The Class

Season 1 Episode 3

The Class Learns About Hurricanes

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Richie calls 911 to get an ambulance when he gets a call from Lina and he puts 911 on hold. She asks how he is and he asks her to hold so he can pick up 911. He continues to go back and forth between 911 and Lina. He feels lucky ("unless I die") that he is going to be taken to the same hospital that Lina is at.

Holly is reporting on Hurricane Fernanda as Kyle and Aaron watch her. Aaron roots for the hurricane. While reporting, Holly gets hit in the face with a plastic bag.

Kat arrives at Ethan's apartment soaking wet with a muffin as a thank you for his help with her sister at the hospital. Ethan opens the bag to find it just as soaked as Kat was. Ethan offers her a towel but she spies a box of women's clothing and says perhaps she could borrow something from there. He explains that the clothes belong to his ex-girlfriend. He says she can borrow something but it has to be back tomorrow because his ex is coming to pick them up then. Kat gives him grief that he would go thru the trouble of folding her clothes after she humiliated him in front of everyone. He tells Kat it's what adults do. She begins to take her shirt off and he asks her if he can get her some privacy she tells him he's a doctor, he replies, "I'm a pediatrician!"

Duncan tells Yonk what is wrong with the house. Yonk gets a call and walks into another room so now Nicole has a chance to tell Duncan he can't take the job and asks him to leave. Yonk returns to pick something up and Duncan and Nicole make like they are still talking about the house. After Yonk leaves, Duncan promises he will fix the mess.

Richie enters as Lina watches Holly reporting on the hurricane from her hospital bed. He asks her how she is and she explains that the way her bones shattered, it was unusual so she's going to be in a medical journal. He apologizes and she said it wasn't his fault. He says it is his fault and because of it she's going to be in a wheelchair for 6 months which surprises Lina because nobody had told her yet. Richie vows he will take care of her then asks if she can feel the pins which she didn't know about as well.

Kat finds a leather jacket in the box of folded clothes and as Ethan walks in, she finds a note he had left in the pocket. He chases her unsuccessfully, in an attempt to take it away from her so he just lets her read it. She says it was dirty as she reads it.

Yonk leaves to assist in a mall opening and asks Duncan what's going on. He tells Yonk it will cost $100,000 and Nicole tells him to get out. Yonk says he wants to know exactly how much it's really going to cost. Duncan tells Yonk he can't do it for less than $200,000. Nicole exclaims, "Get the crap out of our house!" but Yonk give it the ok and asks when can he start and Duncan says tomorrow.

Kyle and Aaron watch Holly again on TV.

Kat comments on Lina's "new ride" and asks her if she's ready to leave but Lina tells her she's letting Richie take her home. Kat is opposed but Lina defends him.

Richie wheels Lina out the hospital doors and takes her outside by his van. He opens her umbrella and then turns around to open the van. Meanwhile, the umbrella acts like a mast and blows her away in the chair while Richie's back is turned. When he turns around, she's gone.

Richie and Lina arrive at her apartment. He tells her he should go and she asks why. Richie says something between them is not a good idea and Lina thinks it is because of her. Richie explains that it's not her it's just that whenever he's around her "horrible, horrible things happen". She says it isn't true and says even so, she still likes him.

Kyle and Aaron again watch Holly on TV reporting from the middle of the hurricane's wrath and they see her get smacked on the side of the head with a stop sign. They are horrified but exclaim, "We have to see that again!"

Ethan arrives at Lina's apartment and asks Kat about Lina. She tells him that you never know how much sister you have until you sponge bathe her to which Ethan asks why she can't do it since her arms are fine. Realizing he is right, Kat exclaims, "I'm going to kill her!" He's there to pick up his ex's clothes. She throws the shirt at him and he asks for the leather jacket. Kat says she wants it but Ethan says it's a $700 jacket and Kat says she has it at her home. He then asks for his note and then Kat calls out to Lina to ask her what she did with the note. Ethan can't believe that she's shown the note to her sister. Lina wheels herself out and says, "Hello Doctor, you're a very naughty boy!"

Nicole tells Duncan he can't do the job. He tells her he couldn't hear anything after then nice man with the checkbook said $200,000.00. She begs him to stop. He tells her that money could change his life. She said she understands but that what happened between them could never happen again and that no amount of money could be worth taking the risk. Duncan says one amount comes to mind. Nicole says she realizes it's a lot of money but Duncan says he doesn't think she realizes it and he begins to name some luxuries she has in her home. She begs him to reconsider doing the job. He said he doesn't want to leave and she says she's going to fire him but he asks her if she's prepared to tell her husband why she's fired him. He puts a sledghammer thru the wall to begin the project.

Kat arrives at Ethan's apt to return the jacket. She tells him she thinks it's a big mistake to give the jacket back. She gives it to him and he folds it. She reminds him it's a break up and that he'll never see her again. He says she doesn't know that. Kat realizes then he's hoping to get back together again and says he's trying to fold his way back into her heart. He defends himself by saying they were great together. Joanne knocks and Ethan asks Kat if she'll go into another room. She refuses as she sits on the couch. When Ethan introduces Kat to Joanne, Kat tells her she's Ethan's lover. He says he's not her lover. He lets Joanne know she looks good. He gives Joanne the folded clothes in a box and she hands him a hefty bag. She explained she was in a rush so she just threw everything in. She begs him not to make it harder. Ethan tells Joanne she's making it easier. He tells her they were going to be married and that he even gave her his grandmother's ring…and after everything he gets a "cinch sak". Joanne says she's sorry and Ethan tell her he's not as he slams the door in her face. Kat tell him she doesn't think they're getting back together and he agrees. He then opens the door, takes the folded leather jacket and tells Joanne it's for his lover. He slams the door again and throws it to Kat.

After the credits: Aaron begs Kyle to go to bed and he says, "One more time". He grabs the remote and watches Holly get smacked in the head with the stop sign again…"She never sees it coming!" Kyle exclaims.
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