The Class

Season 1 Episode 3

The Class Learns About Hurricanes

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 2006 on CBS

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  • Richie takes Lina home from the hospital after a visit of his own, due to his ingestion of a bottle of sleeping pills. Holly amuses the news audience with her antics, Kat & Ethan grow a little closer, and conflict builds with Duncan and Nicole.

    Unquestionably the best episode to date, 'The Class Learns About Hurricanes' is an incredibly entertaining, witty, and if I may say, "jaunty" example of situational comedy. The cast have warmed up, and are proving themselves ideally suited to their roles, communicating a unique familiarity despite their refreshing originality. Ritter and Caplan (Ethan and Kat) are especially lively, as they team up to confront Ethan's suddenly unwanted ex. The writers clearly have more in store for fans; their characters' lives brought once again together in spectacular fashion by the unlikely 20 year reunion. If future episodes share even a portion of this greatness, fans are destined to be delighted for seasons to come.