The Class

Season 1 Episode 16

The Class Has a Snow Day

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 2007 on CBS

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  • "I thought I was the gay one"

    The gang is snowed in. Duncan/Nicole/Perry/Richie ~ Snowed in at Nicole's house. After talking to Lina over the phone, Richie decides he has to be with her since it's their first Valentine's Day together. Nicole lets him borrow Yonk's hummer so he can get to see her. Forgetting the convenience store debacle, he takes her up on her offer and drives out only to end up hitting a hedge. He decides to walk the rest of the way only to end up frozen when he gets to Lina's apt. One of the funniest lines was when he told her he had flowers but had to drop them once he lost all feeling in his hands. Meanwhile, back at Nicole's, Perry has made a gourmet meal for the three of them and we find out that Duncan broke up with Nicole on Valentine's Day because she was a b*tch that night. Believing for so long that there was some kind of big reason for the breakup, Nicole is flabbergated to learn it was over something stupid. She's giving Duncan grief when he tells her he's been doing that for the past 10 years. Best moment was when he told her he wanted to go back to tell himself (at 18 years old) that he had no idea what he was doing. These two have got to get together at some point. If this series is picked up, I hope that they finally get together sometime at the end of the second season. Getting them together too soon could spoil it.

    Kat/Ethan/Kyle/Palmer ~ Kat spends some time lamenting how she's lost Benjamin (since he saw the stack of pics of himself, he kind of freaked and ran off) to Kyle and Ethan who are trying to make her feel better, to no avail. She leaves Benjamin a voicemail hoping he'll call her back. Just as the three were resigned to having a "snow day", Palmer arrives with fondue and promises of endless sex with Ethan. He leaves Kat and Kyle downstairs in the livingroom while he goes with Palmer to the bedroom for the festivities. Unfortunately, the two downstairs learn about the fondue upstairs and they end up on the bed eating fondue while Ethan and Palmer watch. Palmer gives Ethan a choice: they can stand around and watch the two eat fondue or she can give him a massage without using her hands. Ethan tells Kyle and Kat to start wrapping it up. Kyle and Kat end up downstairs again, and leave when they notice a plow has cleared the roads and Palmer and Ethan giggling upstairs. Getting a little tired of the sex between Palmer and Ethan and Palmer's ditsy ways.

    Overall, not the funniest episode to date but still had it's funny moments. I like the "tender" moment with Duncan and Nicole (as mentioned above already...sorry for repeating myself...) I'm going to watch it again later tonight and probably again tomorrow as I usually do. EW...I hear ROE on my TV now so I gotta go change the channel!

    Oh, BTW...
    Kat/Benjamin ~ Kat arrives home to find Benjamin waiting for her in front of Palmer's apt door. She's relieved that she and Benjamin are okay.