The Class

Season 1 Episode 7

The Class Goes To A Bar

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 2006 on CBS

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  • I don’t think he likes you as much as you like him, Moser needs an ashtray, a mountain climber that likes base camp and Carfire!

    Duncan & Nicole ~ Duncan gets his old band together again and invites Nicole to come watch. She accepts until she realizes she has a charity event with the other football wives. Nicole decides to go see the band after all and Duncan sings a song that is obviously about how he feels for her. Later that same night, she calls Duncan and when they hang up, we see him in bed with Jeanie (who was obviously the school tramp)

    Kat & Ethan ~ Kat and Ethan are having a drink at a restaurant when Ethan gets a call. He walks away to take the call. In the meantime, a good looking guy walks in and mistakes her for “Sue”, his blind date. She doesn’t correct him and decides to continue being “Sue”. The real Sue enters and Ethan plays “Dan”. While Kat has realized that Dan is aggressively dull. Ethan (as Dan) has hit it off well with the real Sue. The next day (as he waits for Sue at a restaurant) Ethan can’t stop telling Kat about how great Sue is and Kat can’t express enough how boring Dan was. Ethan & Sue ~ Both are having a great time when Ethan gets a call from Kat telling him he has to dump Sue. He tries to break it off with her and she thinks it’s because she has a child and tells Ethan that if he wants to bail he was free to leave. Ethan decides he wants to stay

    Richie/Lina/Kat ~ Kat tries to convince Lina that Richie doesn’t like her as much as she likes him because he’s never invited her to his place. Jeanie (bar waitress) tries to hit on Richie but he tells her he has a girlfriend which Lina overhears and the fact that Richie has called her his girlfriend makes her happy. Richie gets home to a nagging wife with a horrifying question, “Who’s Lina Warbler?”

    At the end of the show we see Kat and Ethan yet again having a drink at the same restaurant. Ethan gets up after both decide they want another drink.
    In his absence an attractive woman walks up to Kat and asks her if she is Kiera to which Kat takes her time before saying, “No”.

    I was surprised to hear that Jon Bernthal (Duncan) actually has a decent voice. This was another hilarious episode. Yet again everyone was wonderfully in sync with each other and the storylines were good. The pairing of Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan was right on! I did, however; miss Perry, Holly, Yonk and Kyle in this episode. This I why I gave the show a 9.8.
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