The Class

Season 1 Episode 3

The Class Learns About Hurricanes

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 2006 on CBS

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  • A great episode that showed the new friendship between Ethan and Kat.

    Hilarity insues when the class learns about hurricanes. Not only was the whole pill overdose, mary poppins, etc. things funny, but it showed that these characters still have true connections from their third grade class. The characters are funny, well written, and I hope this show does not get cancelled right away.
  • A step in the right direction

    I forced myself to watch this episode of \"The Class\". I enjoyed the pilot, but the second episode didn\'t strike me as funny or interesting. The characters were boring and none of the jokes were funny. I was ready to quit the show right by the end of the first act.

    This week\'s episode started slow, the first act suffering from the same problems that episode 2 did. But the show picked up speed, and I\'m certain I\'ll be tuning in next Monday.

    Some of the same problems:

    The class still only interacts in sets or two: Ethan and Kat, Richie and Lina, Nicole and Duncan, & Kyle and Holly.

    The Nicole and Duncan stories are still very sappy and unfunny. It\'s a terrible waist of Andrea Anders who was the best thing about \"Joey\".

    Lucy Punch is great as Holly, but they don\'t give her enough story grab audiences. She just gets filler scenes. Sean Maguire\'s Kyle is nearly pointless.

    Some improvements:

    Lizzy Caplan was great and the pilot, but came across as bossy, bitter, and annoying in episode 2. She\'s back to the sarcastic and fun character that was created for her.

    Now that Joanne is gone, I\'ve got a good feeling that Jason Ritter\'s Ethan is going to be a lot more tolerable.

    They actually used Lina in this episode! She is by far the most original and funny character on the show.
  • Good eppi

    LOL. I am beginning to like this show more and more every week. At first I rated the show at 6.5, but now I am going to change that because I am really looking forward to how these eight are living their lives. Tonight I actually laughed and most comdeys these days do not make me laugh. I loved the stop sign hitting Holly and Kyle rewinding and watching it again and again. I like that Kat was there for Ethan. I do hope that they will hook up eventually. They are quite opposite, but opposites attract. Richie "helping" Lina had me laught so loud. LOL. When the wind whisked Lina away while Richie was trying to get the van door open, I could not stop laughing.
  • A great episode of a great series

    Even though I saw that the reviews for the first two episodes weren't very good, I decided to watch it.
    Now, after I've seen the 3rd one, I have no single regrad.
    This show combine great humor with a very nice plot.
    I really enjoyed it and recommend you to see it.
    I hope that the series will continue to develope and that the other episodes will continue to be as good as the first ones.
    I tried to think which characters were my favorites, and I must admit - I loved all of them, although my favorite scences were the Hurricane Report ones.
    I'm waiting anxiously to the next episodes.
    Be sure to watch it!
  • The only new show I\'ve watched.

    I have adored every episode of this show so far (hitting Lina with the car? priceless!), and the actor playing Richie, as well as the character, is just consistently enjoyable. I was surprised he seemed to have the shortest resume of everyone in the cast. Anyway, the whole beginning phone sequence was great, and loved Kat and Ethan being \"lovers\". My only problem with the show is that they\'re forcing the pair-ups too quickly, but the chemistry is still great.
  • If there was a classification for "peed my pants funny" I would have chosen that. Hurricanines, overdosing, wheelchairs, cinch sack and a filthy pediatrician.

    This was one of the shows on my list of new shows to watch this season. Somehow I missed the first 2 episodes. I have to admit I probably missed them because I had to sacrifice some shows because well, I watch so many shows and there are only so many watchable hours in a day. THEN I found out Cristian De La Fuente was going to be on it (Aaron) and well, I just had to "unsacrifice" this show.

    I instantly loved the character of Holly, the weathergirl who got slammed in the head with a stop sign while reporting on the hurricaine. I also loved the pediatrician Ethan and well...actually, I really liked all the characters. I suppose in a few episodes I will have a handle on all the characters.

    So far, this show seems to be pretty funny and I'll be watching the next episode. As for the comparisons I've read of this show to "Friends"....not even close. I like this bunch a lot more. Their funnier and sillier and while Joey was a real dimwit the guy who is re-doing the girl's house (again, it'll take me some time to get a handle on the characters names) was not so bright but he wasn't a total idiot.
  • Richie takes Lina home from the hospital after a visit of his own, due to his ingestion of a bottle of sleeping pills. Holly amuses the news audience with her antics, Kat & Ethan grow a little closer, and conflict builds with Duncan and Nicole.

    Unquestionably the best episode to date, 'The Class Learns About Hurricanes' is an incredibly entertaining, witty, and if I may say, "jaunty" example of situational comedy. The cast have warmed up, and are proving themselves ideally suited to their roles, communicating a unique familiarity despite their refreshing originality. Ritter and Caplan (Ethan and Kat) are especially lively, as they team up to confront Ethan's suddenly unwanted ex. The writers clearly have more in store for fans; their characters' lives brought once again together in spectacular fashion by the unlikely 20 year reunion. If future episodes share even a portion of this greatness, fans are destined to be delighted for seasons to come.
  • "Hilarious."

    After two so-so good episodes, "The Class" finally did it! A funny and interesting episode that finally starts looking like a great sitcom! I was wondering when the show will get the characteristics of other David Crane sitcoms.

    The episode was very funny. The entire hurricane thing made me laugh for ours. I couldn't stop laughing when Holly got hit by that STOP sign. It was probably painful, but sooooo funny.

    Duncan and Nicole were a bit boring, but still good. Their storyline seems to be developing quite nice. Lina is finally talking again. She's a really fun character, and should be used more in the future. And the combination of Lina and Richie is just hilarious.

    But the best story was Kat/Ethan/Joanne. Kat is my favorite character. She's funny, sarcastic and just... hilarious! I'm glad that Ethan finally moves on with his life, and yet I can't wait for the next episode.

    But there is only one thing that bothers me... the RATINGS! It seem like people aren't watching the show only because they heard that it was bad, or they only watched the pilot. Bad idea! The show is finally becoming better, and with the timeslot chance, I just hope that the ratings will rise.
  • Silly but hilarious.

    I love the relationship between the two characters who always seem to be giving her bad luck. It\'s quite funny to see her always getting hurt. I loved the sign hitting the other girl in the face thing. This show has the potential to be something really good and I hope it\'s switch in timeslot helps it while not hurting Two and a Half Men.
  • Bad moon over the Class

    This episode of the class was the second episode in the series. It was repeated so I can review it. Two characters end up in the hospital. One gets hit in the hit by a sign while covering a hurricane and Kat, well Kat is just Kat. she is the only good character in the series. I try to like the series, but it not more that a rip off of "Friends." Nothing much happens. But I still like Lizzy Caplan. She the best thing in the series. that's the reason why I'm sticking to the series. Caplan is the real heart of the series.
  • This is the best episode in The Class!

    From getting hit by a stop sign and getting blown away in a hurricane, this episode has it all! Make sure you catch this episode. There are so many great quotes from this episode too. "And the wind is unlike anything I have ever felt. We've seen trees uprooted. And telephone poles knocked down. Mother Nat-" Yea great times here. That stop sign had to hurt. Make sure you watch this episode of The Class. You are guaranteed to love it and keep watching it again and again and again. I am still watching it. In fatc I am watching it right now...
  • A Hurricane Threatens The City And Holly Is Assigned To Report On It, And Elsewhere Richie Ends Up In Hospital After Another Suicide Attempt, Kyle And Aaron Are Watching Holly's Report On 'Hurricane Fernanda'.

    This Has To Be The Best Episode Of The Class EVER!!
    Holly Rpeorting On The Hurricane, Sooo Funny, Especially When The Carrier Bag Smacks Into Her Face And Then A STOP Sign Smacked In The Face!
    I Thought Lina And Richie Together=Really Cute! Richie Has Broken 52 Bones In Lina's Feet, Sent Her Flying Into A Hybrid Car And All In Just 3 Days!
    I Think Ethan And Kat Pairing Was Funny, When She Said "Don't Fold It Like You Work At The Gap" And "Can I At Least Hawk A Loogie In There?" I Thought I Was Gonna Crack Up Laughing!
    Nicole Didn't Wanna See Duncan Anymore, But He Agreed To Refurbish Her House For $200,000 And She Wasn't Happy About That!
    Kat Discovering The Note In Joanne's Jacket, Haha!! Funniest Part Ever! They Were Chasing Each Other Around The Sofa And Later, When Ethan Went Round To Kat's To Get The Jacket Back, Kat Showed The Note To Her Sister (Lina) And Lina Comes Out And Says:
    "Hello Doctor...You're A Naughty Boy!" So Funny, I Thought My Ribs Might Crack!!
    Fabulous Episode And The Storyline Is GREAT!
    Definitely Worth Watching! (Especially If You Want To Laugh)And I Must Say, I Love Kat Warbler, She Cracks Me Up!
  • The Class Really Makes me Laugh!

    This episode was even funnier than the two previous great episodes! Richie again fails to kill himself. The hospital doesn't tell Lina anything. Ethan and Kat become "lovers". Holly keeps having issues in reporting a hurricane. This was so funny and pure genius! Can't wait to watch more episodes on YouTube!