That's the stuff that almost killed him.
      Tina: So tell him it's vegetarian, he'll never know.

    • Duncan: Ma, what are you doing here? I told you not to come.
      Tina: I come when I'm needed
      Duncan: You're not needed.
      Tina: Well, I'm already here!

    • (After Ethan and Kyle discuss how he's going to approach Kat with the fact that Ethan likes her, Kyle hands him a rose.)
      Ethan: A rose? Are you kidding me?
      Kyle: It's sweet.
      Ethan: It's cheesy. It's-- It's gay.
      Kyle: That's how we roll.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: "The Class Goes Back to the Hospital"
      This is an allusion to the episode 1x02 "The Class Visits a Hospital," where the gang found themselves at the hospital for the first time in the show.