The Class

Season 1 Episode 14

The Class Has To Go To A Stupid Museum

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 2007 on CBS



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    • (Duncan and Melanie are talking)
      Richie: Ah, it's Lina. My girlfriend. (Answers his phone) Hey baby. (Lina tells him something) What? That is my real voice!

    • Kat: You know, I've never heard you play the violin.
      Ben: Wait, on our fist date, you said I was amazing in concert.
      Kat: Yeah, I was just trying to get into your pants.
      Kyle: She's a class act.

    • (Ethan and Kyle are listening to Kat and Ben over the phone because Kat did not hang up her phone right)
      Ben: So, what do you want to watch?
      Kat: I don't know, there's nothing good on.
      Ethan: They're spending their Friday night channel surfing? Losers.
      Ben: Oh, leave this channel. I like her.
      Kat: Yeah, she was good in that boxing movie with Clint Eastwood. What's her name again?
      Kyle: Hilary Swank.
      Ben: Uh, Kate something...?
      Kyle: Or Hilary something!
      Ben: Kate...Kate...I can't think of it, but I know she's British.
      Kyle: No, she's not!
      Kat: Really? Wow, I had no idea! Her American accent is so good.
      Kyle: Because she's American!
      Kat: Hilary Swank?
      Kyle: Thank you!
      Ben: No, that's not it. But she's British too.
      Kyle: I may kill myself.

    • Duncan: Okay, here's what you're gonna tell [Nicole].
      Richie: Oh God...
      Duncan: You're gonna tell her the date was great, that it was awesome, that we uh... "coitused" our brains out!
      Richie: Great! Now I'm lying, I'm keeping secrets, you might as well ask me to play a sport!

    • Richie: So, how did the date go last night?
      Duncan: Okay.
      Richie: Yeah? Did you... tap that?
      Duncan: What?
      Richie: You know... Did you do the deed, close the deal?... Did you get jiggy with it?
      Duncan: You know the date was last night, not ten years ago, right?

    • Ethan: (to Kat) You took away a beautiful thing like sex and replaced it with Egyptian pottery!

    • (Ethan and Kyle are listening to Kat and Benjamin talking; Kat didn't hang up her phone)
      Kat: So, dinner last night, that was pretty fun.
      Ethan: (to Kyle; ecstatic) They had dinner with me last night!
      Benjamin: I particulary enjoyed our time in the ladies room.
      Kat: (laughing) Do you think Ethan knew?
      Kyle: (off of Ethan's stunned reaction) I'm going to say Ethan did not know!

    • Kat: (on the phone with Ethan) She just... she drives me crazy! I know that she's my mother and I should appreciate her... she's gonna be dead some day, but... You know, it would be so much easier if I knew when!

    • (Nicole is about to tell Lina and Richie about sleeping with Duncan)
      Nicole: Do you remember when Ethan Haas had that party?
      Lina: The night Richie ran me over?
      Nicole: Oh, yeah right, so you remember!

    • Nicole: Can you guys keep a secret?
      (Richie and Lina answer at the same time)
      Lina: Yes!
      Richie: No!
      Lina: What?
      Richie: I don't wanna hear it. I'm terrible with secrets.
      Lina: You can keep a secret! You went 3 months without telling me you're married! I mean, I swear, the entire time I had no clue!
      Richie: You're sweet.

    • (Kyle and Ethan are listening at Kat and Benjamin's conversation on the phone without them knowing about it)
      Kat: Wanna go get some dinner?
      Benjamin: Sure. Maybe we should put some clothes on first.
      Ethan: What? When did clothes come off?
      Kyle: How did we miss that?
      Ethan: Wait, was he playing the violin naked? That's troubleing.
      Kyle: Or hot.
      Ethan: We're different.

    • Kat: So, how was the museum?
      Ethan: It was good. We did it behind an urn.
      Kat: Good. I hope you got ashes in your crack.

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