The Class

Season 1 Episode 6

The Class Goes Trick-Or-Treating

Aired Unknown Oct 23, 2006 on CBS

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  • Kat Insults Ethan's Costume For The Halloween Party So They End Up In A Headlock,Yonk,Duncan And Richie Go To AC And End Up Gambling And Holly Impales A Bunny With Her Stilettos While Reporting For The News.

    Funny Stuff, Again Kat And Ethan Fight, And They End Up In A Headlock For 2 Hours, And Yonk,Duncan,Richie Go To AC And End Up Gambling, And Holly Is Reporting For The News When She Impaled A Bunny With Her Stilettos.
    Richie Wants To Buy Lina A Present Because They Have Been Going Out For 1 Month, And He Goes To AC With Yonk And Duncan To Gamble, Despite Nicole Telling Duncan That Yonk Has A Problem With Gambling.
    In The End Richie Wins The Money And Buys Lina A Beautiful Trumpet.
    Lina Is V.Happy With The Trumpet And Is Also Happy That She Can Now Annoy Her Neighbour With It.
  • Another uneven episode.

    I'm an animal lover, but I still thought Holly impaling a bunny was funny. (It didn't seem real enough to offend me.) Ethan and Kat were yet again annoying, though. I thought those two had promise when this all started, but YIKES, the annoyance potential just keeps rising. I do like Richie (and Jesse Tyler Ferguson is very appealing and makes me root for him) but his plots are not getting any better. He's an asset -- use him! At least there is starting to be some overlap among stories, which is good. But not good enough to rescue an otherwise ho-hum episode. I WANT to like this show. I hope it gets better and the writing picks up.
  • Tricks, no Treats!

    The gang of the class goes treat 'n' treating and was I that got a rock in the trick 'n' treat bag. there are some good moments, one of then when one of the character step on a rabbit, isn't one of them. the rest of the episode is more of the same, except they dress up as someone else. It could be better written, but "the class" can't escape from the shadow of "Friends." the real reason why I'm watching the show is Lizzy Caplan. yes, you heard it before and you going to hear it again. She is the only good thing about the series. she's very hot and I'm in love with her. Lizzy has already got herself a number one fan. That is me!
  • Worst episode of an awful "comedy" series

    I don't know what to say about this episode. I think that isn't funny at all, actually I think that this series is one of the worst I've ever seen and this episode is its worst episode. The part about the gamble is quite dull, sometimes even painful to watch... And anything else is more or less on the same level. The part about the reporter and the bunny was, maybe, the only one that could pull off a 5 rating. 5, nothing more. No good stories and no funny. I think this is the last episode of this show for me.
  • Superman, Franklin Roosevelt, "Can I have that bunny in a size eight?, and Atlantic City.

    Once again, a great episode. I've said before that David Keith is not one of my favorite actors but he's beginning to win me over as Yonk Allen.

    Kat/Lina/Nathan: Getting ready for a Halloween party, Lina is dressed as Franklin Roosevelt and Nathan arrives as Superman. Kat does not get dressed up. Kat tells Nathan it was nice to know she could kick Superman’s ass. As Nathan leaves the apartment, Kat races behind him and he gets her in a headlock (which includes her left leg) from which he will not let her go until she admits to him that he is Superman. Lina tells them she’s realized that they are into each other and that they have figured out a way to stay tangled together for the night. She says she’s decided to go to the party without them to give them some “alone time”. As soon as she wheels out the door, Kat says “ You’re Superman” and Nathan quickly adds, “Whatever” and they both scramble out the door. I still think the timing between Jason Ritter and Lizzy Caplan is great. /

    Holly/Perry/Kyle: Upon hearing that one of the anchors has been sent to rehab, the weekend anchor job is up for grabs between Holly and another anchor. Perry helps prepare Holly to get the job by suggesting her wardrobe, which includes a new pair of Jimmy Choos. Holly gets into the animal pen and while she is reporting, she accidentally impales a bunny, Qtip, with her shoe. Within minutes, the incident is on the internet where even a group of Japanese men in Tokyo are watching it. Later, Kyle and Aaron go to visit Holly and Kyle suggests she go on the air and do an apology which she does. However, when her cameraman tells her they are “out” she begins to squeal for someone to get her away from the animals and the cameraman says, “Sorry, now we’re out…” Which means everone saw her squeal about being let out.

    Richie/Nicole/Yonk/Duncan: Yonk invites Duncan to go to Atlantic City and then invites Richie when he learns that he’s never been there. Nicole tells Duncan she is glad he’s going with them and she asks him to watch Yonk and make sure he doesn’t gamble because he loses. Duncan tells her he would do anything for her. In Atlantic City, Yonk gives the guys each $100 and tells them to go play. They decide to play blackjack and Duncan loses it all right away but Richie goes up $700 and then loses it all when he bets it all in an attempt to make enough to buy Lina a trumpet. Yonk is about to give Richie more money to play when Nicole calls Duncan and Yonk asks why she’s calling him. He confesses to him that Nicole asked him to make sure he didn’t gamble and then proceeds to tell Yonk that he has an incredible woman and that if he was married to her he wouldn’t do anything to screw it up. Yonk agrees and puts his money away and Duncan assures Nicole that they are not gambling but at a strip club. Duncan tells everyone they should go but Richie refuses. He asks Duncan for his weekly pay and he says no. He begs and tells Duncan he wants to leave a winner so he gives Richie the money.

    Richie/Lina: Richie buys the trumpet for Lina and it turns out she only wanted it so she could blow it at her neighbor in 2A who is constantly playing his electric guitar.

    Again, a great episode. At times it’s not “pee my pants” funny but it’s still a good show. I hope it lasts.
  • The Class improves every week. The characters are connecting more. The show is funnier. The cast is becoming stronger with time.

    OK this is the episode I\\\'ve been waiting for. I really loved all the Atlantic City stuff with Richie, Yonk and Duncan. I like how the characters are starting to connect with each other and I\\\'m especially enjoying unlikely couplings like Richie and Yonk. I also enjoyed the Duncan and Nicole stuff. I find it interesting that their relationship is not black and white. I understand why she is torn. Yonk may be a bit of a pig but his heart is in the right place. And Duncan offers her the romance she yearns for. The Kat and Ethan chemestry gets stronger every week. I really enjoy the two of them together. I always liked Lizzy Kaplan but more and more I\\\'m appreciating Jason Ritter who seems to be growing comedically. Anyway, I think this show definitely is on the right track and improving by the week. It\\\'s on my list of must see tv.