The Class

Season 1 Episode 13

The Class Hits It

Aired Unknown Jan 15, 2007 on CBS

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  • "Are you going to underwhelm me again?"<br /> "I'm ready to nudge your world."<br /> <br /> Prepare for a great episode.

    Well, let's just say I haven't laughed this hard in my entire life. I have been waiting what seems like forever for this episode because I am a huge Jesse Tyler Ferguson/Ritchie fan. I was not dissapointed. The scenes with him and Lina were great. The dirty talk was funny, and in a cringe worthy way. It's so great that they're finally together.

    Ok, now to the Kat and Ben thing. Liked that part too, it was quite funny, although they could have done more with that. I love love LOVE the part where Kat and Ethan are debating over who gets to be "The girl" and then the phone rings. Classic.

    Duncan and Nicole were good secondary characters in this episode, providing some comedy. I thought it was wierd that they wanted to stop Ritchie from going for it.

    "So, you could chop off nine of your fingers, and still be able to count how many woman you've slept with?"

    Is one of most classic lines of the show. Anyway, definetly my favorite episode of the entire season. Hopefully they'll just keep getting better!