The Class

Season 1 Episode 3

The Class Learns About Hurricanes

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 2006 on CBS

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  • A Hurricane Threatens The City And Holly Is Assigned To Report On It, And Elsewhere Richie Ends Up In Hospital After Another Suicide Attempt, Kyle And Aaron Are Watching Holly's Report On 'Hurricane Fernanda'.

    This Has To Be The Best Episode Of The Class EVER!!
    Holly Rpeorting On The Hurricane, Sooo Funny, Especially When The Carrier Bag Smacks Into Her Face And Then A STOP Sign Smacked In The Face!
    I Thought Lina And Richie Together=Really Cute! Richie Has Broken 52 Bones In Lina's Feet, Sent Her Flying Into A Hybrid Car And All In Just 3 Days!
    I Think Ethan And Kat Pairing Was Funny, When She Said "Don't Fold It Like You Work At The Gap" And "Can I At Least Hawk A Loogie In There?" I Thought I Was Gonna Crack Up Laughing!
    Nicole Didn't Wanna See Duncan Anymore, But He Agreed To Refurbish Her House For $200,000 And She Wasn't Happy About That!
    Kat Discovering The Note In Joanne's Jacket, Haha!! Funniest Part Ever! They Were Chasing Each Other Around The Sofa And Later, When Ethan Went Round To Kat's To Get The Jacket Back, Kat Showed The Note To Her Sister (Lina) And Lina Comes Out And Says:
    "Hello Doctor...You're A Naughty Boy!" So Funny, I Thought My Ribs Might Crack!!
    Fabulous Episode And The Storyline Is GREAT!
    Definitely Worth Watching! (Especially If You Want To Laugh)And I Must Say, I Love Kat Warbler, She Cracks Me Up!