The Class

Season 1 Episode 7

The Class Goes To A Bar

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 2006 on CBS



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    • Duncan: I want to thank you all for coming out, we are, Car Fire.
      Nicole: Yeah, hell yeah, come on. I did what I could.
      Duncan: This is a song I wrote for someone a long time ago but I never let her hear it and I thought tonight would be a good night to play it.

    • Duncan: But it's not going to be the same if you're not there.
      Nicole: Well, it's not the same, I'm like Mrs. Yonk Allen now, there's a lot of stuff I have to do for him.
      Duncan: Really?
      Nicole: Yeah, go to functions, and public appearances.
      Duncan: Well, you ever get to do stuff just for you?
      Nicole: Yes. Well, nothing comes to mind at the moment, but I assume that I must, otherwise I would be unhappy!
      Richie: (Walks by with a mop) Awk-ward.

    • Ethan: Sue is awesome! She actually makes me laugh. And not my fake laugh but my real one.
      Kat: I've never heard your fake laugh.
      Ethan: Oh, you've heard it.

    • (Lina just hung up the phone)
      Kat: What happened?
      Lina: (about Richie) He couldn't talk, he had to go.
      Kat: Huh. Alright, so add it to the list.
      Lina: What list?
      Kat: Well, let's see: he's rude on the phone, he backs out of plans, he's pale...
      Lina: What does that have to do with anything?
      Kat: It just doesn't get said enough!

    • Ethan: (about mountain climbing, pretending to be Dan) You feel so alive, just facing the danger. Not all of us made it down that day.
      Sue: Wow.
      Ethan: Yeah... Some guys came down the next day...

    • Dan: A mountain climbing boot is not like a hiking boot. Except, a mountain climbing boot has crampons, whereas a hiking boot just has sturdy tread.
      Kat: Do you think that maybe, cause you're so pretty, you've never had to be interesting?

    • Duncan:(to Nicole): I know Yonk's out of town, but you've gotta come. Richie's gonna be there, he's bringing that girl he ran over.
      Richie: She prefers Lina.

    • (Richie and Lina enter the bar)
      Duncan: Hey! Richie! Lina! Over here! (Duncan turns to the band members) Guys, this is Lina Warbler. (Band members mumble hello) You guys remember Richie from school right? (Band members look at each other puzzled) Richie Velch?
      Richie: Maybe this will help... "Hey everybody, it's Richie Velch, get him."
      Band members: (mumbling) Oh yeah!

    • Ethan: (Talking to Kat on the phone) How amazing was last night?
      Kat: For me, not so amazing. He's boring. His stories were boring. I couldn't stand him. The sex wasn't bad though.
      Ethan: You slept with him?
      Kat: Yeah, and I gotta say, for a mountain climber, he spends a lot of time at base camp!

    • Kat: Look, all I'm saying is he sounds like a guy who doesn't like you as much as you like him.
      Lina: Ugh, yes he does!
      Kat: Ok, you always say that... and then when they dump you you're like, "Oh my God! I can't believe he stole my Jetta!"
      Lina: (hesitating) Uh... that one did come as a shock.

    • Kat: OK, if you had to pick someone here to go home with, who would it be?
      Ethan: Are we just talking sex, or are we looking for more?
      Kat: Yeah, who do you wanna have more with? That is a fun game.

    • (About the party)
      Duncan: So what do you say?
      Nicole: Definately, I'm there. Oh, wait, it's tommorow night? I can't do it, I've got this big Black Tie charity thing.
      Duncan: Screw the charity.
      Nicole: (sarcastically) That's so beautiful.

    • Duncan: It's gonna be everyone from school. Angela, Moser, Danny, Gay Danny.
      Nicole: Oh, how is Gay Danny?
      Duncan: Good. He's a big city coucelman. Now he is Gay Daniel.

    • Duncan: Check it out. We got the band together.
      Nicole: Oh my God!
      Duncan: Yeah, Eddie flunked out of Medical school.
      Nicole: That's fantastic!

    • Duncan: Sorry I'm late.
      Richie: No problem. (his hand is in a wall)
      Duncan: What's with the hand?
      Richie: Nothing.
      Duncan: Then take it down.
      Richie: I'd rather not.
      Duncan: Richie?
      (Richie takes it down, water starts pouring out of the wall)
      Duncan: You started without me, didn't you?
      Richie: I did.
      (Nicole enters)
      Nicole: There's no water... (she sees what Richie done) You started without him, didn't you?
      Richie: I did. It wasn't as bad as yesterday... (Duncan hits him) ...when nothing caught on fire.

    • Lina: My sister thinks that Richie doesn't like me as much as I like him.
      Nicole: Oh. What do you think?
      Lina: I think I don't like my sister.

    • Jeanie: Hey Nicole!
      Nicole: Hi Jeanie.
      Jeanie: Nice ring! Man, what I wouldn't do for a rock that big.
      (Jeanie walks away)
      Nicole: (to Duncan) Or for the promise of a ride home...

    • (Nicole walks into the bar wearing a red dress)
      Band Members: Whoa
      Duncan: What? Oh my God! I can't believe you made it!
      Nicole: I did.
      Duncan: Wow! You look incredible. What happened to the charity thing?
      Nicole: I got all the way there and I just thought... your band is back together, how could I miss that? So I stuck an extra zero on the check, and I took off.

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  • Allusions

    • The way Richie says "Awkward" is very similar to how Detective Bill Stork (the pelican) says it in the movie "Hoodwinked."

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