The Class

Season 1 Episode 13

The Class Hits It

Aired Unknown Jan 15, 2007 on CBS

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  • When Lina & Richie Talk To Their Friends About Moving Their Relationship To The Next Level, Duncan & Nicole Decide To Help Them And Kat Goes Out With Benjamin Chow.

    I Love This Episode!! :) Richie & Lina Both Wanna Move Their Relationship To The Next Level, And Duncan & Nicole Decide To Help Them.
    Ethan Finds Out Kat Has Been Stalking A Violinist Called Benjamin Chow And Sets Her Up On A Date With Him.
    Richie Describing To Duncan About Doing It With Fern (Ex-Wife) Was JUST Soooo Funny, I Couldn't Stop Laughing!!
    Ethan's Phone Has Voice Recognition Technology, So When Ethan Says "Dial.Chow.Cell." This Is What Kat Says: "You.Huge.Dork!" LMAO. Absolutely Brilliant Stuff!!! :) Loving This Episode! Kat Says She Has Returned "The Penguin Movie" But Blockbusters Begs To Differ! My Favourite Episode EVER!!
  • Priceless!! In this episode Kat is stalking one of Ethans patients fathers, Nicole and Duncan try to help Richie and Lena "hit it".

    This was an excellent episode! Very very funny. The cast is at the top of their game. Ethan and Duncan especially. Trying to help Richie hit it, Duncan gives him some encouraging words (and so does his mom). Kat makes Ethan wait for the phone call from the guy he set her up with. Nicole helps Lena with her wonders while at the same time also helping Richie. Another excellent episode that will be watched many times =)
  • Kat goes on a date with the guy she has been stalking.

    This epsiode is exactly why I watch The Class every Monday night that it was on. I thought that all of the storyline were awsome in this perticular episode. I thought that the Kat storyline was the best and she evan has a line that I absolute loved. I have to say that the Richie and Lina storylines were great as well. I liked how they involved Nicole and Duncan in their love life troubles. I felt really bad for Richie that he was hard on himself that he thought that he could not please Lina. It was funny that Kat left her phone with Ethan for him to wait for a call she was excepting.
  • Wow. Amazing. Again.

    Last week I thought "The Class" reached an unreachable high. But I was wrong. This episode is definately the best (for now). It was just amazing. Adventurous. Funny. And the only thing I could say way "Wow!"

    The whole thing with Kat and Benjamin Chow combined with Ethan and Kyle was just amazing. Great and funny scenes. A high dose of sarcastic Kat and a spooked Kyle made me laugh my a** off. I'm glad that things are going this great.

    And when Richie started to talk about how he had sex with Fern I thought I would die from smiling. I seriously LMAO! And later when Richie and Lina were about to do it... And Duncan's mom interrupting conversations... this is truely a "The Class" classic!
  • Best episode yet!

    I remember watching the pilot episode of The Class and telling people that although it was rough around the edges, I thought it had a lot of potential. It's so nice to see the show beginning to find its groove!

    This is the first episode that I can't bring myself to deleting off my DVR. The writing is great, the chemistry is definitely beginning to show, and the characters have become more three dimensional. The chemistry between Richie and Lina really comes through in this episode, and Kyle is no longer just the "straight man" (no pun intended!) or there for the gay/straight jokes, but is becoming a part of the group. It'll be interesting to see where they take his character.

    If they continue to focus more on the 7 remaining characters (now that Holly is out of the picture), I think this show is going to really make some waves.
  • "Are you going to underwhelm me again?"<br /> "I'm ready to nudge your world."<br /> <br /> Prepare for a great episode.

    Well, let's just say I haven't laughed this hard in my entire life. I have been waiting what seems like forever for this episode because I am a huge Jesse Tyler Ferguson/Ritchie fan. I was not dissapointed. The scenes with him and Lina were great. The dirty talk was funny, and in a cringe worthy way. It's so great that they're finally together.

    Ok, now to the Kat and Ben thing. Liked that part too, it was quite funny, although they could have done more with that. I love love LOVE the part where Kat and Ethan are debating over who gets to be "The girl" and then the phone rings. Classic.

    Duncan and Nicole were good secondary characters in this episode, providing some comedy. I thought it was wierd that they wanted to stop Ritchie from going for it.

    "So, you could chop off nine of your fingers, and still be able to count how many woman you've slept with?"

    Is one of most classic lines of the show. Anyway, definetly my favorite episode of the entire season. Hopefully they'll just keep getting better!
  • i've got a stack of magazines ready to read

    Talk about dirty talk. Richie and Lina finally slid into home plate, but it was a bumpy trip. Lina wondered why Richie had not made the moves on her, but we find out that his ex-wife made sex feel like an endless chore. His self confidence was not existent, but thanks to his best friend Duncan, Richie managed to close that chapter in his life. The other part of the show dealt with Kat having a secret crush on one of Ethan's patient's father. Although Kat puts up this tough front, we can see how she goes all lovey dovey over a guy that she is crazy about. It was funny how she made Ethan wait for the guy's call, because she didnt want to be "that" kind of girl. It seems like Ethan and Kyle are becoming best of friends, and with the absence of Holly (missed the first 5 min...not too sure if she showed up) the rumor that she may be gone from the show is ever becoming more true. A good show, but I'm wondering what they are going to do with Nicole and Duncan, because lately it seems like they are just backups. Hopefully, the writers get more into it with their situation.