The Class

Season 1 Episode 16

The Class Has a Snow Day

Aired Unknown Feb 12, 2007 on CBS



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    • Ethan: You know what? Forget Valentine's Day. Let's do our own thing. We'll call it Snow Day. What do you say?
      Kyle: I'm in!
      Ethan: (to Kat) You?
      Kat: I'll be in if I don't have to say 'I'm in.'

    • (Richie needs to borrow a big car to get to Lina's in a snowstorm)
      Nicole: Take Yonk's Hummer!
      Richie: Really? Oh, thank you!
      Nicole: Now, sometimes people in Priuses will flip you off, but as Yonk says, you can just roll right over them.

    • Kat: (leaving a message for Benjamin) Hey, it's me. Listen, I'm sorry about the pictures. You have every right to be freaked out, and if by some chance you ever want to talk to me again, then I'm on my cell, but I totally understand if you don't. But, um, I just wanted to say that the last three weeks have been awesome. So, uh, yeah. That's it. Rock on. I can't believe I just said rock on. That was unfortunate. Okay, um, bye.
      (She hangs up and goes into the other room)
      Ethan: How'd it go?
      Kat: I don't know. I did it.
      Kyle: Good for you.
      Ethan: Yeah. Rock on.

    • Benjamin: What are these?
      Kat: What?
      Benjamin: Why do you have all these pictures of me?
      Kat: What?
      Benjamin: What do you mean what? There are hundreds of pictures of me!
      Kat: God, oh God. Alright, please don't freak out. Look, a few months ago, I saw you on the street, and I thought that you were, just, impossibly hot.
      Benjamin: So you started following me around?
      Kat: No! Not always. As I got to know your schedule, sometimes I'd just hang out and wait for you. So it was almost like you were following me.
      Benjamin: This is so disturbing.
      Kat: Or flattering.
      Benjamin: No, you took pictures of me without me knowing it! You hid behind bushes!
      Kat: Hey, hey, look, we could go back and forth all day about who did what.
      Benjamin: I gotta get out of here.
      Kat: Please, wait, can we just talk about this? Come on!
      (Ethan is doing a pedaling exercise on the floor in the hallway)
      Ethan: You wanna go after him? I'll give you a ride.

    • Perry: (about Valentine's Day) This is my holiday! Well, this and Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And the Academy Awards.

    • (They're all on their cell phones)
      Nicole: (To Yonk) I can't believe you're stuck in Atlanta!... I know sweetie, I miss you too.
      Perry: (To Holly) Honey, they say we absolutely have to stay off the roads... Oh baby, it's killing me too.
      Duncan: (To his mother) Ma, you can watch wrestling alone!

    • Ethan: [Benjamin] could still call.
      Kat: He's not gonna call.
      Ethan: Well, then maybe call him! At least you'd be doing something... Go down swinging!
      Kat: Go down swinging? It's over, I'm already down! People ran out of their houses to see what the giant thud was!
      Ethan: Come on, what if there is a one percent chance that you could save this?
      Kat: Okay, fine. I'll call him. But not in front of you losers.
      Kyle: (Sarcastically) It's hard not to root for her.

    • Kat: This is a totally new experience for me. Going out with a guy I actually like!
      Ethan: Well you seem really good together.
      (Ethan starts doing some stretches against the wall)
      Kat: Need a moment alone with that wall? I mean, you know how people say that everyone has a soulmate?
      Ethan: Yeah?
      Kat: Benjamin and I both hate those people!
      Ethan: Well then, it's meant to be.
      Kat: I know! Okay, I'll see you later. Seriously though, stop humping my wall.

    • Kat: Well, it's over. Bye Benjamin!
      Kyle: Still hasn't called?
      Kat: Nope. I thought I hated Valentine's Day before.
      Kyle: Well, if it makes you feel any better, my boyfriend is in Chile. So, I'm kind of in the same boat.
      Kat: Really? Is your boyfriend coming back?
      Kyle:(quietly) Yeah.
      Kat: Does he think you're a deranged stalker?
      Kyle: No.
      Kat: Get the hell out of my boat!

    • Richie: Can I leave a little early today?
      Duncan: Sure, what's up?
      Richie: Ah, you know first Valentine's Day with Lina. It's, uh kind of a big deal. What are you doing for Valentine's?
      Duncan: Ma's making a pot roast and we're going to watch wrestling. Yep, tomorrow can't come fast enough for me.

    • Weatherman: So the good news is that snow storm we've been tracking will miss us entirely. We can expect at the most, a light dusting on this beautiful Valentine's Day.
      (Richie comes into the house)
      Duncan: They're still saying it's not going to snow.
      Richie: So I guess I just slipped and fell on the irony.

    • Perry: At our house, it's not Valentine's Day unless there's something flaming.

    • Richie: Hey, can I borrow your truck?
      Duncan: You kidding me? You behind the wheel, in a blizzard? What won't you hit?

    • Palmer: On the way over here, I was thinking about all the ways we could do it.
      Ethan: That's so weird! I was thinking about that every minute I've been awake since I was twelve!

    • Perry: (to Nicole) Now, you didn't have much in your kitchen; but I did the best I could. We'll be starting with the gnocchi parisienne, followed by a blanquette de veau with parsleyed peas and duchesse potatoes. And, to finish, pears flambe.
      Duncan: Oh man, I'm gonna eat all that crap!

    • Ethan: (on the phone with Palmer) I wanna see you too but the roads are closed... I know... (baby talking) I miss you more!
      Kyle: I thought I was the gay one.

    • Ethan: (flamboyantly) Let snow day begin!
      Kat: (To Kyle) You're definitely not the gay one.

    • (After Richie crashes Yonk's Hummer into a hedge)
      Richie: Really, who's surprised?

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