The Class

Season 1 Episode 14

The Class Has To Go To A Stupid Museum

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

The show opens with Kat and Ethan talking over the phone. When Benjamin stops by for an unexpected visit to Kat's apartment, they say their goodbyes. Kat forgets to hang up, and Ethan listens to their conversation. Kyle stops by Ethan's aprtment, and they both listen in.

Duncan and Ritchie are working at Nicole's place. Nicole brings back an old childhood friend, Melanie Deacon. Ritchie reveals his almost stalkerish obsession with her in high school. She gets kinda freaked out, but is nice to him anyway. Melanie asks Duncan out on a date. He says he'll ask Nicole because she might upset. Melaine agrees, and she leaves. Duncan asks Nicole if she'll mind. Nicole says she wouldn't mind at all. Duncan is upset that she isn't upset about the date. In a jealous streak, he decides to go out with Melanie that night. He goes to call her, and Nicole kicks the tool table. It collapses, and she runs away terrified.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Ethan are still listening to Kat and Benjamin on the phone. Palmer comes in and listens too. When Kat mentions that Ethan and Palmer's relationship is based only on sex, she get bummed out. Ethan tries to pass it off like it's nothing, and that their relationship is healty. Palmer doesn't buy it. She thinks they should abstain from sex to see what else they have in common.

While Duncan and Melanie are on their date, Nicole, Lina, and Ritchie all go out to dinner. Lina can tell Nicole has something on her mind. Nicole tells them her biggest secret: She still likes Duncan and is upset he is on a date. Lina says "it's fine to have those feelings, as long as you don't act on them." Nicole says she slept with him after Ethan's party. She assigns Ritchie to find out how Duncan's date went.

Ethan yells at Kat for badmouthing his relationship with Palmer. Now he has to go to an Egyptian Museum to spend quality time with her. Kat is angry that he listened into her private conversation, and they both leave angrily. Ritchie asks Duncan how his date went, and wether he "tapped it". Duncan replies that the date wasn't so great, because he still is hung up on Nicole. Duncan is upset that Nicole wasn't bummed out about the date. Ritchie tells him that she was lying, and Nicole really was bummed out.

This makes Duncan very happy, and he tells Ritchie to tell Nicole that the date went really well AND he did "tap it".

Ethan and Palmer are seen sitting on the couch, sipping tea and recalling their day. Palmer and Ethan both agree they have alot in common, like museums, bikes, ducks, dry cleaning, and lunch. They break their abstinence pledge, and it is revealed they "did it" at the museum anyway.

Nicole asks Ritchie about Duncan's date, but he can't lie to her. Duncan and Nicole run into each other, and Ritchie tells them how they have both been lying, and that they both have feelings for each other. After they find this out, they go on with thier lives as if nothing happened.

And last but not least, Lina got her casts off, and stood on her own two feet. Ritchie crys because he was scared she would never walk again. And all is right with the world...

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