The Class

Season 1 Episode 13

The Class Hits It

Aired Unknown Jan 15, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: Kyle tells Kat that his boyfriend is in Chile. The actor who played Aaron in previous episodes is Cristian de la Fuente, who is also Chilean.

  • Quotes

    • Kat: First of all, up close he's so hot you wanna punch him. He smells incredible! But I mean, you already knew that part.
      Ethan: Uh, believe it or not, I try to avoid sniffing the kids' parents.

    • Kat: (about the guy she's stalking) Right now, he and I have a great thing going. If I meet him it's just going to mess it all up!
      Kyle: How's that therapy coming?
      Kat: Hey new guy! Little soon for the zingers!

    • Ethan: Guess who was in my office today? Benjamin Chow!
      Kat: Seriously?
      Kyle: Wait? The violinist? He was in your office?
      Ethan: Yeah. His kid had a fever and this rash all over his body.
      Kyle: Benjamin Chow is so hot!
      Kat: Totally!
      Ethan: Kid's going to be fine by the way.

    • Lina: (To Richie) You don't scare me with your bad sex!

    • Ethan: Yes! Go go go!
      Kyle: (At the same time) Come on! No, stop him!
      Ethan: Who are you rooting for?
      Kyle: Jersey. Who are you rooting for?
      Ethan: Miami.
      Ethan and Kyle: Huh.
      Kat: Hey, how's the game?
      Ethan: Unbelievable! The Heat were down big at half-time, and then...
      Kat: Okay, in the future, when I ask "how's the game?" please don't mistake that for actual interest.

    • Richie: (to Duncan) Look, I love Lina! I mean, what's gonna happen when she finds out that going to bed with me is like... Well, Fern said it was like having an old damp man die on top of her.

    • Duncan: (to Richie) So like... you could chop off 9 of your fingers and you could still count how many women you've been with?
      Richie: Hopefully I won't have to go to those lengths to help you understand...

    • Duncan: So, bedroom-wise, Fern is not a fan.
      Richie: (about having sex with Fern) No! No! We'd be in the middle of it and she'd start to read a magazine or... make a list. You know, I'd be at some crucial moment and she'd say "Are you gonna call a plumber or am I?" Sometimes she'd call the plumber...

    • Ethan: Wow! Sounds like you owe a big "thank you" to somebody!
      Kat: Dude! Don't throw yourself a parade just yet! I mean, it's one date. We don't even know if he had a good time.
      Ethan: Well, why don't we call him and find out? (takes his phone) Dial-Chow-Cell.
      Kat: You-huge-dork!

    • (Kyle talks and Kat pretends she's sleeping)
      Kyle: Kinda hurts.
      Ethan: You'll get used to it.

    • (Ethan tells Kat that he gave Benjamin Chow Kat's number)
      Ethan: How much do you love me?
      Kat: Not at all!
      Kyle: Huh! I saw that going the other way.
      Kat: Why the hell did you do that?
      Ethan: Um, because sometimes, when we humans like other humans, our friends will try to set us up. How does it work on Planet Angry?

    • (Lina and Nicole are going to have lunch together)
      Lina: I'm glad we're doing this.
      Nicole: Yeah, me too!
      Lina: Yeah, we should have, like, a regular lunch thing.
      Nicole: That would be nice.
      Lina: But you're thinking "let's see how this one goes"?
      Nicole: No! But let's see...

    • Lina: (to Nicole about not having sex with Richie) We're waiting. Well, I'm waiting for him... I don't know what the hell he's waiting for.

    • (Kat takes pictures of a guy she was photographing and brings them to Ethan)
      Kat: Check them out. Tell me I'm wrong.
      Ethan: Wow! These are all him?
      Kat: No. (takes a picture) This one's his car. (gives the picture to Ethan; takes another) This is his house. (takes another) And this one's his favorite restaurant.
      Lina: (sarcastic) Oh... you're gonna go to jail!

    • Kat: Tell me the minute he calls! If my mother calls tell her she knows why I'm not talking to her and if Blockbuster calls tell them that I returned that stupid penguin movie like two months ago! (later)
      Ethan: Blockbuster insists that you have the penguin movie!

    • (Knock on the door)
      Lina: Oh! Come on in.
      Nicole: Hey there.
      Lina: Hey.
      Nicole: Oh, your place is so cute!
      Lina: Ah thanks, and the rent's really cheap because someone was murdered in it.
      Nicole: Lucky you!

    • Ethan: (looking at picture of guy Kat is stalking) Hey! I know this guy.
      Kat: No way.
      Ethan: His name's Benjamin Chow, His kid is a patient.
      Kat: Yeah, how can he have a kid when he's spent his entire life waiting to have sex with me?
      Ethan: He's divorced, if that helps?

    • Kat: It's not stalking!
      Lina: It's totally stalking!
      Ethan: One of you has a stalker?
      Lina: (pointing to Kat) Or one of us is a stalker.
      Kat: (yelling) I'm not a stalker!
      Ethan: What's going on?
      Lina: There's this guy who lives in the neighborhood, who Kat follows around and takes like a million pictures of.
      Kat: I am an artist. He is my subject!
      Ethan: Does he know he's your subject?
      Kat: No.
      Lina: Do you hide when you do your "art"? Sometimes in bushes?
      Kat: Okay, fine! I get it. But I'm sorry, when you're that hot and you leave your house, then you're asking to be stalked.
      Ethan: Well, clearly you know the law.

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