The Class

Season 1 Episode 14

The Class Has To Go To A Stupid Museum

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 2007 on CBS

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  • Funniest episode ever!!!

    This episode was great for me. It was one of the, if not the, funniest episodes I have ever seen of this show. My favorite story line was of course Duncan and Nicole’s. Those two are so cute together. I feel like I have Ross and Rachel back. Richie is just too much, he’s hilarious. The whole ‘I can’t keep a secret’ stuff was just crazy funny. I love the characters of this show, all of them. The reporter one is kind of annoying though, but she wasn’t in this episode which was good for me. I give this episode a perfect 10. It was very entertaining and fun to watch. Loved it!
  • Ethan listens in on Kat and Benjamin when Kat forgets to hang up. Palmer thinks that her an Ethan need to get to know each other better by going to a museum. Richie has to figure out if Duncan "tapped that" on his date. lmao

    I loved this episode! Well I like all the episodes. It's my new favorite show! Richie was hilarious and the conversation at the restaurant was awesome. A secret AND an assignment! haha. I liked all that stuff with Kyle, Ethan, Palmer and Kat too. We're not doing it right now! And I appreciate that! haha. I also like the part where that girl came to Nicole's. There was a lot of electricity in the old radio shack that day! lmao. I really hope this show doesn't get cancelled. I love it! I'm so excited about next week's episode and i'm sure it will be awesome!

    Richie fell down at the end! haha.
  • OMG! Amazing!

    Wow! That's the only thing I can say currently. This show is really amazing! This episode was definately one of the best. And it would be such a shame if something like this would get cancelled.

    Yes, Holly is gone, but she doesn't seem to be fitting in too much. The characters have developed so much that I can't wait to see the next episode. I actually laughed through the entire episode. I totally reccomend this sitcom to everyone. It is no wonder it got a People's Choice Award. Let's just hope it will stay on air long enough to gain more fans.
  • Ethan Kyle and Palmer overheard Ben and Kat's conversation.

    I thought that thais episode was really good and really funny. Once again the writers of The Class put out another great episode. I thought that the whole idea of Ethan, Kyle and Palmer easedropping on Kat and her boyfriend Ben. I found it really funny that Palmer reacted they way she did. She really can not say that she did not see it coming. What Kat said was true but I think that Palmer reliezed that by the end of the episode. I found it funny that both Nicole and Duncan were confiding in Richie with their feelings about each other and how about they felt about duncan going on a date.
  • better without the holly character

    I've felt, from the premiere episode, that this show had potential. While it seems to have stumbled to find its niche at times, I truly believe the elimination of the Holly character will sharpen its focus and make it a much easier show to watch. It does have some funny characters.
  • Dust in the crack.

    In this episode, we find out a lot about what Kat thinks, when she does not properly hang up her phone after her conversation with Ethan. When Palmer comes in and overhears the part where she and Ethan have nothing in common except sex, she decides to drag Ethan to a museum. It leads to such an awkward experience, that they start to believe that feeding ducks is something in common. Then they start making out. Richie is the wildcard in this show. He's way too funny, as he tries to keep the secrets of Duncan and Nicole of them having feelings for each other. Duncan runs into an old classmate, and Nicole told him it was okay to date her. Duncan was a little stunned that she had no problem with him going out with her, that it bummed him out throughout the whole date. Nicole was lying about not being bothered because she would have felt awful if she did not allow Duncan to go out with their former classmate. Richie feeling bad for both blabs out both of their secrets to make both of them happier to find out that they are still hot for each other. This was also a memorable episode because Lina can finally walk again. I was afraid that Richie might injure her legs again, but everything seemed okay. The absence of Kyle's man, holly, perry, oprah, and duncan's mother actually makes the show better for me. They are nowhere as funny as the remaining members of the Class. I did not realize that Holly was edited out from the intro sequence, but i will keep my eye out for that. With episodes like these, the Class can secure their spot on Monday nights.
  • Ears are burning!

    The best thing about this epsiode came at the very end when on of th characters finally got out of her wheelchair, after four long months. That's about 20 weeks to healing two broken legs, when it takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal. the writers need a lesson in the human boday. Can you say The Discovery Health Channel. The rest of the epsiode has characters listerning to other people converstions. that is nowhere need as reavling as the 1974 movie "The Conversation" starring Gene Hackman. I missed last week's epsiode. What happened to Fern? Doesn't anyone care about her?