The Class

Season 1 Episode 3

The Class Learns About Hurricanes

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 2006 on CBS



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    • Duncan: (To Nicole) I live with my mother and I know to most people that sounds exciting and glamorous, but it's not all watching her walk around in her bra.

    • Kat: Lina! Where did we put Ethan's note?
      Ethan: You showed it to her?
      Lina: (comes in and says in a sly voice) Hello doctor... you're a very naughty boy!

    • Holly: The wind is unlike anything I've ever felt! We've seen trees uprooted and telephone poles knocked down, mother natu... (STOP sign smacks into her face)
      Kyle: Oh no!
      Aaron: Oh my God.
      Kyle: We have to see that again! (goes to rewind)

    • Richie: When I'm around you, horrible, horrible things happen!
      Lina: That's not true!
      Richie: In three days I've broken 52 of you're bones, lost you in a hurricane and sent you flying into a hybrid car.

    • Richie: Hey, when I said I was going to take care of you, I mean it! (Richie turns to open the car door while Lina's wheelchair rolls down a hill)

    • News Reporter: Holly, can you tell us how that wind is like?
      Holly: Why don't you come down here and see for your self?
      News Reporter: (laughs) I think I'll pass Holly! (laughs some more)

    • Duncan: I can't do this job for a penny less than $200,000. Nicole: (pretending to be outraged) Get the crap out of out of our house! Yonk: (to Nicole) Hunny, please! (To Duncan) We'll do it!

    • Richie: So can you actually feel the pins?
      Lina: There's pins?!?
      Richie: (outraged) Have they told you nothing?

    • Richie: Because of me, you're going to be in a wheelchair for the next six months!
      Lina: Six months?!?
      Richie: Which apparently no – one has told you.

    • Duncan: Oh my God, I almost wet myself! (to Nicole after Yonk almost caught them talking about their relationship)

    • Nicole: (to Duncan) So... us never seeing each other! That's going well!

    • Yonk: Damn! This house is messed up! At night, sometimes it makes these creepy sounds as if it's moving.
      Duncan: Oh, it's moving!

    • Kat: (talking about Joanne) How can you not be angry at her? I'm angry at her! Can I at least hawk a loogey in their? (referring to a box of Joanne's clothes)

    • Kyle: It's Holly, there's a hurricane heading for her.
      Aaron: I'm rooting for the hurricane.

    • Richie: Hey, what is the name of the hospital you're at again?
      Lina: Um... I don't know! Wait, it's on my wristband, Stans, Stans hospital.
      (switches to other line)
      Richie: Hi, it's me- can they take me to Stans hospital?
      Hospital Operator: There is no Stans hospital.
      (switches back to other line)
      Richie: Lina...?
      Lina: Oh wait, it's St. Anne's Hospital!

    • (Kat starts undressing in front of Ethan)
      Ethan: Ah, can I get you some privacy?
      Kat: What do you care? You're a doctor.
      Ethan: I'm a pediatrician.
      Kat: So? Just picture everything smaller.

    • Kat: (about Joanne's stuff) Oh, my God. You folded everything? Dude, she publicly humilated you. Throw her stuff out of the window, burn it—don't fold it like you work at The Gap.

    • Ethan: You wanna towel?
      Kat: Or perhaps I could borrow something from this box of women's clothing that is not weird at all for you to have.
      Ethan: It's my ex-girlfriend's stuff.
      Kat: Oh, the bitch who dumped you.
      Ethan: Ah, it's actually pronounced "Joanne."

    • Ethan: What is this?
      Kat: It's thank you for helping last night with my sister and the whole hospital thing.
      Ethan: Oh, muffins! (Takes the muffin, squeezes it and water comes out of it) Ummmm. Moist.
      Kat: Yeah, they are disgusting. Bon appetit!

    • (Ethan opens the door, Kat is all wet)
      Ethan: What are you doing out? Didn't you see the news?
      Kat: Do I look like I saw the news?

    • Kyle: (about Holly) Come on, she's our friend.
      Aaron: Your friend. To me she's just the annoying woman I was forced to have brunch with. Go hurricane!

    • (after making a phone call to the ER)
      Richie: (happy) Everything is going my way. Unless I die.

    • Joanne: Hey.
      Ethan: Hey.
      Kat: Hey!!

    • Kat :(to Joanne about Ethan) Isn't it so sweet when he gets flustered? I love that about my lover.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • After her misadventure with an umbrella in the hurricane, wheelchair-bound Lina remarks that she felt like Mary Poppins the famous character from the 1964 musical film of the same name starring Julie Andrews. Mary Poppins traveled by magical umbrella when the need arose.

    • Kat: (about Joanne's stuff) ...don't fold it like you work at The Gap.

      For those who don't know, The Gap (or just Gap) is a clothing retailer founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher; a United States-based fashion chain, named for the generation gap.